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Turner Katy Trail Shelter Hostel
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Forum Discussions about Tebbetts

ColNei from South Carolina on 08/14/2018 07:10 AM:
August 2018 - Just finished riding Katy from Machens to Boonville on a fully loaded tandem with extra wheel trailer without issue other than a mystery flat tire. Thank you for the Powerade vending machine outside the cyclist hostel. Restaurant beside the hostel had a sign stating "closed until further notice". Hostel was empty mid-day, but downstairs appeared to be as clean as any college dormitory. We did not go upstairs.

Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 01:16 PM:
We had planned to eat lunch at P4 Pub and Crub. It looked like a good place for a burger and a beer; however, they were closed tight on Sunday, October 29. Their hours were not posted so I am not sure if they are always closed on Sundays. There is a food dessert on this part of the trail making it a little difficult for through travelers with no vehicle support.

MPH from ST Louis on 11/03/2017 05:32 AM:
I believe the bar and grill in Tebbetts is closed permanently, we stopped there last week and they were closed.
However it was cold so we went in the Turner Shelter and warmed up. We also had lunch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Note that there is food left in the fridge and some canned goods in the Turner Shelter left there for riders.
We plan on going back later this month and dropping off some canned goods.

jim from tebbetts, Missouri on 03/28/2011 12:20 PM:
I am planning on retiring in the near future as well as retiring Jim's Bar in Tebbetts, unless I rent the business to someone. Do not plan on Jim's Bar to be open on a regular basis for 2011. If you are staying at the Katy Trail Shelter in Tebbetts for the night and need food and i am around the business that night, I will try and take care of your needs. If you have any questions you may call 573-295-6100. Thank you for your past business. Jim

Anthony from Kansas City on 04/01/2011 12:38 PM:
Jim, I enjoyed my night in Tebbettes during a 2009 full trail ride. Your bar was just what we needed for relief. Hopefully you find the next chapter in your life to be enjoyable.

scott gee from petaluma on 06/03/2011 12:38 AM:
jim, thank you very much for your hospitality. the beer, the burgers, the chili and the storm shelter were all outstanding. i wish you many years of success and happiness in your retirement. be on the look out for my photo to hang on the wall in the bar.

Anonymous on 06/04/2011 10:17 PM:
Jim went above and beyond to help my brother and I when we stopped in Tebbets this week. His bar was closed that day, but when he heard about our lack of food situation, he whipped up cheeseburgers with all the fixings and cold beer to wash them down. He is a great guy and an asset to the Katy Trail community!

Layne from Shawnee, KS on 06/29/2011 03:34 PM:
Sorry I didn't read these comments before we made our trip through there on the 6/18. We didn't find much of anyone or anything moving that night, but it was still a good stay in the shelter. Luckily we grabbed some food in Hartsburg prior to hitting Tebbetts, but a cold beer sure would have been nice after the 70+ mile trip from Pilot Grove. Maybe next time.

DkB from Colorado on 06/30/2011 08:05 PM:
I was in Tibbetts on June 15. Jim's was open, and had a schedule on the door - open Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings. Cold beer, pizza, and good company. Hope your so lucky to catch him open!

Laurel from Tebbetts on 10/10/2012 05:44 PM:
Jim, I notice that you have been making major improvements to the bar. Are you selling it? I live in Tebbetts and would be very interested in talking to you about the future of the bar if you don't have any other lookers. Thanks!

Paul Lee on 10/23/2014 11:48 PM:
Hey Jim, I was the first person to sign your book in 2012. I think it was sometime in February. I was the lone Korean kid biking/walking across the States. It's been a while, and I doubt you really read this. I just wanted to say thank you again for opening up your services for this me. That part of my trip is always remembered; the cold natural ices, the pizza and the karaoke with your friends. Thank you very much for your help and the laughs. If you wanted to know, I did make it across the country. I went to south america as well and now I am teaching in my country, Korea. Good luck to whatever you are doing. I hope the bar is still up, at least for some weekends. It really is a monument of the Katy Trail.

lisa from Barnhart, mo on 06/06/2014 09:39 AM:
We stopped in Tebbetts last weekend and we were lucky enough to be one of the first ones to enjoy eating at P4. It use to be Jim's Tavern. The food was really good and the staff very friendly. I would recommend stopping by for a bite when you wheel by

Dana from Tucson on 10/02/2013 12:54 PM:
We were lucky enough to meet Jim and go for a ride in one of his classic cars. Then he opened up for us and we enjoyed an evening of beer and Karaoke. He even got Pizza for some other bikers who did not bring food with them to the shelter. A great guy as were all the locals if you are lucky enough to find him around.

