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Boonville MO on the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail

Mile marker 191.8
Population: 8202

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Visitor Info
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Katy Trail
87 Diner
19510 Steven Kole Ct, Boonville
A Touch of Claas Salon, Spa and B & B
807 Main St, Boonville
A&W Restaurant
320 Ashley Road, Boonville
Arby's Boonville
2421 Mid America Drive, Boonville
Boonslick Guest House
219 Main Street, Boonville
Boonslick Regional Library
618 Main St, Boonville
Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce
320 First Street / Katy Depot, Boonville
Boonville Diner
1945-A Boone Village Drive, Boonville

Boonville Tourism Commission
320 First Street, Boonville
Boonville Trailhead at depot

Boonville Trailhead on North bank

Breadeaux Pizza
513 Main St, Boonville
Caseys General Store
205 Ashley Rd., Boonville
Champion Cycles
302 First St., Boonville
Citizens Bank & Trust
Spring @ 4th, Boonville

Cooper County Memorial Hospital
17861 Hwy. B, Boonville
Derailed Coffee Bar & Cafe
104 West Spring St., Boonville

Farmer's Pick Buffet
inside Isle of Capri casino, Boonville
inside Isle of Capri Casino, Boonville
First State Community Bank
412 Main St, Boonville

Friends of Historic Boonville
614 East Morgan, Boonville
Grand Victorian Manor B&B
519 High St, Boonville
Hotel Frederick
501 East High Street, Boonville
La Hacienda
511 Ryan Street, Boonville
Maggie's Bar & Grill
416 Main, Boonville
Main Street Diner
203 Main St,, Boonville
Main Street Pub
316 Main, Boonville
Palace Restaurant
223 Main, Boonville
Pizza Hut Boonville
1931 Boone Village Plaza, Boonville
Sonic Drive In
2230 Main Street, Boonville
Subway (inside Walmart)
2150 Main, Boonville
Subway Boonville
2431 Pioneer Street, Boonville
Taco Bell Boonville
2440 Main Street, Boonville
Taylor's Bake Shop
519 East Morgan, Boonville
The Cove
514 Ryan Street, Boonville
Tradewinds Marketplace
inside Isle of Capri Casino, Boonville
UMB Bank
Spring @ Main, Boonville

1701 Ashley Road, Boonville
418 Sixth St, Boonville
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Forum Discussions about Boonville

ColNei from South Carolina on 08/14/2018 07:45 AM:
August 2018 - Just finished riding Katy from Machens to Boonville on a fully loaded tandem with extra wheel trailer without issue other than a mystery flat tire. Stayed at Hotel Frederick three nights to have two days in town to take care of bike maintenance and city errands before continuing our cross-country expedition. Great service at hotel, bike shop, CopiesEtc, The Palace restaurant (Greek food), Maggie's Bar & Grill (burgers), and Post Office. Hotel Frederick nor Casino Hotel have on-site guest laundry, so be prepared for a pedal out to the interstate to use the laundromat. Wal-Mart and local grocery are between the river and I-70. Chain hotels are options at I-70, but then it's a pedal back to the bike shop & trail. Better to support the local economy in town when possible. Great small town hospitality with all the conveniences we needed.

Brian L. from Austin on 08/15/2018 06:14 AM:
Thanks for sharing all your travelogue entries about your stops on the Katy Trail, ColNei. Well done! Good luck as you continue your long tour.

Boonville - Main Street Diner
Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 12:38 PM:
We stopped at the Main Street Diner in Boonville for a cup of coffee. It is right on the corner as you come into town on the trail from the West or right across the bridge as you come in from the East. The place was clean and the service was good.

John Nickell from Parkville, MO on 07/04/2018 01:44 PM:
I don't see Main Street Diner, called out on the 'places' list, but I also stopped here for lunch on a Sunday, on my way from Windsor to Hartsburg. had a good meal. Seemed like a popular place with locals as well. Good location in relationship to the trail/bridge. There's a bike rack and bench at the corner outside as well.

R V parking ?
P. A. S from Kahoka , Mo on 06/24/2017 03:48 PM:
Do you have any R V camping site close by ? Need 30 amp ele hook up . thank you

Anonymous on 06/24/2017 05:17 PM:
Near where?

jhutchm26s from Pacific on 06/24/2017 05:20 PM:
There are rv camp sites at the Katy Roundhouse in New Franklin, the city park in Herman and at the stare fair grounds in Sedailia. Not sure of anywhere else.

Bill from Fort Worth on 06/15/2017 03:11 PM:
Decided to get an 8:30 am start out of Boonville on Saturday morning to avoid the heat of the day. We found nothing open along the trail headed east before 11 am until we got to Cooper's Landing in Easley. Go prepared. 28 miles.

