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Goody's Steakburgers

steakburgers, shakes, & 17 side orders
Sedalia MO
901 S Limit

Goody's Steakburgers is located 1 mile from the Katy Trail, in Sedalia MO

Directions: Limit (hwy 65) crosses trail just east of fairgrounds. Go N on Limit one mile.

But you cannot easily get from the trail to hwy 65 where the trail crosses the highway; you'll have to use sidestreets to backtrack from the trail to hwy 65
10AM-10PM (11PM on weekends)

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Goodys Steakburgers
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Forum Discussions about Goody's Steakburgers

Goody's Steakburgers in Sedalia
Wil on 08/02/2011 01:23 PM:
We ate at Goody's on July 2, 2011. It was a great experience. The food was good, the service was friendly, and the atmosphere makes it well worth the mile or two diversion from the trail. We strongly recommend it.

Goody's Steakburgers (Sedalia)
del from Sedalia on 06/28/2009 05:57 PM:
Never ever eat here! We went through the drive thru - the guy taking the order was surly and abrupt, the food waaaay too expensive - and we endedgetting the tiniest "steakburgers" imaginable, I've had $1 burgers at McDonalds that a bigger and taste better.

Doug from Bluffton on 06/28/2009 09:49 PM:
Del, read Kim

Bobby from Sedalia on 11/02/2009 02:56 PM:
Goody's steakburgers in sedalia was the most greasy and bland food i have ever had i had better and bigger burgers from mcdonlads $1 menu and the fries tasted old not to mention they were cold and didnt have any salt the lady ant the drive thru who said her name was sara was texting on her cell phone while serving me what kind of service is that?? NEVER EAT THERE EVER IN YOUR LIFE!!!! its expensive ^ bucks for a small burger WHAT A RIP OFF

Coolmoniker from Lee's Summit on 11/08/2009 08:11 PM:
Sorry to hear about your experience. When I've eaten there, they've always had a hot girl taking orders instead of a cranky guy.

I agree that the burgers are small for what they cost -- I think they're good though so I eat there sometimes when I pass through Sedalia.

Goody's Steakburgers (Warrensburg)
Tracy from Warrensburg on 04/23/2005 09:19 PM:
I was very dissatisfied with the service and food at Goody's in Warrensburg. I went through the Goody's drive though on the evening of April the 23, 2005. To begin with, I spentapprox 25-30 minutes waiting in the drive through line. When I finally got to the window, the total on my order was outrageous. I asked for a receipt but I was informed there are none to give out. Upon arriving back at my residence, I looked at my shake in the light and the mix(strawberry) was not even mixed inot the vanilla ice cream. It was just glopped on top. Now, I have never had such terrible slow service and outrqageous prices for such terrible food. I think that Goody's should seriously consider how things are run in the Warresnburg store.

Scott from Warrensburg on 05/09/2005 10:41 AM:
Pathetic service - poor food you bet. "No goodies" is more like it.

Owner Tom Goodman should close the place for 1 week, retrain the staff, keep an adult on premises at all times and buy better quality food stuffs before they attempt to re-open.

Based on what I saw and what I was served, their food service rating should be "60/100" or below!!!

pc from W'burg on 07/21/2005 12:57 PM:
When it first opened, the lines were very long.

Today I went for the first time & the service & food were good(for hamburger diner fare).

Brad from Warrensburg on 02/09/2006 01:30 PM:
I tried to eat there. Food was so bad - I had to pitch it. I left discussed. I will never be back.

jon from warrensburg on 08/09/2007 07:18 PM:
i admit goody's food did suck until this past may when all but 2 employee's quit and new staff was hired including me as a manager since i've been working there i have been busting my butt trying to get the store a good rep and everyone i have asked told me about there bad time eating there well trust me it has changed food is now double checked before being served and everyone is treated right everyone still has one complaint the price well i dont know about you but im tired of frozen burgers at goody's we use fresh meat from bilo meat market ya a double burger at mcdonalds is a buck but i want real meat if there is any more changing you would like to see please email me you comments at jon62y@yahoo.com

Jim from St. Thomas on 08/10/2007 08:03 AM:
and this relates to the Katy trail in someway?

Anonymous on 08/10/2007 08:09 AM:
Sure does! Warrensburg and the Katy Trail are both in the same state.