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Sedalia Katy Depot

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Sedalia MO on the Katy Trail

Mile marker 229
Population 20339

Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Public Restroom
Visitor Info
Visitor Info
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Winery / Brewery
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Katy Trail
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American Inn Sedalia
1217 S. Limit, Sedalia
B & L Shuttle
P.O. Box 1973, Sedalia
Bar-B-Q Pit Stop
1020 S. Thompson Blvd, Sedalia
Best Western Inn
3120 S. Limit @ 32nd street, Sedalia
Bodyworks Day Spa
312 S. Ohio, Sedalia
Bothwell Regional Health Center
601 East 14th Street, Sedalia
808 East Broadway (Hwy 50), Sedalia
Budget Host Super 7
Hwy 65 S, Sedalia
Burger King
1101 S. Limit @ 11th, Sedalia
Carousel Restaurant (in the Best Western)
3120 S. Limit @ 32nd St, Sedalia
Cecils Cyclery
704 S Ohio, Sedalia
Champion Bicycles
600 East 3rd St, Sedalia
Coach's Sports Bar
303 S. Lamine at 3rd, Sedalia
Comfort Inn Sedalia Station
3600 W. Broadway, Sedalia
Community Bank
917 S Limit Ave, Sedalia
Country Kitchen
2001 S. Limit @ 20th, Sedalia
Countryside RV & Campground
5464 S Limit Ave, Sedalia
Covered Bridge
Centennial Park - 16th St and New York Ave, Sedalia

Dairy Queen
1401 S Limit, Sedalia
Daum Museum of Contemporary Art
3201 West 16th, Sedalia

2401 W Broadway, Sedalia
Econo Lodge Truman Inn
3501 W. Broadway, Sedalia
El Espolon
2400 S Limit Ave, Sedalia
El Tapatio
1705 W Broadway, Sedalia
End Zone Sports Bar & Grill
3129 W Broadway (Thompson Hills Shopping Ctr), Sedalia
First Community Bank
10th & Thompson, Sedalia

Fischer Stables at The Katy Trail
22299 Sacajawea Road, Sedalia
Fitter's 5th Street Pub
500 S. Ohio, Sedalia
Georgetown Country View Estate B&B
22378 Hwy H, Sedalia
Georgetown Inn
22166 Highway H, Sedalia
Goody's Steakburgers
901 S Limit, Sedalia
1400 S. Limit, Sedalia
Hardees East
715 E Broadway, Sedalia
Holiday Inn Express
4001 W Broadway, Sedalia
Hotel Bothwell
103 E. Fourth, Sedalia
660-826-0395 Fax
Ivory Grille
103 E. Fourth, Sedalia
Kehde's Barbeque
1915 S. Limit, Sedalia
Kentucky Fried Chicken
1513 S. Limit, Sedalia
LeMaire's Cajun Catfish House
3312 S Highway 65, Sedalia
Little Caesars Pizza
2933 W Broadway, Sedalia
Long John Silvers
922 S. Limit, Sedalia
Malone's Downtown Irish Pub
404 S Ohio, Sedalia
Maxine's Rooms for Rent
Mazzios Pizza
1613 S Limit, Sedalia
McDonalds South
1611 S Limit, Sedalia
McDonalds West
3201 W Broadway, Sedalia
Mighty Melt Sandwich & Spud Shop
2402-A W Broadway, Sedalia
Missouri State Fairgrounds
Hwy 65 @ 16th St., Sedalia
Motel 6 Hotel State Fair
3402 W. Broadway, Sedalia
Papa Jake's Donut Shop
1200 W 16th St., Sedalia
1100 South Limit, Sedalia
Pizza Hut
1425 S Limit, Sedalia
Price Chopper
701 East Broadway (Hwy 50), Sedalia
310 S Ohio Ave, Sedalia
Sedalia Convention & Visitors Bureau
600 E. Third Street , Sedalia
Sedalia Public Library
311 W 3rd S, Sedalia
Sedalia Trailhead (fairgrounds)

Sedalia Trailhead - Depot
Third and Thompson Streets, Sedalia

Sonic Drive In
2800 S Limit, Sedalia
Sonic Drive In West
300 W Broadway, Sedalia
Stardust Motel
Hwy 65 South, Sedalia
Subway Sub Shop
2929 W Broadway, Sedalia
Sunset Motel
3615 S Limit Ave, Sedalia
Table 7 Coffee House
E 5th St, Sedalia