George H on 06/16/2017 06:28 PM:
Bill that is not that unusual on the KT... 15-20 mile segments without services. Now you know for next time.

Lin Wilder from Fort Collins, Colorado on 06/18/2017 07:17 PM:
Yep, same for us - nothing opening until 11. However, I understand that very soon there will be a new place in Rochport that will have breakfast. But if you leave Boonville in the morning, there is a breakfast restaurant right next to the bridge that I would not have passed up if I knew the food desert we were entering!

Anonymous on 06/19/2017 06:47 AM:
I thought Coloradans were proficient at trapping, fishing, and scavenging berries and edible plants.

marybeth from st louis on 05/24/2017 07:21 PM:
we stayed at Roseheart, which can be found on AirBnB. John has the second floor of the house set up for guests. Very clean place, the beds were comfortable, and any requests we made were quickly granted. John does not provide meals, but his house is a quick walk up to the main street where there are choices of places to eat. our original group was 6 people, at which time John was willing to accomodate with 2 double beds, one pull out double couch and air mattresses. The price is right! 30 dollars for first person, and $10 for additional.

Boonville Bridge
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 03:21 PM:
Just wanted to post a note about the status of the historic Boonville Bridge. A bit of background for anyone who is not familiar with the bridge... the historic bridge is one of the only iron vertical-lift railroad bridges still standing. The railroad had plans to destroy it but residents and other trail angels raised funds to purchase and save the bridge.

They have since raised $900,000 to remove the ties, add railings and a concrete walkway across the first section of the bridge. They still need to finish the other side and the raised center section so they still have a way to go. But it is going to be amazing when it is complete. The Katy Trail will be rerouted over the bridge after it is complete and we won't have to bike across the new bridge next to traffic any longer. Can't wait!

We just went through Boonville during our Katy Trail trip in early April 2017 and you can bike out on the section that has been finished. It is very nice!

Anonymous on 08/26/2016 03:53 PM:
I'm planning to walk the trail from Columbia to Boonville, and want to return to KC via train out of Sedalia. Do you provide shuttle service from Boonville to Sedalia? How much?

Doug from Bluffton on 08/26/2016 08:35 PM:
This has been said before but apparently needs to be repeated. This is just a web forum about the Katy Trail. If you wish to know what services and prices a particular business offers then you will need to contact THEM. THEY can answer your questions about THEIR business that we as readers of this forum cannot. Will, this applies to your question as well.

Anonymous from Columbia on 09/18/2016 10:15 AM:

Rick on 09/18/2016 10:47 AM:
^not great language, but I don't think that the that was a great comment either Doug. You can't just assume everyone has read every post on the form and is aware of your arbitrary rules. If you don't want to answer something, then don't. But don't be condescending. And watch your language anon :\

Doug from Bluffton on 09/18/2016 07:11 PM:
Not being condescending, just honest. If someone wants to know about a shuttle then they need to contact shuttle services not an open forum. I even said "apparently it needs to be repeated". It is not a rule. It is common sense. The readers of this forum as such, do not offer services and cannot speak for the owners of such businesses. If one wishes to know what services are offered by a particular business or type of business, then it makes much more sense to contact one of those businesses directly and ask questions of them, rather than blindly posting here in the hopes that an answer will be forthcoming. If you contact the business directly then you will definitely receive accurate answers to your question. Unless the original poster followed my advice and contacted a shuttle provider then the information he sought has not been forthcoming and almost a month has passed.

Anonymous on 09/19/2016 07:53 AM:
OF COURSE. YOU were NOT being CONDESCENDING. And me neither. JUST being HONEST.

Char from Hernann on 09/20/2016 08:06 PM:
Funny, you seem more like a jerk. Doug offered advice that would help the original poster find the information they wanted. You and Rick offered insults and criticism and nothing else. But that seems to be all you do. Doug has hundreds of comments complimenting his efforts, you have???? Oh yes, none. You do however have quite a few comments wishing you would grow up. Not to mention that you have yourself admonished others for asking questions that should have been directed to the business in question. Hypocrisy?

George H. on 09/21/2016 08:06 AM:
You can ask me questions about businesses and services. I will just refer you to the related service an not even charge you a fee. Friendly state of MO. Doug is still a nice guy though.

Most scenic stretch
Christopher from Lenexa Kansas on 08/26/2016 10:41 PM:
I live in Kansas City and am wanting to take a good full day or two and ride the trail. I have only rode from Clinton to a could stops in and it was not real scenic. Was not bad, but I have heard that there are some magnificent stretches with tree canopies and great vista's. Can anyone tell me where the best stretches, in your opinions are? My wife will drive ahead and I will ride to meet her. Thanks.

