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DoubleTree Hotel

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DoubleTree Hotel
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DoubleTree Hotel in Jefferson City
DANA from Billings on 10/10/2020 12:38 PM:
Dana Leeds, Billings MT, 9/30/2020
Stayed here from Katy Trail- This hotel is NOT 2.2 miles from trailhead. Its actually 3.5 miles. You have to take a trailspur off the trail to downtown Jeff City, by the capitol building- you also have to go over this HUGE bridge, there is a bike path to do this- its quite impressive. The city built this ramp from park up to bridge for bikers. My friend was very afraid of heights, this situation was very intimadating for her and all bikers, frankly. If I had known this was in downtown jeff city, I probably would not have stayed here. It was a huge ordeal to find it. and very stressfull.
The hotel was very nice. clean, comfortable; hot water, Liz was very nice and helpful when we called because we couldn't find our way from park at end of trailspur. She had cookies waiting for us. Which we needed because of huge hills we had to go up with our gear. My blood sugar was low.
This hotel is round, so rooms are not symmetrical. our room was kind of small.
we made it work with our bikes. The restaurant on top floor was great- amazing views of city. The food was OK. we both ordered fish, it was undercooked, 2nd one was way too salty...was I am sure was good, cooked properly. I am not really a picky eater, not a "foodie", by any means. Everything was pretty good. Our breakfast was perfect. Everyone was required to wear masks.
I would recommend staying here for hotel sake- but not the fact we had a hard time finding it and the mileage is way off. This irritates me. I feel like I was lied to.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/19/2020 05:13 PM:
We stayed in another hotel in Jefferson City on our recent 3-day ride -- and our experience is similar. We would NOT plan to stay in Jefferson City again. The ride to just GET to the bridge and bike ramp is confusing. Then you ride up the ramp, cross the bridge, and more confusion on the JC bike trail as you described. The next morning, felt again like we wasted a bunch of time to get back to the main trail at North Jefferson. On a future trip, we would recalculate our ride so that it doesn't include a stop in JC. (Sorry!)