Taco Bell
820 S Limit, Sedalia
Texaco Shortcut Convenience Store
Thompson @ 16th, Sedalia
Thompson at Broadway, Sedalia
1301 S Limit, Sedalia
Windmoor Inn
19224 Hwy Y, Sedalia
Woods Supermarket
701 E Broadway , Sedalia
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Hotel Bothwell, Sedalia, 660-826-5588

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Forum Discussions about Sedalia

Katy Trail Sedalia Detour
CurtM from Fort Worth TX on 05/22/2018 10:17 PM:
I rode the Katy end to end 13-16 May; a great trip. To be honest, the detour at Sedalia is a non-issue. In fact, similar to other comments, it was a nice break from the trail. I ride Fort Worth streets nearly every day, and find traffic to be part of the deal. While it's true the detour has vehicle traffic and there is no shoulder on the road, riding in single file as far to the right as is possible is plenty safe.

k b on 07/05/2018 06:15 PM:
thanks for the information ill be taking the amtrack in Sedalia in oct

SpinmasterChip from Bella Vista, Ark. on 07/06/2018 10:09 AM:
We finished our Jeff City to Sedalia ride yesterday and the detour was fine other than it was 97 degrees on blacktop roads. HOT!!! But no issues at all and the detour is well marked all the way back to the Sedalia Depot.

Nicole & Dave from Dardenne Prairie, MO on 08/22/2018 05:41 PM:
Completely agree on the detour. There is a map right at the trailhead, signs are posted on the street and there are biking/KT marks painted on the city streets. No issues at all finding the connection to the Katy Trail on the other end. We rode from Sedalia to Rocheport earlier this week (Aug. 18, 2018)

Route Changed in Sedalia!!!
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 02:51 PM:
Just want to alert everyone to a recent route change in Sedalia. There are signs posted all over the trail about the change as well. Evidently the Sedalia/Pettis County Community Association has terminated their lease with Missouri Parks and have closed off a section of the trail through town. The trail has now been detoured over several miles on a hilly country road with traffic. We asked a Sedalia resident about it who said that the Association is hoping to entice new businesses to build in the area where the trail has been closed but that most residents know nothing will come of it. Sounds like some stupid politics to me. I'm very unhappy about this change and the shortsighted decision of the Community Association. Hopefully this can be resolved and a better route can be set up in the future.

Sarah J Eber from Hartsburg on 05/02/2017 08:59 PM:
fyi... I called the community group in Sedalia... they really are planning for the route change to be temporary while they improve trail access through that area... please be patient and dream of how cool the upgrades will be as they come hopefully sooner than later! Happy Trails! Don't let it stop you from hitting the Katy (and heading east to see us in Hartsburg!

Trump from Washington D.C. on 05/03/2017 09:14 AM:
Sedalia is making America great again:


This is the other side of the railbanking law. They can take it back and use it for a railroad again.

Dave from OFallon on 05/03/2017 09:52 AM:
What road did they use, and how heavily traveled is it? I am going to be heading that way soon with my daughter. I dont want us to get run off the road by a driver that is tired of bikes on the road.

Sarah from Hartsburg on 05/03/2017 11:05 AM:
And here is a more recent article about Sedalia's efforts:

Trump from Washington D.C. on 05/03/2017 01:33 PM:
Actually Sarah, that is an older article. The trail is now cutoff north of Boonville Avenue at Griessen Road. Like I said, trail advocates should be happy with what Sedalia is doing there as the railbanking law is working as it was intended.

cathy from Jefferson City on 05/03/2017 02:35 PM:
I would ignore the man posting from the swamp.

Barefoot4ever from Lake Ozark on 06/14/2017 09:45 AM:
And it is confusing! Be sure to get a picture of the map posted on the trailhead board to go by! The roads are not super busy, but the markings fade away the further out you go. I got lost with my 6 year old, we had to turn around and get directions. Wasted a good 45 minutes on a 60 mile day.

Anonymous on 06/15/2017 07:10 AM:
Thanks Barefoot,

We will be riding Sedalia to Booneville on Saturday. Do you know if that map detail can be found online or just at the trailhead?

Anonymous on 06/15/2017 09:58 AM:
Found the map:. https://mostateparks.com/advisory/64281/temporary-detour-sedalia-katy-trail-state-park

I wonder if taking Booneville St has less traffic?