Murf from Jefferson City on 08/27/2016 08:42 AM:
The best ride may be from Rocheport to Jeff City. That would be a good one day's ride. If you have ridden only east from Clinton to Calhoun or Windsor, you have not see the best part of the trail. The trail has a canopy pretty much from Windsor to Boonville.

George H. on 08/27/2016 11:32 AM:
Christopher, the area you road is prairie fields an not to the mighty MO yet. Rocheport east is good. Augusta east is good too.

MidSouth from Rogersville on 08/27/2016 12:40 PM:
The favorite weekend ride for my wife and I is drive to Hartsburg, have breakfast at Dotty's. Ride west to Rocheport along the river and bluffs. Several options to eat and stay over night in Rocheport. Ride back to Hartsburg in the morning and have lunch at Dotty's.

Doug from Bluffton on 08/27/2016 03:47 PM:
The stretch between Portland and Treloar has quite a bit of tree cover along with the best views of the Missouri River with benches to relax on during your ride. At Bluffton there is a Conservation area called Grand Bluffs with one of the best views of the River bottoms. It is a good hike to get this view though.

Boonville new number
Marvin Cotten from Boonville MO on 07/30/2016 10:48 AM:
Well my phone crashed I got a different number 660 621 3488 if you need a shuttle call Marvin Cotten Cotten's bikes and more shuttle sorry for the inconvenience if I missed a call

Floyd Dowell from Manhattan, KS on 06/06/2016 01:41 PM:
Stayed at the Holiday Inn 4 years in a row! Great hotel with a hot tub and not far from the trail. It can be a bit hard to find from the trail so get direction ahead of time! It is not close to the main Trailhead, but you take a smaller trailhead exit around MM 197.

new phone number
marvin cotten from boonville on 09/07/2014 05:22 PM:
Katy trail shuttle 660-537-0048

Marvin from Boonville on 05/25/2015 01:20 AM:
sorry everybody I thought I change my phone number on this website you can contact Marvin at 660 537 5220 sorry if you haven't gotten no answer I thought I changed it

Homestead Motel (Boonville)
Mary Koltze from Denver, CO on 10/26/2008 11:33 AM:
There are no "No Smoking" rooms in this motel. We were going to stay there upon the

recommendations at this site, but when we walked into the office, even that smelled of

smoke. Lesson learned: before booking a room, be sure to ask if there are "No Smoking"


MAH from Blue Springs, MO on 10/26/2008 12:31 PM:
Definitely good info to be aware of.

Anonymous on 05/26/2014 03:25 PM:
there is a room for no smoking but the others are smoking all you have to do is ask for a non smoking room and you will get it

on the subject of groceries - Snoddy's store in Boonville.
savage24 from KC, MO on 11/06/2004 02:07 AM:
For anybody who wants to experience a geniune 'country store' (no Cracker Barrel crap - I mean a REAL country store!), check out Snoddy's. From the north side of the MO river bridge at Boonville, continue north on hwy 5 about 1/4 mile. Snoddy's is on the right.

Groceries, deli, hunting license, ammo, work clothing & boots, school supplies, tools, hardware, electrical & plumbing supplies, gasoline, etc. If you don't see it, just ask; they've probably got it in the back somewhere!

katie, dylan & Mrs Westhues on 02/23/2005 10:45 AM:
This store is so awesome. - katiefinke

I wish I had a Snoddy's in my backyard. I'd go get a deli sandwich from there EVERYDAY! - dylancampbell

My family always bought our wonderful boots at the snoddys store. We still have them today. i love my snoddy boots. - Mrs. Westhues

Anonymous on 02/16/2014 02:16 PM:

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 02/17/2014 08:51 AM:
You dig up a nine year old thread and that's all you have to say about it???

Pseudio on 03/04/2014 09:51 AM:
Still going since 1924 and a 9 year old string and still real good.

Diane from NWA on 09/24/2013 09:56 AM:
Just finished an end to end ride on the Katy Trail - what an adventure! A word about staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Boonville. It really is just 1/4 mile off the trail as advertised, but you must know where to exit the trail. We ended up in a bad spot because no one we called could tell us where to leave the trail and it was getting dark. There is a split 2.7 miles west of the trailhead that has a trail sign with very general information. I believe it said Community Services at the top and listed call for help numbers and such. The branch off looks unassuming and isn't marked. That is where you exit the trail. You will pass through a warehouse area and on up to Industrial drive. Up the hill past the truck stop and at the top of the hill you can see the hotels and an Arby's to your right. This would have saved us an hour and a half in the dark and in seedy areas of town had we known (park ranger directed us on to main trailhead), so hoping it helps someone else.
Much thanks to the kind city police officer that drove us the rest of the way in his SUV and showed us where the correct exit was.

