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Red Wheel Bike Shop, Jefferson City MO

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Jefferson City MO on the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail

Mile marker 143.2
Population: 43057

Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Visitor Info
Visitor Info
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Train Station
Train Station
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Katy Trail
Amtrak Jefferson City Station
101 Jefferson St, Jefferson City
Arris' Bistro
409 West Miller Street, Jefferson City
Capital Region Medical Center
1125 Madison St, Jefferson City
Capital Region Physicians - Downtown Urgent Care
220 Madison St, Jefferson City
Central Dairy
611 Madison Street, Jefferson City
Checker Cab
1000 St. Mary's Blvd., Jefferson City
Cole County Historical Museum
109 Madison Street, Jefferson City
Governor’s Mansion
100 Madison Street, Jefferson City
Hartsburg Cycle Depot
2004 West Main St, Jefferson City
J & D Bike Shop
610 Jefferson St, Jefferson City
Jefferson City Conv & Visitors Bureau
700 E. Capitol Ave, Jefferson City
Jefferson City CVB Visitors Kiosk
111 W. High St, Jefferson City

Jefferson Landing State Historic Site
100 Jefferson St, Jefferson City
Lewis & Clark Monument
Capitol Ave & Jefferson Street, Jefferson City

Missouri River Regional Library
214 Adams St, Jefferson City
Missouri State Archives
600 West Main Street, Jefferson City
Missouri State Capitol & Museum
201 W Capitol Ave, Jefferson City
Missouri State Penitentiary
115 Lafayette Street, Jefferson City
Missouri Supreme Court Building
207 West High Street, Jefferson City
Prison Brews
305 Ash Street, Jefferson City
Red Wheel Bike Shop
400 West Main Street, Jefferson City
SSM Health St.Mary’s Hospital
2505 Mission Drive, Jefferson City
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Forum Discussions about Jefferson City

Jefferson City
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/05/2018 10:16 PM:
Jeff city is HILLY. Lots of good places to eat. Prison brews was good.

Jefferson City
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 01/25/2018 11:50 AM:
Trail spur takes you underneath the bridge, then you crank up three loops of a square "corkscrew" to the top and out onto the protected bike path.
After a few hours at Paddy Malone's Pub, the ride down on a loaded tour bike was...wheeee!

Lodging in JC
PDB from St. Louis, MO on 09/13/2016 10:40 AM:
My husband, brother, brother-in-law and I will be riding east from Sedalia and are looking for comfortable lodging in JC. Unfortunately, the Cliff Manor is booked up. What is a good choice close to the bridge? We want to avoid a lot of additional street riding, if possible. I know there are many chain hotels/inns in the area but don't know enough about navigating around JC on a bike. Also, do any of the chains offer pick-up at N. Jefferson trailhead? Thanks!

ArkyKenny on 09/13/2016 11:45 AM:
If you want to stay in a Jeff City and do the tourist thing, great. But it is a 4-5 mile (one way) ride from Katy to a place to stay. North Jeff City does not have a good option (IMO).

Why not either A) Stay in Hartsburg, or B) Ride 10 miles on to Tebbetts and stay at the hostel?

ArkyKenny on 09/13/2016 11:59 AM:
......because if it boils down to staying in Jeff City, or spending extra time at Cooper's landing (near Easley), that is an easy choice for me: Cooper's Landing any day. Then, either limp into Hartsburg (with good overnight options) or get to Tebbetts and stay at the shelter (which is also a good option, but bring food with you).

Jon from N Texas on 09/13/2016 01:22 PM:
We will be staying at the Baymont Inn in Jefferson City. 3.2 miles from KATY trailhead. It's less than a mile of on-street riding from the south end of the bridge to the motel with only two turns to negotiate. Doesn't look too bad, but we can walk the bikes if we have to.

Why JC? For us it was to make a short riding day and a motel stay after three nights of camping.

Jim from St Thomas on 09/13/2016 01:34 PM:
Capitol Plaza is another option. Easy 2.6 mile ride from the trailhead. Probably a little more expensive than the Baymont but its a couple of blocks closer.

Cathy from Jefferson City on 09/14/2016 12:14 AM:
Another option is to go to Air B&B or VRBO. On Air B&B you'll find 1914 W. Main, at $220/night. I know the owner and have been in the house, it is a beautiful home. It is probably about 3 miles from the N.Jefferson Trailhead. It is all on W. Main. Depending on the time of day traffic may not be bad. But we don't have many streets with bike lanes, so if you use this option just be cautious. There is a pizza place a block or so away, and a café where you can have breakfast in the morning. On VRBO, there is another property, #842553 in the 712 E. High St. They charge $400 for the whole house. It is also about 3 miles from the trailhead. It's a block from my home. I don't mind biking that route. It is much more hilly, but less traffic. I am 64 and used to hate hills, but have gotten to where I can tolerate them. There are 2 nice restaurants about 3 blocks away where you could have a nice dinner. If you chose this place you should ask the owner if they might provide a shuttle from the N. Jefferson Trailhead to the home. The couple that owns this property also own the Jefferson City Trolley Co. They might be able to send their trolley to shuttle you and your bikes. You'd probably have to pay extra, but you could avoid the hills that way. Their place is called the High St. Retreat Center, 712 E. High St., Jefferson City, MO 573-619-4377.

