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America's Best Value Inn Summit Plaza

Holts Summit / N. Jefferson MO
150 City Plaza Dr
573-896-8787 / 620-442-1400

America's Best Value Inn Summit Plaza is located 4 miles from the Katy Trail, in Holts Summit MO

Directions: Holts Summit is 4 miles north of the N Jefferson trailhead on hwy 54. Cycling on hwy 54 is not recommended, but you should be able to use outer roads most of the way. From 54, take the Simon Blvd exit, go left (west). Take another left (south) on Summit Drive, just after crossing the highway.

The inn has been known to offer rides - call for details.
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Americas Best Value Inn Summit Plaza
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Forum Discussions about America's Best Value Inn Summit Plaza

Best Value Inn Summit Plaza (N. Jefferson)
Julie from crestwood,mo on 06/23/2009 02:44 PM:
I didnt stay at this hotel but I wanted to comment that the trail head is just a couple of miles from Jeff city and there are alot of other places stay. I happened to stay at the Briar rose B&B it was very nice Randy and Jeannette were great hosts. They gave us a map of the area which helped us find our way around.

Best Value Inn Summit Plaza (N. Jefferson)
Eric Jolliff on 06/22/2009 02:02 PM:
They do have a shuttle for $10. Unless you are better rider than me (most riders are) I would not suggest riding the hill to Holts Summit. The motel is a basic discount facility, so don't expect anything extra. Shuttle up, sleep, shuttle down and ride.

Best Value Inn Summit Plaza (N. Jefferson)
Mike T from Kearney, Nebraska on 03/21/2009 08:55 PM:
The "Best Value Inn" is no where near the trailhead in Jeff City. The Guidebook says they have a shuttle. We checked with them when we made a reservation and asked if they had a shuttle and they said they did. When we got to the trailhead, they said they didn't have a shuttle and that we should just clinb the hill and take the 4 lane highway to their place. We took backroads and got there but it was a major pain.(March 16th) They do not have a shuttle and they were rude when we asked about it. They said they gave us some discount so they didn't have to come and pick up. It would have been easier to call Checkered cab and go into Jeff City. I will never stay there again.

Mike T

Americas Best Value Inn from Holts Summit on 04/29/2009 07:32 PM:
#1. When called about shuttle was told not not available because it

was off season .. Shuttle is available from about April 15th

until October 31st

#2 Was told to ride up Summit Dr(old 54)two lane blacktop that

parallels hwy 54.Have know idea what backroads you took.

#3. were givin a 15% discount because shuittle was not available.

jd from gkc on 04/30/2009 02:03 PM:
Two years ago, a rainstorm threw my ride schedule off, causing me to stop at the N. Jefferson trailhead. Not knowing my way around there that evening, I followed the trail spur south to the parallel-running Hwy-63, and then went over the bridge on the west southbound side (the traffic wasn't heavy at that time), but one needs to watch for any grates. I then turned east on Hwy-50 for a couple of blocks. On the south side there, the 'Deville' put me up in a two-bed room for about $70, which would have been less if shared with anothr rider or two.

Not bad considering the cost of some of the sought-after B&B's. More importantly, this hotel is only 1.5-miles from the trailhead, which makes it fairly easy to get to by bike. Other motels also exist in Jeff City, but a rider might need a map or further information to find them easily.

Mike T from Kearney, Nebraska on 05/04/2009 01:34 PM:
When we called we were told there was a shuttle. We were not given directions to old 54. Nice try. My opinion is the same.

Mike T.

Trek on 05/04/2009 01:47 PM:
The shuttle issue seems to be a reoccuring theme here. This is not the first time to my knowledge that someone has had issues with the supposed shuttle service.

Best Value Inn Summit Plaza (N. Jefferson)
C from St Louis on 04/25/2008 12:02 AM:
Guy behind front desk was not friendly at all. Hotel was clean, at least. I would never stay here again, though. As far as I can tell, the guy who was behind the front desk was the owner, because he was working during my entire 2 day stay and I didn't see any other employees. There is no excuse for being rude to PAYING customers. Ironically, he has postcards and thank you cards from appreciative guests all over his front desk. Maybe he had been nice to some folks, but he was the most unfriendly person I have ever encountered at a hotel. He'll never get another dime from me if I ever go back to the area.

DougK from Troy on 04/27/2008 10:12 PM:
I didn't have a good experience there either. I thought I may have just caught the guy in a bad mood, but it did come with a free ride to and from the trail head.

Best Value Inn Summit Plaza (N. Jefferson)
John on 06/19/2007 08:34 PM:
I have stayed at the Best Value Inn hotel several times. I ride my bike up to the hotel but you take the country like road that is a 35 mph 2 lane road with a shoulder, that parrallels the highway 54, called summit drive. You DO NOT have to ride on the actual highway 54 as the web master says. Yes they also have a shuttle for those who are to tired to go any further from the trail head.

Best Value Inn Summit Plaza (N. Jefferson)
Dave from Sedelia on 03/22/2007 03:10 PM:
We book a room here last october during our ride. While reserving the room I asked about the cancellation policy, just in case we didn't make it. When we showed up they already cancelled our reservation and filled our room because they said they didn't think we would be showing up.

Staying in Holts Summit
bikerLaura from Round Lake, Il on 08/19/2005 08:16 AM:
I'm planning a trip for late September and was considering staying in Jefferson City one night. I 'finally' got my new Katy Trail Guidebook and it mentions Holts Summit as an alternative. Has anyone stayed there? I like the fact that you can bike to the Best Value Inn. How far is it to get there and what is the trail/road like to get there?

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 08/19/2005 09:37 AM:
Read the thread below:

Subject: summit plaza best value inn -- holts summit

I has some insight from others who have stayed there.

Ray (webmaster) on 08/19/2005 09:53 AM:
I would not recommend riding your bike to Holts Summit. It's only 4 miles, but you would be riding on the shoulder of highway 54, a 4-lane interstate. I think the speed limit is 65 or 70 there. If you read the thread mentioned in the post above, you see that Best Value Inn offers a ride from the trailhead - the key thing is to let them know you need the shuttle at the time you make your reservations.