Ben Skinker from Allentown, PA on 09/25/2013 05:36 PM:
I am planning a one-way ride next summer (2014) with my family. Have you heard of a car shuttling service so we can have our car at the end of the ride and not have to backtrack?

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 09/25/2013 07:27 PM:
Click on the Trip Planner above and select "Shuttle". This will give you a list of shuttle operators to call.

Marvin cotten from Boonville on 09/23/2013 09:16 PM:
Katy Trail Shuttle temp #660-537-4238. 660-537-0164 is temp down.

The worse B & B on the Katy!
Anonymous from New Mexico on 01/25/2012 10:48 PM:
We stayed at Eloyse's B & B in June of 2010. We would not recommend it. First off the place smelled like a cat box and there were so many nick knacks in the bedroom we had no place to put our personal belongings. In addition, the owners had a domestic argument at 2 AM, which woke us up.

Get A Life on 01/27/2012 02:23 PM:
I see Jan 2012 on your post about a 2010 stay? Did you just wake up. Bad taste NM.

Anonymous on 02/02/2012 10:13 PM:
Is "Get a Life" another name for "owner of this B&B"?

Sluggo from Wales on 02/03/2012 12:26 PM:
Is Anonymous another name for a competitor? Seems strange that one would wait two seasons to post if the experience was bad enough to want to warn others.

Get A Life Anon on 02/04/2012 02:47 PM:
I am not an owner of any business on or near the trail. Just strange it took you 2 years to smell that cat box.

Billy from Mokane on 02/06/2012 12:07 PM:
I just hate when comments like this are posted that are nothing but an attempt to discredit a business that someone is trying to maintain to support their family. Willing to bet Anonymous NM hasn't even been on a bike on the trail..

justbreathe from st. louis on 09/02/2011 12:27 AM:
We are staying at the Hotel Frederick next Thursday before starting a ride to St. Charles in 3 days! I can't wait to see this property. It looks great from the website. I'm curious what the trail conditions are like between Boonville and Jeff City. I'm used to road biking so this is a new thing for me. Excited to give it a shot! Thanks in advance!

Pam from Independence on 09/02/2011 02:58 PM:
We are starting in Rocheport on Thursday morning and spending the night in Jeff City. Maybe we will meet somewhere on the trip. I hear that the conditions are good. Flooding was mostly west of Rocheport which we rode the day after it opened and it was packed wet clay but easy riding. Have a great time.

justbreathe from st. louis on 09/04/2011 10:44 PM:
Awesome! I haven't ridden much at all on the Katy so this is an adventure for me! Thank you for the condition update! We are staying if Jeff City on Friday night! Where are you staying? Our final night is in Washington. Hitting St. Charles on Sunday.

Pam from Independence on 09/05/2011 12:04 PM:
Just notice local motor vehicle traffic is using the Katy Trail starting at Cooper's Landing to Easley because of flooding of the River Rd. So just keep a heads up for cars on the trail. We will be a day ahead of you. We are staying at the Cliff Manor in Jeff City on Thursday. The Doll House in Rhineland on Friday and traveling into Herman on Saturday before heading back the KC. This year is our first on the Katy. We have done bits and piece of it and will have covered from Clinton to McKittrick after this weekend. Trying to find a time to finish is this year.

Copies Etc
Debi from Boonville, Missouri on 08/26/2011 05:40 PM:
We moved to 414 Main Street. Free Wi-Fi and we have a bike rack in the front of the store. 660-882-8822 Have fun biking this year. Thanks for supporting us. :-)

Carrie Lyn's Ice Cream Parlor (Boonville)
Robert from Boonville, MO on 10/09/2010 11:51 PM:
Ok, so I am biased because I live in Boonville, but you have to take a break from the trail and head downtown to try out Carrie Lyn's ice cream. They are sooooooooooooooooo good. Plus they do more than ice cream, they also have amazing sandwiches and even breakfast!

Paul Toigo from Kansas City on 07/04/2011 08:03 AM:
Yum. Well worth the detour from the trail. Take The Bellyache challenge if you dare.

Pam from Independence on 08/01/2011 09:59 PM:
We saw the bellyache challenge. No way. Their ice cream was well worth the stop.

Parking in Boonville
Rick on 05/31/2011 03:41 PM:
My wife and I are planning a 2-day trip from Boonville to Hartsburg and back. What's the safest place to park our car overnight in Boonville?

Trek on 05/31/2011 06:26 PM:
I've left my car at the trailhead on out and backs to Sedalia several times and all was well. I've also left it in the Comfort Inn parking lot in Boonville (and other places too) several times. I always ask at the desk and have never been refused to leave the car on their lot. It's a short ride from the Comfort Inn to the trail in Boonville.


Grand Victorian Manor

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