Cori from Denver, Co on 10/19/2013 12:33 AM:
We also had the pleasure of meeting Jim on our trip in May! By far, one of the nicest and most amazing men I've had the luck of meeting. We are thinking of riding the Katy Trail again and would love tonknow if he has opened back up for business. We will plan our trip around his business hours!

Pseudio on 10/19/2013 09:44 AM:
This is the same KT desert section (summer) Tebbetts with only some wondering dogs, couple of grain elevators, and everything is closed all the time? Does Jim have a portable restaurant and what is the name of this oasis business?

Tebbetts dining options
ChuckM from Houston on 09/02/2011 08:58 AM:
We will be staying in Tebbetts on Tuesday Sept 20. As I understand it, there are no options for dining in town. Can anyone suggest a grocery stop on the way from Rocheport to Tebbetts?.
Thanks in advance,

Anon on 09/02/2011 03:11 PM:
Some of the campgrounds there carry a few supplies: Katfish Kates, Coopers Landing, Wilton Store. Might want to get your stuff before starting out.

Gary Near from Tebbetts on 09/02/2011 09:53 PM:
There are several places in Jefferson City, a short side trip from the trail and easy to get to now that there is a bridge bicycle/pedestrian path addition. Paddy Malones, Aris Pizza, Madison Cafe, and Prison Brews to name just a few.

Billy from Mokane. on 09/02/2011 10:02 PM:
Stay on the trail and eat at Dotty's in Hartsburg.

ChuckM from Houston on 09/12/2011 08:46 AM:
Thanks for the suggestions. What is the best way to get into Jefferson City. On the map it looks like a nightmarish highway cloverleaf is the only route into town from the trail.


Anonymous on 09/12/2011 10:22 AM:
Naw. Take the southbound spur just a few yards west of the trailhead to Airport Road (or whatever that road is called now). Then go east to cross the mentioned bridge. The business district is a block or two SSW from the Capitol bldg.

Pam from Independence on 09/12/2011 01:31 PM:
Take the Greenway into town. It has signs marked to follow. The bridge now has a bike/pedestrian lane on the side of the bridge. Follow the ramp up and you can cross into Jeff City

Cathy from Jefferson City on 09/13/2011 01:36 AM:
Pam is so right. Just look and you will see the trail from the North Jefferson Trailhead to the new pedestrian/bike path marked. If you want to see a video of the new pedestrian /bike path go to www.bethehistory.com and click on the "In 100 years" link. The video will not win an academy award or any spelling bee trophies but hey , I had fun making it. The bridge over the Missouri River at Jejjerson city is now safe and enjoyable for all. It is so safe that a few days ago I met a little old lady who had tone in her late 70s, in a wheelchair with her care giver on the bridge.

ChuckM from Houston on 09/13/2011 08:06 AM:
Cool video Cathy. So up the winding ramp is how you access the bridge? Its hard to tell from the video but is there enough room for a tandem bicycle to make the turns on the ramp?

Cathy from Jefferson City on 09/13/2011 11:00 PM:
Chuck, I don't know the answer to Your question. I hope someone else can answer it.

Lynda from Wichita, Ks on 09/14/2011 02:27 PM:
Dotty's is a great place to eat. But, they are only open Wed thru Sun 7 am to 2 pm.

Jim's Bar & Grill hours
Paul Marlin from Quincy,IL on 10/10/2010 08:28 PM:
I stopped by Jim's on Oct 10, 2010; and the sign on the door said it opens at 3:00PM on Wednesday and Friday, and at noon or Saturday and Sunday.

Paul Toigo from Kansas City, MO on 08/29/2011 05:32 PM:
No grill action at Jim's anymore, but plenty of beer and harassment. Have a sense of humor and consider it free entertainment.

Tebbetts Shelter & Jim's Bar
Mr. G from Galena, IN on 07/15/2011 06:23 PM:
The Turner Shelter Hostel one could hope would multiply for cyclists all across Missouri and America. My daughter and I were on a five-day trek (her first tour) and in Tebbetts we shared tools, food and stories with two transAmerica riders and three young, local men making their way to Cape Giradeau. True cyclist camaraderie. Jim Phillips was a gentleman and host, agreeing to open to make delicious and fairly-priced dinners for four of us, sharing humor and stories. He even rustled up some coffee filters for morning brew in the shelter. Thanks, Jim. I do hope someone keeps the bar going.

