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Days Inn

Free breakfast, Indoor pool
2401 Pioneer
660-882-8624 / 660-672-4310

Days Inn is located approximately 1.8 miles from the Katy Trail, in Boonville MO

Directions: I-70 exit 103

Located on highway 70, a few miles from the trail
Days Inn
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Days Inn
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Forum Discussions about Days Inn

Days Inn in Boonville
Chackett from Tucson AZ on 07/11/2021 06:47 AM:
Good hotel. Pool is open. However, do yourself a favor and get a room on the top floor. You can hear every footstep above you. Otherwise, probably the cheapest hotel at about 56 dollars a night.

Bruce from Pittsburg, KS on 07/11/2021 12:49 PM:
I agree. The gal manager when we stayed there really knew how to run a hotel. The place was clean, well maintained, and the breakfast bar was well above average for any budget hotel anywhere we have stayed. In my opinion, the price makes it the best value anywhere all along the Katy Trail corridor. The only drawback is that it's a little far removed from the Katy Trail trailhead, but you do go downhill when going from the hotel to the trailhead. To make it clear what the previous poster said, when you come in a side door (carrying your bike), you either go up a half-flight of steps or down a half-flight of steps. I agree...it's better to go up to a room.

Days Inn in Boonville
SVW from Ft myers, FL on 09/30/2017 07:07 PM:
Stayed here this summer. They had just renovated our room so it was nice and the staff was friendly. There might have been a better way, but we did have to climb quite the hill to get here on our way from the trail. Our family had a good stay here!

Days Inn in Boonville
Earth Biscuit from St Charles on 10/20/2015 07:05 PM:
Clean hotel and great price compared to downtown Booneville lodging. The con a 3 mile ride from the trail and one massive hill. Slept great and saved $100.00 so worth it.

Sharonbikes from Kansas City on 10/21/2015 06:33 AM:
There is a shortcut from the Trail that is probably about a quarter of a mile to the pilot truck stop and there is a Holiday Inn Express that is very nice and another cheaper hotel that is decent. On the west edge of Boonville-what I call the suburbs of Boonville- up the hill from the Boonville depot or, if you are coming from the Pilot Grove side, before you go down the hill into Boonville, there is a little spur that goes off the Trail. There is a nice wooden sign there. Take that little spur and avoid the big hill on the streets in town.

BikerBoy from Edwardsville, IL on 10/21/2015 08:44 AM:
I went by that spur the other day and made a note of it -- it is at mile 194.5 and has a sign near it. You can't miss it (unless you have your head down, like I often do!).

Sharonbikes from Kansas City on 10/21/2015 09:22 AM:
Yes!!! That's it. Besides the hotels and the truck stop, there is also Arby's and a Russell Stovers store that I have "heard" has really good ice cream and chocolates! There is a Wendy's inside the truck stop, too. And, showers.

Neego from Dallas on 10/23/2015 09:33 AM:
Good place,we stayed there Oct 10th. Glad I booked the room early as it was homecoming week end and all of Boonville was booked. I too found the short cut and it saved 2 or 3 miles and a long climb up a hill.