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Happy Trails Katy-ring Service

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner delivered to either the trailhead in Tebbetts, or the Turner Katy Trail Shelter
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Happy Trails Katy-ring Service in Tebbetts
jnsnj from Memphis on 11/08/2023 09:01 PM:
Rachel Collins you saved us!! It was so great meeting you and your beautiful daughters, and the sandwiches really hit the spot. So glad we found you on this page, we will see you again in the spring!!

5 Star recommendation for Rachel 913-636-8645

Happy Trails Katy-ring Service in Tebbetts
Carl Anderson from Greenville, SC on 10/03/2023 11:50 AM:
Rachel brought us a terrific lunch, with fresh fruit and sandwiches to the Turner Shelter in Tebbetts. Food was great and very reasonable price. She also brought us water for our bottles. We highly recommend her catering service. It’s in a great location also, between Hermann and Jefferson City there are not many options.

MNguyen from Houston on 10/03/2023 06:23 PM:
Does anyone have a phone number for Happy Trail Catering in Tebbetts

Deby from Dallas on 10/03/2023 06:58 PM:
Rachel Collins Happy Trails 913-636-8645

MNguyen from Houston on 10/03/2023 07:31 PM:
Thank you. We're at the Globe Hotel, and Leaia was trying to help us.