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fast food fried chicken
Sedalia MO
1513 S. Limit

KFC is located 1/2 mile from the Katy Trail, in Sedalia MO

Directions: Limit St. (hwy 65) crosses trail; go N on Limit

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Forum Discussions about KFC

"still clucking" (KFC, Sedalia)
D.E.M. from Sedalia, Mo on 11/15/2004 06:26 PM:
just returned our chicken for a refund. Inside the juices still ran pink. did not feel that the shift supervisor was appropriately concerned about this culinary hazard. Will not return!

rawhide from saint louis on 07/10/2019 07:05 AM:
Get the grilled next time.

Dean from Columbia on 07/10/2019 01:01 PM:
Or better yet, got to Fitters on 5th street.

Doug from Bluffton on 07/10/2019 03:44 PM:
Or even better, quit whining about something that has nothing to do with the Katy Trail here.

Tim from TN on 07/10/2019 03:50 PM:
I have one better than that, quit responding to a post from 2004!

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Sedalia
mr Johnson from Sedalia mo on 04/03/2015 05:00 PM:
This place is a he'll hole.Wendell something wrong doings.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Sedalia
charles nichols from marshall,mo on 09/26/2011 12:01 PM:
I have ate at the KFC in Sedalia, Marshall, and Warrensburg, Mo., None of the three should be open. You go in at 5:30 pm to get supper, nothing cooked. Go in at 6:30pm nothing cooked. The one in Warrensburg was out of everything, all the manger could do was tell people "truck will be here tommorow". I don't know if the same person owned all three places but they need to go into goverment, they too don't do anything eather

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 09/26/2011 12:36 PM:
What does KFC included in those seven "herbs" and spices? Oh, by the way, before you go rag on government employees, you might want to take a few grammar and spelling courses yourself.

Anonymous on 09/26/2011 12:55 PM:
or mybe go 2 trip advizer too comint. ha ha sedelea and marshel arnt evin on the katytrail. what a maroon!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Sedalia)
Traveler on 11/12/2009 10:19 AM:
I think it is time to fire everyone, get a new manager, and start over with this KFC!

gary from Tebbetts on 11/12/2009 12:18 PM:
Well alright - you bring the rope and we'll all bring the torches and we'll get them gall darned mother cluckers at KFC!!!!

Geeeeeze what are they putting in fast food these days? ;-)

Jim from St. Thomas on 11/12/2009 12:34 PM:
I know that when I'm riding the trail nothing sounds better than a big bucket of greasy chicken......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Sedalia)
Anonymous on 10/05/2009 10:25 AM:
just waited several minutes for our order to be taken at drive up. there was only 1 customer inside & 5 employees. ordered bbq wings and as always they didn't have any made. had to wait 10 min. got order home only to discover we had wings but no bbq. spoke with shift manager (mary) on the phone who didn't seem too concerned. offered me a few bisquits to make up for the fact I had to drive all the way back(a total of a 20 min. trip plus time inside) I asked for the owners name & phone number and she gave me an 800 survey number. Took my name because she wanted to make sure the owner knew I'd been taken care of. Every time we go there they have no wings cooked. This manager did not satisfy the fact I had to use my time & gas to get what I ordered 30 min earlier. I will never go back

Trek on 10/05/2009 11:55 AM:

Contact PETA.....they'll put some pressure on em.

Jim from St. Thomas on 10/05/2009 02:31 PM:
I guess we're not even going to pretend this is forum for things related to the Katy Trail anymore........

Jim from St. Thomas on 10/05/2009 02:31 PM:
I guess we're not even going to pretend this is a forum for things related to the Katy Trail anymore........

Doug from Bluffton on 10/05/2009 02:51 PM:
Actually, this might show the anonymous poster that the manager cares even more than the average trail user. Ray, please delete this nonsense.