PDB from St. Louis, MO on 09/19/2016 09:18 AM:
Thanks to all for the excellent advice. In response to a few questioning why Jefferson City: my brother and brother-in-law are returning to Sedalia via Amtrak to pick up their rental car to KC airport to catch their flight back to LA. We are meeting them in Rocheport and riding just the final leg of their Katy journey together.

Jefferson City
g tucek from avery, tx on 07/07/2016 02:40 PM:
What is the best route by bicycle from katy Trailhead in N Jefferson to the Amtrak Station in Jefferson city, MO. We're riding the Trail from Hermann and will ride Amtrak back.

Eric from Mokane on 07/07/2016 08:17 PM:
This is a super easy trek. Simply take the Katy Trail Spur over to the Missouri River Bridge. You look like you will be going under the bridge and actually will. Follow the gentle ramp up, up, and up to the Bike/Pedestrian Bridge. This is the only way you can cross the bridge as one of the bridges is down for maintenance and traffic is horrible.. Once you cross the bridge turn left on West Main. As you go down the Hill you will see the Missouri State Capitol building. At the bottom of the hill there is a great bike shop called Red Wheel, Tell Nick, Eric sent you... Then continue up and around the Capitol building drive, to the right, it is a circle drive. When you get to the opposite side of the Capitol building, turn right on to East Main. Go to the first stop light and turn Left at Madison Street. Go to the bottom of the hill and you are at the Station.. Good Luck!!

Jim from St Thomas on 07/08/2016 05:13 PM:
Your left turn at the stop light east of the Capitol will be on Jefferson - not Madison

G tucek from Avery tx on 07/08/2016 09:24 PM:
Will possibly be parking at Mokane trailhead and riding to Jefferson City. Might have to leave vehicle overnight. Would this be OK and would vehicle be safe there?

Hank on 07/09/2016 07:00 AM:
Leaving a vehicle overnight in Mokane should be fine.

Ron from Portland,Mo on 07/09/2016 08:15 PM:
Someone told me last night at work that vehicles have been broken into at Mokane trail head. Not sure if info is correct but I have no reason to doubt this person. Ron

Jeff from Jefferson City on 07/12/2016 03:33 PM:
Thieves are opportunist just waiting to happen.

Jefferson City Camping
Anonymous from St, Louis, MO on 03/02/2016 08:13 AM:
I have heard that there are now 3 primitive camping sites at Noren River Access but can't find much information about it. I was hoping someone could confirm this or provide more information. Thanks!

jim from St Thomas on 03/02/2016 12:40 PM:
They are managed by JC Parks and Rec. Here's a link to their site.

Cathy from Jefferson City on 03/02/2016 08:24 PM:
I think there are 4 or 5 primitive campsites in the vicinity of the Noren Access, on the north side of the Missouri River, close to where you get on the pedestrian/bike bridge. Go to the link that Jim provided for more info. I think it is first come first serve, and on the honor system. So you may not be able to reserve it.

Anonymous from St, Louis, MO on 03/03/2016 10:06 AM:
Thanks guys!

rob from southcentral mo on 03/14/2016 08:55 PM:
Yes, there are camping sites there but the traffic noise from the bridge is very LOUD

Jefferson City
Dennis d.B. from Georgia on 07/28/2015 09:17 PM:
This is a side trip that I highly recommend. The capital and grounds are beautiful. Got a little off course going from Katy to Capital but local rider took me on into town. Very helpful and friendly. Grounds keepers visited with me and suggested Arris for pizza as did the bicyclist that showed me the way to town. I had pizza two days in a row and could not eat anymore. It is located next to capital on W High Street. W High has a number of places to eat but stopped at The Grand Cafe on same street with some outside seating.. Locals told me that the hamburgers were very good and that the potato chips were home made. It was one of the best hamburgers I have eaten. They gave me a little ketchup and mustard bottle to doctor the burger as I wished but this is the first time I have eaten a whole hamburger without adding anything to it. If you feel like pizza try Arri's but for a burger, I have to suggest you try the Grand. I think I also saw Subway long here too if you want a sandwich.

KC from Austin on 07/29/2015 01:25 PM:
Good feedback, thanks! We'll be spending the night there in October and plan to see the capitol and the Thomas Hart Benton murals. Will look for the burger spot!

