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Cecils Cyclery

Bike Shop
Sedalia / Sedalia MO
704 S Ohio

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Cecils Cyclery
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Forum Discussions about Cecils Cyclery

Cecils Cyclery in Sedalia
GC from Sedalia on 04/14/2019 03:08 PM:
Thanks for the nice words about my dad.

Cecils Cyclery in Sedalia
Beth from Sedalia on 05/12/2016 07:31 PM:
Cecil's has been closed for several years.

Cecils Cyclery (Sedalia)
mb from Sedalia, MO on 09/27/2006 01:47 PM:
The service & selection could be a whole lot better!

Anonymous on 12/03/2009 03:44 PM:
I live in Sedalia and have for 51 years Cecil is a Icn here back in my high school days the mid 70`s he was considerd the oldest bike shop in town. he is retired now most people around here call him at home if they need a bike a part or service he then sets a convient time for the customer to meet him at the bike shop thats probaslly the reason he doesnt have the selection some of you new guys would have loved his shop in his pre retirment and working years and as for selection well trust me you wouldnt belive what he had he was the best still is he just dont do it full time anymore and just for the record he also used to sell Zenith Television sales service and repair and was the best at that. Gearld Cecil started here selling magazine subscripitions in high school a true icon and buisness man here and if you can get alng in this town Sedalia which is dam near impossible and to run a buisness that good for over 50 years got to be a ICON ... !!!

Cecils Cyclery (Sedalia)
matt headley from wichita on 08/07/2008 09:31 PM:
cecil is a cool guy if you get a chance stop in... he has tons of vintage schwinn stuff..