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No. 5 Bistro & Bar

Sedalia MO
108 W Pacific St Suite 102

No. 5 Bistro & Bar is located approximately 0.5 mile from the Katy Trail, in Sedalia MO

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No. 5 Bistro Bar
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No. 5 Bistro & Bar in Sedalia
Lizzie on 10/14/2023 08:47 AM:
My husband and I started in Sedalia and heading towards St. Charles for a week on the KT! Immediately got off the Amtrak, and across the carpark was No. #5 Bistro & Bar. One of the staff members opened up the courtyard gate, so we could park our bikes safely while we ate. The No. #5 Burgers with garlic parm fries were awesome! Plus, they have an Octoberfest Beer on tap for $3! Cool building with the history of being the 5th Levi's Jeans Factory the produced in the US!
Great start before we hit the trail tomorrow!