Sharonbikes from Kansas City on 07/29/2015 08:24 PM:
Arris' Bistro is one of my fav places to eat in Jeff City. It is across 50 from the Capitol. Plaza hotel. D is next to another hotel that I don't know what it's name is now. I must say, I am not such a fan of Arris pizza, but the bistro has some of the best salads and pasta!

Cathy from Jefferson City on 07/29/2015 08:55 PM:
It's so nice to see this discussion about places to eat in Jefferson City. Sharonbikes, I am with you, I am not a huge fan of Arris Pizza, but I love Arris Bistro. But many people love Arris Pizza. Café Via Roma has had a great reputation in the past. It's across High St. form the Capitol. I haven't been there lately so I don't have current info on the quality of their food. they are probably just open for breakfast and lunch during the week. Cork is excellent, open in the evening. You've heard about the Grand. There is also a Korean Food Restauarant in the 200 block of East High that is very popular. Madison's Café on Madison, in the block south of the Governors Mansion is very popular. There's a Chinese Food Restaurant across the street from Madison's that has very good food. I ate there for lunch and liked it a lot. Coffee Zone on the 200 block of East High is great for breakfast and lunch. We love their gyros, spinach quiche, humus and pita bread. And further down High Street, I think the 900 block of East High is O'Donnohue's Seafood and Steak House. That's probably my favorite. It's a great restaurant and bar in a 100 year old building, there's a great story about it's renovation and the lady, Juanita, who did it. Her son runs it now. Down the street (east)is the Mission, which doesn't serve food but has local bands and is a great night spot, very laid back and enjoyable. On Ash Street is Prison Brews, which is a brewery and has good food. On the southside, Ecco Lounge is great, it's at the corner of East Dunklin and I think Jefferson. Welcome Inn Again is at the corner of East Dunklin and Madison and has good old fashioned home cooking. At the top of the DoubleTree Hotel is Saphire's Restaurant. We love that place. It is a bit pricy. But you get a wonderful view of the city, and the food is very good. We prefer restaurants that are locally owned so we don't venture to Missouri Blvd, but if you like places like OutBack, Chili's, Ruby Tuesdays, Panera, and stuf

Billy from Mokane on 07/30/2015 05:51 AM:
Several years ago I read that Missouri's capital was ranked second in the most beautiful capitals to see.

Sharonbikes from Kansas City on 07/30/2015 06:39 AM:
Everest Cafe on Missouri Boulevard is amazing and worth the trip-in a car. I wouldn't bike down Mo Blvd. It serves Nepalese food and is so good. No fried food and no butter in the place. Highly recommend! I tend not to eat at chain places, either. For a good sandwich, Sub Shop can't be beat. It is at the corner of Missouri Blvd and Dix road. Homemade bread and all sandwiches are toasted. So good.

Jim from St Thomas on 07/30/2015 01:04 PM:
Although biking Missouri Blvd is not my idea of a good time the city has added sidewalks on the south side for most of its length. The Greenway bike/pedestrian path also runs parallel to Missouri Blvd for quite a ways.

Jefferson City
Rebecca from Des Moines, IA on 04/27/2012 09:35 AM:
I will be vacationing at Lake of the Ozarks in June with 3 other girlfriends and would like to drive up to Jeff City and rent bikes for the day. Where are there bike rental businesses along the Katy Trail in Jeff City?

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 04/27/2012 12:27 PM:
I don't know of any bike shops in Jeff City that rent bikes. In that area I would go to Trailside Cafe and Bike shop in Rocheport, right on the trail.

Anonymous from Jefferson City, MO on 03/03/2015 10:46 AM:
The Red Wheel Bike Shop, 400 West Main, Jefferson City, began offering bike rentals in 2014. It is located just two blocks from the Missouri River bike/pedestrian bridge, which takes you to the North Jefferson City Katy Trailhead. The bike shop also sells a large selection of bikes and accessories and offers full-service repair.

Jim from St Thomas on 03/03/2015 01:13 PM:
Red Wheel is not on Main its at 2701 West Edgewood. You can get there via the Greenway from the Katy but it's several miles. Hartsburg Cycle Depot is at 2004 West Main but I don't think they rent bikes.

Jim from St Thomas on 03/03/2015 01:17 PM:
Whoops......I should have looked before I posted. I didn't know Red Wheel had opened their new place on Main.

Jefferson City
Michael from Stl. on 10/05/2014 07:33 PM:
Highly recommend the Baymont if not camping. They gave our group a great discount including breakfast because we were trail riders. Bike storage is available. In addition they've been known to pick up riders at the trailhead if necessary. Very friendly too.

Jefferson City - Prison Brews Resturant
Alex Pirnie from Greenwood Mo on 10/18/2013 01:58 PM:
Its not on the list above but look up Prison Brews Resturant & Bar. Its not a bad ride from the trail but it is a bit off the trail. But the food and the service is well worth the trip out of your way. Also the ride over the bridge and going past the old Missouri Prison is a great view. Stop in, you won't be disappointed.

