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Champion Bicycles in Sedalia
Nicole & Dave from Dardenne Prairie, MO on 08/22/2018 05:45 PM:
My husband ended up with a flat about 2.75 miles outside of Sedalia. We turned back around and stopped in for help. The guys working that day could not have been nicer and more helpful. It's so awesome to meet other folks that love biking and the Katy as much as we do. We bought a new tube, picked up some extra water bottles and headed back out. We were traveling through as part of our full Katy Trip (Aug. 18, 2018).

Champion Bicycles in Sedalia
Bill from Fort Worth TX on 06/15/2017 02:58 PM:
Had one of the clips on a pannier break. Stopped into the bike shop. When they saw the damaged pannier and heard that we were returning to Sedalia on the train later in the week, they kindly lent us a pannier to use. It was a real lifesaver.

Champion Bicycles in Sedalia
Barefoot4ever from Highpoint, MO on 06/14/2017 09:50 AM:
These guys are super friendly and helpful! Got lost on the detour, and they got us all fixed up. My son had lots of fun crawling all over the cool stuff they had there, too

Champion Bicycles in Sedalia
Amy from KC on 05/15/2017 12:08 PM:
My daughter had a flat on her bike. We had changed the tube ourselves a couple weeks earlier, but when we got to Sedalia, our starting point for yesterday's ride, it was flat again. We stopped in at Champion Bicycles, located right inside the train depot at the trailhead. For $15, we bought a new tube and had it installed. Convenient and friendly service. So glad there are places like this right on the trail.

Tammy from Harrisonville on 05/15/2017 02:20 PM:
i was there as well. they aired up our tires and fixed my brakes, didn't charge me a time. theyve got a nice shop there in the train station. very nice and helpful.

Champion Bicycles in Sedalia
Flint and Jubilee from Mancos, Colorado on 10/18/2016 08:46 PM:
Right on the trail. We arrived right at closing time, but he remained open as one of our party consulted with the manager about a new seat. He was very helpful.

Champion Bicycles in Sedalia
Fran M. from Tucson, Arizona on 05/24/2016 02:27 PM:
An awesome bike shop right on the trail. I was having trouble with my pump and I had ridden with soft tires my whole first day on the trail. The shop worker tested my pump, pumped my tires and my friend's and I bought a more reliable pump even thought he said mine was OK. It was very old and I needed a new one anyway! It's so great to have these services on the trail! Directions on Google Maps were confusing. The shop is right on the Katy Trail west of where you have to follow the roads for a mile and a half.