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Boonville Trailhead at depot

Parking, Restroom, Souvenirs/Gifts, Repair Station

Boonville Trailhead at depot is located on the Katy Trail, in Boonville MO

Directions: At 1st and Spring, just across Spring from the depot
By Car
From the east, take I-70 to exit 106 (hwy 87) and head north.  From the west, take I-70 to exit 103 (hwy 40) and head north.  Either of these roads will take you to Main St.  Once you hit Main St, you'll drive about 7 blocks to Spring St.  Go left on Spring four blocks.
Boonville Trailhead at depot
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Boonville Trailhead at depot
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Forum Discussions about Boonville Trailhead at depot

River Rails and Trails Museum and Visitors Center
Carlidin from Boonville on 04/12/2022 08:57 AM:
Noticed when doing a trip planner and adding in historical/places of interest that the River, Rails and Trails Museum and Visitors Center located in Boonville right next to the Depot does not come up on the list. This is an awesome stop on the trail in Boonville with a great museum, water, bathrooms, snacks and cool rest area. Please add to your listing. Thanks

Ray (webmaster) on 04/13/2022 10:05 AM:
Thank you for pointing that out! I have added the
River, Rails & Trails Museum to the Boonville listings.

Boonville Trailhead at depot (Boonville)
gary from san antonio, texas on 06/07/2006 08:05 AM:
the casino has a free shuttle into town from all the motels along I-70. so access into town is not a problem it runs every hour

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 06/07/2006 12:58 PM:
And they'll haul your bikes if you staying along I-70 and wanting to visit the casino enroute to the trail???

Resident Biker from Boonville on 08/04/2008 03:33 PM:
Yes, they will haul you AND your bike, for free. The I-70 hotels were very accommodating to Casino guests before the Casino had its own hotel. Now, the Isle of Capri is repaying the favor--and it's good PR, too.

The Isle of Capri is very Katy-friendly. They offer a free bike locker for those who want to explore--even if you're not staying at the hotel.

No, I don't work for them! Just trying to get this good information out there so people can use it.

Boonville Trailhead at depot (Boonville)
Resident Biker from Boonville on 05/16/2008 09:25 AM:
There are several hotels and B&Bs right on the Trail in Boonville. The Isle of Capri Casino has a hotel, and bikers can also stay at the beautifully restored Hotel Frederick right across the street from where the Trail crosses the Missouri River.

There are also B&Bs--the High Street Victorian (1/2 a block from the Frederick), the 4 Doors Inn and Riverview Suites (both Downtown), Eloyse's and the Garden Gate (both within 1/4 mile from the Trail and easy walking distance to Downtown), and the Rivercene just over the river.

All of these hotels and B&Bs will keep your bike secure while you explore Boonville and will otherwise accommodate you. Boonville is a great place to spend the night!

Anonymous on 07/19/2008 08:46 PM:
can you tell me more about the Riverview Suites or the Rivercene hotels in Booneville. How far are they from the trail?

Ray (webmaster) on 07/20/2008 09:15 AM:
I believe Riverview Suites is no longer in business - someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Rivercene is 1/4 mile or so off the trail. Click Boonville in the map at the top of this web page, then go down to the Rivercene listing and click it - you'll see directions to the inn.

Jason & Anastasia from Jefferson City on 07/28/2008 03:16 PM:
The High Street Victorian is a Beautiful home and excellent hosts!

Boonville Trailhead at depot (Boonville)
Jason from Huntsville, AL on 10/12/2006 11:08 AM:
Nice scenic area. The lady that works at the Chamber of Commerce inside the depot was very friendly and helpful. They also have some nice souveniers for sale inside.

Boonville Trailhead at depot (Boonville)
J R from Springfield, MO on 07/14/2005 07:59 AM:
Nice historic spot, but the motels are 3.5 miles away--up steep Spring St and then another 3 miles south on Main Street to I70 where the motels are located. When the Isle of Capri Casino opens up their hotel section--2006--it will be across the bridge and very easy access to the trail head, but until then, would not recommend stopping for the night in Booneville if you don't have a chase car!

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 07/14/2005 08:50 AM:
Not necessarily all true here. If you are starting or finishing a ride in Booneville or passing through, the Comfort Inn is worth checking into. Below is my reply to a recent poster wanting directions to the Comfort Inn:

The Comfort Inn is about a mile east of the Katy...just north of I-70 and a few miles south of Booneville.

If you are riding east to west on the Katy, after you pass the depot in Booneville you will pass through a long stretch of residential district, up a grade for quite a ways and through a small tunnel under a roadway. It's probably 4-5 miles from the depot to the Comfort Inn.

There is a clearing on your left side near mile post #194. A trail through the clearing leads to the Fuqua Homes manufacturing plant. Somewhat confusing there......but, ride through their parking lot toward the south and onto the blacktop road....it will lead you to the Comfort Inn (about a mile) which will be on your right with a truckstop on your left.

We have found the Comfort Inn staff to be very friendly and accomodating. No problem taking your bikes to your room or leaving your car in their parking lot for a few days while you are on the trail.

Enjoy your trip!

- posted 6/29/2005 8:56:48 AM by Trek Biker , St. Joseph, MO

Anonymous on 07/14/2005 05:17 PM:
Keep your eyes open to the future, and on the Historic Hotel Frederick. Right on the southeast corner of the Missouri River Brige at 501 High Street Boonville,Mo. Good things are coming.

Anonymous on 07/15/2005 09:39 AM:

Wow! Shock and Awe! And all that stuff! Sounds like the palm reader that used to be at the Lake of the Ozarks dam. Seriously now.....so what.....you think you know something no one else does and you're the winner because you are dangling a carrot telling prospective riders nothing. How bout some real information for real people who want to take a real ride. Lets get real!

Post Script....."I seeeeeeee for youuuuu.....great things in the future."

Ray (webmaster) on 07/15/2005 05:36 PM:
Thanks for letting us know about Hotel Frederick. Any idea WHEN the good things are coming? If you're involved with the hotel, please let me know when it opens so I can include it in the website.

ET from Columbia, MO on 07/16/2005 11:52 AM:
I have mentioned this elsewhere, but it is pertinent to this comment, too. We had a wonderful time at a B&B in Boonville called the Officer's Club. You still can't avoid the hill on Spring Street, but it's close to the trail.

savage24 from KC MO on 08/20/2005 07:29 AM:
Maybe it's because I grew up in Boonville climbing all those hills, but I just don't see what is so tough about Spring Street from the depot to Main street. It's NOT that steep, and it certainly isn't long. If you don't like that "hill", don't even THINK about staying in Augusta.... (:

Debi from Boonville on 10/30/2005 05:49 PM:
There is two B & B 's that I know of that are 2 blocks from the trail and the bridge. One is riverview suites 660-882-0300 and the other is four doors inn. I can't remember the other number. Also the Officers Club on 3rd Street. Just a few more flat blocks.

Jody from St. Louis on 04/01/2006 01:02 PM:
One of the nicest B&B's in the state, Rivercene Mansion, is at the end of the Boonville bridge. Staying at a Civil War mansion is alot nicer than most places. The rooms are big and beautiful, and the acreage makes it very relaxing. The four of us stayed there for less than $45 each, and that included a nice breakfast.