Bill from Fort Worth TX on 06/15/2017 02:51 PM:
We rode the detour last Friday at 10 am. I'm not sure what all of the concern is about. The trail from the Depot was well marked. There were a few short hills but nothing unmanageable. Parts of the roads were narrow but there was little traffic. Plus the road was paved. A nice change from the gravel.

Beth from Sedalia on 09/23/2017 06:39 PM:
In my opinion, this is the easiest route:
* right on Griessen Rd
* left on Randall Rd (first intersection after leaving the trail)
* right on Boonville St
* left on Engineer
(try the new, authentic and yummy Mexican taqueria on Engineer, 1 block south of Boonville St, https://www.facebook.com/zalpa.stacruz/)
* right on 3rd St
* a few blocks and you're at the old MKT depot

You can follow 3rd St a few more blocks into downtown. Good restaurants there are Fitters 5th St Pub (has patio), Ivory Grille in the Hotel Bothwell (good breakfast every day, only open for lunch and dinner certain days, http://www.theivorygrille.com/breakfast/), and we have a new Craft Beer Cellar, https://www.facebook.com/cbcsedalia/.

Also, Pro-Velo, bike shop owned by Ebby Norman, is in downtown and he'll take good care of you. Closed Sunday & Monday.

Beth from Sedalia MO on 10/08/2017 10:17 PM:
I should have stated the directions above are from the Griessen Rd (NE) trailhead, for riders coming in to Sedalia from the east.

Another new downtown restaurant has opened recently - Malone's Irish Pub, 404 S Ohio. Right across the street west from the courthouse square.

Jeff T from Oklahoma on 04/05/2018 10:34 AM:
Rode the trail through Sedalia in Oct 2017. The disconnect is a bit disappointing, zig-zagging through the edge of town and on into country. Cars travel fast on the narrow rural sections, lots of hills, but very scenic. Anyway..is the trail still disconnected in Sedalia?

Keith from Columbia on 04/30/2018 02:30 PM:
This detour is still in place. I rode through it both ways over the weekend on a 200 mile round trip, and it definitely stands out as precarious compared to the rest of the KT.

You're on a hilly narrow country road for nearly 2 miles with no bike lane. I'd be surprised if there hasn't been an accident here yet because of the blind spots created by the hills. It wasn't very busy for me (only 3-4 cars total, each time through) but obviously traffic would fluctuate depending on time of day, etc. It was well-marked though, with signs at every intersection.

DJ from Iowa on 05/07/2018 09:50 PM:
The description we read on the trailhead sign just before in Clifton City made it sound like the detour would be on residential streets in town for a few blocks. NOT SO!! We rode on paved roads for 2 or 3 miles, with no lane markings, no shoulder, rolling hills, a semi truck roaring through, and lots of cars. My wife and I did not feel safe riding into Sedalia with our 4 children - 2 on bikes, 1 on a tagalong, and 1 in Burley.

Avoid Sedalia from the East on the Katy Trail, especially if children are in your group.


octandem from Orange County, CA on 05/09/2018 02:36 PM:
So is it better going east from Sedalia to take Engineer to Boonville to Griessen? It seems like it would be safer than the official route and is suggested coming west, so hoping it isn't all uphill or very narrow leaving town.

Maue Family from Belleville IL on 05/17/2018 09:58 AM:
We are riding from Sedalia to Boonville Memorial Day weekend and going by google maps it's 2.7 miles from turning onto Engineer Rd to get to the trail via Griessen Rd. It says it is mostly flat and the road looks to be in good shape on street view. If you are going west to east it will be mostly downhill but a very slight one at that.....here is a link: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/300-398+N+Engineer+Ave,+Sedalia,+MO+65301/38.7230215,-93.2123791/38.7221342,-93.1783258/@38.7188697,-93.1958567,15z/data=!4m10!4m9!1m5!1m1!1s0x87c3843428681e21:0x31949e5700945288!2m2!1d-93.2132369!2d38.7105705!1m0!1m0!3e1!5m1!1e3?hl=en

John Hutchins from Pacific MO on 05/17/2018 02:24 PM:
I rode the new route through Sedalia last Wednesday around 3:30 from west to east. The instructions I got from the katy depot were clear and the route was well marked. East on 4th to left on Engineer till it ends then right to the trail entrance on the left. Engineer was plenty wide without a lot of traffic. And I didn't find the county road after Engineer to be a problem. No center line or any lines at all so no shoulder. But I didn't meet much traffic and only one vehicle at a time so they had plenty of room to move over. Same kind of county roads I ride every time I leave my house. A few rolling hills, but nothing big. Since it's paved I found it easier to pedal than the crushed limestone trail and I was self supported carrying 30# of gear. I prefer it to the old route.