Cathy from Jefferson City on 07/15/2011 11:07 PM:
You are so right, Mr. G, I'd love to see more places like the Turner Shelter in places where there aren't B & Bs and other services. And Jim is so good. Does he still have that "electric chair" in his place? Don't sit in it! No matter what he tells you. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

scott gee from petaluma, ca on 06/03/2011 12:35 AM:
this was a great little town. true, there isnt a 24 hour grocery or a shopping mall but if you are looking for that, stop off in jeff city before pushing on to tebbetts. the hostel was great. for 5 bucks you get a roof over your head, a hot shower, a microwave and even a bike work shop to do some repairs to your weary ride. jim at jims bar across the street from the hostel was awesome. his bar/store is only open a few days a week but he works in his shop behind the bar and if you find him, chances are he will open up and sell you some beer or something to eat. when we were there some severe weather rolled through, jim was nice enough to check on us and when things got rough, he even let us take shelter in his basement. definitely worth stopping in and having a ice cold beer at jims. love this place!

Anesha from Eldon on 04/11/2011 11:16 AM:
I had a horrible experince in this little town. My son and I went through this town 5/2009 at around 3pm and was looking for a place to cool down and get a bit to eat and something to drink. The diner was close and the only convenient store there was closed. We biked around the town asking people if they knew anywhere that was open and know body knew anything. So we had to bike on to Mokane to get anything to eat.

Anonymous on 04/11/2011 02:27 PM:
What a shame. Fortunately, Mokane is only 6-miles further east of Tebbetts. I've experienced the same thing on the trail, especially on Mondays. That's why I carry a sandwich, energy bars, fruit, and extra water - always.

In retrospect, you might have opened up the shelter across the street from the bar-grill (key is on nearby utility pole) to cool down in front of an A/C, or even take a shower there. With luck you might have found leftover grub there too.

Michael Rodemeyer from Hartsburg, Missouri on 04/11/2011 03:34 PM:
?Whats horrible about a small town being closed? You can't expect them to be open for the few occasional riders that come thru looking for a drink or food. Its best to call ahead before starting a trip and if you get no positive results pack a lunch and always carry water.

Chris J from Centralia, IL on 04/11/2011 07:49 PM:
It's not the interstate Anecha. Surely you don't expect 24/7 service in a town so small so far from a major highway. It is peaceful and low-tech, and that is why we like it. Like Anonymous said, always care food and water.

Anonymous from Tebbetts on 05/17/2011 03:37 PM:
I live in Tebbetts. I like to watch you bikers. Some of you really have top notch bikes. Yes we are a small town wish Jim would be open more for you bikers or the wonderful quick shop but that is the way it goes, on the other hand I have never refused fluids or food to you bikers just have to ask. I know you think I should say were i live but can't to many of you just have to be lucky if you ask the right house.LOL Always bike prepared, Sorry it was so horrible for you Anesha. Mokane has a really cool Bar/Grill always open (not Sunday) but they will cook you great food and drinks unlike our town bar open when he feels like it and never cooks it is worth the 7 mile trip!! Support the bar in Mokane they are great people and worth the extra 7 miles!!

Turner Katy Trail Shelter Hostel (Tebbetts)
Kat from Omaha, Nebraska on 08/31/2010 06:55 PM:
What a fun night we had in Tebbetts! The accommodations at the Shelter were crude but what could you expect for $5.00 apiece. We wondered what we would encounter and we were pleasantly surprised. Not real clean but it beats camping. The johns and showers worked great and we even got to play a little ping pong. The highlight of our stay in Tebbetts was going next door to Jim's Bar. Jim will cook you up a pizza or burger. We chose the pizza and it hit the spot along with an icy cold beer. The Karaoke started up shortly after we arrived and the place came to life. Jim is full of surprises and helped create a night we won't soon forget. All of the towns folk that we met were friendly. Thanks Jim and friends!

Mark from West Des Moines on 09/01/2010 03:15 PM:
Jim's Bar is awesome!!! It was one of the highlights of our trip 3 weeks ago.