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Katy Bike Rental

Bike Shop
Bike Rental
Augusta MO
5533 Water St

Katy Bike Rental is located on the Katy Trail, in Augusta MO

Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM; other days by reservation

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Katy Bike Rental
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Forum Discussions about Katy Bike Rental

Katy Bike Rental in Augusta
BB from Katy, TX on 06/19/2017 04:30 PM:
A friend and I were riding from Pilot Grove to St Charles. I had several flats along the way and just after we passed Augusta my tire finally gave way I was out of tubes and needed a new tire.

I called Katy Bike Rental and the woman who was running the Bike Shop was INCREDIBLY helpful. She offered to ride her bike with 3 new tubes and a new tire to meet my specifications 3 miles or so to where we were out of commission.

She showed up minutes later with all of the supplies plus a full floor jack and assisted us in changing the flat. (I am sorry not to mention her name but I couldn't read my notes when I got home.)

She went WAY out of her way to make our trip a much easier trip. She could have charged us almost anything for such service, but charged a very reasonable price and refused to accept a tip!

Thank you!!!

KC from Austin on 06/19/2017 07:48 PM:
I bet anything that was Robin. She helped us on our trip when I mailed 2 sleeping bags to the Augusta post office. The plan was to pick them up the day of our camping at Klondike, but she knew they closed at 12:00, and picked them up for us and had the box waiting at the brewery on the trail! Fantastic customer service.

Katy Bike Rental in Augusta
MelD from St PEters, MO on 07/16/2014 12:40 PM:
This bike shop is excellent! We are newbie bicyclers and were on the trail for a longer ride for the first time. We made it to Augusta and realized my bike tire was flat. We went into the Katy Bike Rental and had a gentleman named Tyler generously offer to help us out since we did not have the correct tools or part. He was very kind and quick and helpful.