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Red Wheel Bike Shop

Bike Shop
Bike Rental
400 West Main Street

Red Wheel Bike Shop is located approximately 1.8 miles from the Katy Trail, in Jefferson City MO

Directions: From the North Jefferson City trailhead, cross the bike/pedestrian bridge into Jefferson City, turn left and proceed two blocks on West Main Street.
Open year-round
Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM
Saturday: 9AM-4PM
Sunday: closed

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Red Wheel Bike Shop
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Forum Discussions about Red Wheel Bike Shop

Red Wheel Bike Shop in Jefferson City
Teresa from Holt on 06/18/2023 04:04 PM:
Great guys here! Had a flat and they rescued us!
Very nice people and reasonablely priced as well!

Red Wheel Bike Shop in Jefferson City
zume76 from DFW on 03/31/2021 10:06 PM:
Limped in with a side wall tire cut and patch job. Got a new tire and quick check up in just a few minutes and only just a few $$ as well. I wish this shop was located near me!

Red Wheel Bike Shop in Jefferson City
Liz from Vienna, VA on 10/29/2020 07:28 PM:
I arrived in Jefferson City after four days on the Rock Island and Katy Trails -- I'd had three flats in those four days and was at my wits' end. Nate at Red Wheel Bikes was able to diagnose the problem -- the rim strip was loose -- solve it and get me going again with no further problems. My bike was a mess from riding in the rain so he cleaned it off and oiled the chain! Highly recommend Red Wheel Bike Shop -- a lifesaver!

Tom from Arizona on 10/30/2020 08:27 PM:
I had a similar experience in late September during our cross state Katy Trail ride. Red Wheel put on a new front tire with tube. The new tire was problematic in that it was very tight on the rim. The shop told me that I would have had great difficultly especially without a lot of experience and the best tools. I too highly recommend this shop.

ArkyKenny on 10/31/2020 07:45 PM:
Echo all the good above. The owner is a cyclist and does people right. We used him for an unusual shuttle service last year, and it all was good.