PT on 05/18/2018 04:50 PM:
We rode the Sedalia route west to east at 9:30am and only saw 2 cars.
Seemed safe to us.

Tracy from Parkville on 07/31/2018 11:13 AM:
My husband and I haven't ridden this section of the trail in years, but decided to go yesterday afternoon. We "knew" the route so didn't consult anyone and got lost when the usual connection was not there. (A very nice local businessman even drove around and found the new route for us!!) We were not prepared for what we found....The asphalt was in good shape, but the drivers were scary! Had 5 vehicles pass us and did not give us much room even though we were all the way to the right. One guy in a jeep traveling the same direction passed so close he almost clipped my husband with the outside mirror! We had another one honk at us and we didn't feel safe or welcome on this strip of roadway. They would pop over the hills in the middle of the road and of the two vehicle coming the opposite way, neither bothered to move over, just came barreling through around 50 miles an hour. With so many safer parts of the trail to ride, we will not be returning to Sedalia.

Gregory from Norman on 08/03/2018 11:34 AM:
I think I will boycott business in Sedalia!!

Sedalia - enter from East with caution!
DJ from Iowa on 05/07/2018 09:58 PM:
Families with young cyclists beware!! The description we read on the trailhead sign just before in Clifton City made it sound like the detour would be on residential streets in town for a few blocks. NOT SO!! We rode on paved roads for 2 or 3 miles, with no lane markings, no shoulder, rolling hills, a semi truck roaring through, and lots of cars. My wife and I did not feel safe riding into Sedalia with our 4 children - 2 on bikes, 1 on a tagalong, and 1 in Burley.

Avoid Sedalia from the East on the Katy Trail, especially if children are in your group.


Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 12:21 PM:
We stopped at the new bike shop in the Sedalia Depot. The guys were very helpful, even calling another bike store for an item they did not have in stock. The sent us to Fitters on Fifth for lunch. Fittes was a little off of the trail but we had the Buffalo Wrap and it was excellent. The service was also very good. The guys also assured that we new the way through Sedalia on the trail.
The trail through Sedalia remains the most disappointing part of the Katy.

Tom Wheaton from Thornton CO on 09/19/2016 10:37 PM:
Can I get help and advice on picking up the Trail out of town on the north end? The map(s) appear to show a rather convoluted route through Sedalia. (I'm riding up from Clinton, taking the trail west to east). Staying at the Bothwell, but I want a good start the next morning and want to pick up the route out of town towards Pilot Grove. Any landmarks, help, advice or known pitfalls would be appreciated.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 09/20/2016 01:43 AM:
Go east on third street from the hotel. That will take you to the Katy Trail Depot. From there you can follow trail to the marked streets following the signs to pick up the Katy heading out of Sedalia.

Tom Wheaton from Thornton CO on 09/21/2016 09:31 PM:
Thanks. That helps. Looking forward to the ride.

Terry from Baltimore on 09/23/2016 10:08 PM:
The trail actually goes right through town. Those directions are good, but if you head east from the Bothwell, you will cross the KATY.

Hank on 09/23/2016 10:37 PM:
The route through Sedalia is not abundantly marked, so to speak, but it is marked well enough if you are paying attention. You will be fine.

Hank's Buddy on 09/24/2016 08:02 AM:
The trail has been marked on the streets by DNR going both directions for their annual June ride. As Hank says, you need to pay attention for trail an direction markings. Also the neighborhoods are some would say "bike free zones".

Jon from N Texas on 09/25/2016 05:39 PM:
The KATY routes onto streets at the Sedalia Depot.

To head east to the trail from the Bothwell, head east on 4th Street to the Ddepot. Continue on 4th Street east from the depot (~0.7 mile), Emmet Avenue north (~0.4 mile), Boonville Street east (~0.4 mile)

We were there just last Monday and got directions from volunteers in the gift shop. There are signs and markings on the street. All of the streets are residential with light traffic.

Clay Boyce from KC on 10/24/2016 07:39 PM:
Would be great if they repainted markings on streets.