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Boonville / Boonville MO
Able to shuttle up to 4 or 5 people
No physical location is mapped for cbamshuttle

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cbamshuttle in Boonville
Bill in Houston from Houston on 02/13/2020 01:43 PM:
This man has retired and will no longer be shuttling, according to his FB page.

cbamshuttle in Boonville
John & Barbara Lockwood from Brandon, SD on 11/04/2018 12:49 PM:
Martin "Cotten" was so accommodating for us. He shuttled us twice on our recent trip to the Katy Trail. We drove to Sedalia, overnighted at the Best Western. Next day drove to Clinton Trailhead & parked, rode back to Sedalia for 2nd night and then biked to New Franklin where Cotten picked us up at 3pm and brought us back to pick up our car from Clinton. Then stayed at Globe B&B in Hartsburg, drove to New Franklin TH, parked & rode back to Hartsburg for a 2nd night and then biked to Portland where Coten picked us up again to shuttle us baack to our car. It's a good idea to call the Katy Trail office to let them know you're parking overnight at a TH lot. Cotten had a great trailer for the bikes. He was so personable, was on time both times and readily communicated by phone/text (phone service not always available on the trail) to adapt to our needs. Plan to pay in cash. He made our biking the trail in shorter segments and without too heavy a load possible!

cbamshuttle in Boonville
Anonymous on 06/24/2018 02:38 PM:
Marvin saved our hides (really our bums). We thought we could get an Uber service in Booneville but there was none. We did not find CBam on a search while planning our trip. Marvin took us back to our car parked in Providence inpoint on the Katy trail. He was so good to us and reasonably priced. We tipped him well. So deserved.

Marvin Cotten in Boonville
Mark from Northwest AR on 06/12/2016 06:26 PM:
Marvin helped us out with a shuttle between Jeff City and Sedalia when Amtrak ran out of bike checking capacity. Give him a call if you need reliable service with good communication between you and your transport. Marvin did a Great Job this past weekend.

Marvin Cotten from Boonville MO on 06/19/2016 01:51 AM:
Thanks Mark glad I can help

Anonymous on 09/05/2017 06:31 PM:
Looking for another shuttle in October. Herman to Boonville! 5 bikes & people.
Email me if you are still doing the shuttles

Marvin Cotten in Boonville
Marvin Utterback from Boonville on 10/19/2016 06:44 PM:
Mr. Cotton is the most professional service in the area. He is always prompt and provides nothing be top of the line service.

K&C Chamberlain from Denver CO on 10/20/2016 08:00 PM:
Yes, the best.

Marvin Cotten in Boonville
Marvin Cotten from boonville on 08/05/2016 07:31 PM:
This is Marvin Cotten at Cotten's bikes and more shuttle you can reach me at 660- 621-3488 and you can also get in touch with me at cbamshuttle@ yahoo.com thank you and happy trails and if you're in Boonville I do shuttle to the winery to.

Marvin Cotten in Boonville
marvin cotten from BOONVILLE on 05/01/2016 08:26 AM:
Hey everybody this is cotton open for rides so if you need to get ahold of me call 660 537 52220 I will be hanging out in Rocheport for a little while and then be back in Boonville give me a call Happy Trails I can hold for bikes on my bikerack

Marvin Cotten in Boonville
Dwayne from KC, Mo on 09/20/2015 03:56 PM:

Katy Trail weekend, October 3rd. 
We are a family of 7, 4 adults with 3 children.  Looking for a ride to Columbia Mo. To the MKT trail head at Providence and Stewart.  We have 4 bikes, 1 tamdem, 3 trailers.  Van or bus would require car seat and 2 buster seats.   Please let me know if you or know someone able to assist. Thank you, Dwayne

Marvin Cotten in Boonville
Greg & Lee Ann from Effingham IL on 06/29/2015 10:07 AM:
Wonderful person! We needed a ride and he was there to provide it. Nice clean vehicle, very polite and prompt driver. I wouldn't hesitate to call Marvin again! He hauled my family of four, two bob trailers and four bikes on 6/13/2015.