Glen from Columbia, IL on 10/20/2013 07:32 PM:
I agree, we walked there from the Capital Plaza Hotel, was glad to be off of the bike after a long day in saddle. Great place to un-wind.

Jefferson City
Larry from Oakgrove, AR on 11/09/2011 09:59 PM:
Friend and I will be doing 3 days on the Katy next week. What's the best bet for a hotel in Jefferson City? One within easy riding distance of the trail, or any that offer a shuttle to pick you up?

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 11/09/2011 10:47 PM:
Click on Jefferson City on the Trail Map above and select the lodging search box. Cliff Manor B&B is the closest and always gets good reviews here. Hotel Deville and Capitol Plaza Hotel (not in the list) are the next closest. All within easy riding distance from the North Jefferson trailhead via the Jefferson Greenway accross the new bridge bike/pedestrian path.

TopShelf on 01/20/2012 09:22 AM:
Baymont is also not far from the bridge.

Bikers Cross Country
David from Parkville on 09/11/2011 04:01 AM:
I am following an old childhood friend and his companion who are biking across country following much of the Rails to Trails routes. They are currently on the Katy Trail and it looks like one of the neatest routes out there. You true bikers are my heros. God Bless You All and keep on biking.

kevin from Jefferson City on 09/12/2011 12:31 PM:
Hey, David, does your friend have a blog or webpage about his ride? We'd love to hear about it.

Jefferson City Bike / Ped Bridge
Lisa, from Belton, MO on 06/20/2011 10:45 AM:
The bridge is amazing! It is fun to ride and makes getting into Jeff City very easy. Follow the Jefferson City Greenway from the Trailhead. Thanks to all those that made this bridge possible!! Katy Trail riders love it!

Bike lane on the bridge in Jeff City
Michael from High Ridge, MO on 05/09/2011 06:49 PM:
I was reading comments from 2010 that the bridge is difficult to cross. I was wanting to know if the construction on the bike lane is complete.

JPM from Hazelwood, MO on 05/09/2011 09:13 PM:
According to MODOT's website, it was completed as of April 8, 2011.

Michael from High Ridge, MO on 05/10/2011 10:13 AM:
Thank you for the response about the bike lane.

Darrell from Jefferson City, Mo. on 05/10/2011 05:47 PM:
The bike/pedestrian addition to the bridge is done and being put to good use. It is very nice and kind of fun!

Shaun from Jefferson City on 06/05/2011 07:47 PM:
YES! It is open and the view is incredible and makes getting into Jeff City very easy. From the Katy Trail just follow the "Greenway" into town.

Jefferson City
KS Bicyclist from Manhattan on 08/31/2010 01:45 AM:
Has anyone crossed the US 63 bridge at Jeff City to get to/from the Katy Trail since they started working on the bridge this summer? Is bicycling across the bridge still an option?

Kurt from St. Charles on 08/31/2010 08:06 PM:
I'd like to know this too!

Anonymous on 09/01/2010 01:10 PM:
I posted this question on the 'Home' page too. Several people responded.

Mel from JC on 09/03/2010 11:54 PM:
There is only a bikeable shoulder on the northbound bridge. It is completely closed for

construction of the new bike ped bridge. To cross the river now, you must ride with traffic.

Northbound is slowed to 45 mph through the work zone, but lanes are narrow. It is probably

doable during non-peak hours. The work zone is not that long and then you can use the

shoulder the rest of the way, but there is no way back. Southbound has no shoulders and

60mph. Construction will be finished next spring. You can watch a live video of the work at -


Anonymous on 09/09/2010 01:54 AM:
We ended up parking at the long term commuter parking lot off of

Airport Rd & bicycled over to the Jeff City trail head to start our trip on the Katy Trail instead of trying to ride over the Jeff City bridge. Jeff City is not a bicycle-friendly city. The bridge will be nice when it is finished.

Chuck L from Jefferson City on 09/14/2010 05:26 AM:
Mel's comments are well taken and I would agree that biking over the bridge is a risky proposition unless the traffic is really scarce. It is not that way at most hours of the day and remember you have to return sometime. For my money, I would not do it. I do claim to be the last guy to ride across the bridge before the lane closure occurred. I had gone up expressly to ride the bridge and had to ride past some "bike lane closed" signs but made it over and back just minutes before they began putting up cones and barriers.

The new bike lane bridge addition will be a real asset to the city and protect riders and hikers. As to whether it should cost $6.7 million, it seems pretty expensive to me. Why do we need a steel ramp/tower to climb up to the bridge? Why not access the bridge from Airport Rd via a protected bike lane? Guess I'm too dense to understand this one.