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Edelweiss Guest House

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Augusta MO on the Katy Trail

Mile marker 66.4
Population 218

Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Public Restroom
Visitor Info
Visitor Info
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Winery / Brewery
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Katy Trail
Rock Island Trail
Acorn Ridge B&B
184 Jackson, Augusta
Aholt Farms
6133 Augusta Bottom Rd, Augusta
Apple Gate Inn
5549 Main St, Augusta
Ashley's Rose Restaurant & Inn
5567 Walnut St. PO Box 127, Augusta
Augusta Brewing Co.
5521 Water St., Augusta
Augusta Trailhead

Augusta Wine Country Inn
5619 5th St, Augusta
Augusta Winery
5601 High St at Jackson, Augusta
Balducci Vineyards
6601 Hwy 94 South, Augusta
Centennial Farms
199 Jackson St., Augusta
Edelweiss Guest House
5567 Walnut Street, Augusta
Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce
P. O. Box 31, Augusta
H. S. Clay House
219 Public Street, Augusta
636-228-4414 fax
Halcyon Spa, Salon, and B&B
211 Jackson St, Augusta
Kate's Coffee
5525 Walnut St, Augusta
Katy Bike Rental
5533 Water St, Augusta
Klondike Park
Lindenhof Bed & Breakfast
5596 Walnut St @ Jackson, Augusta
Montelle Winery
Highway 94 S, Augusta
Mount Pleasant Winery
5634 High Street, Augusta

Red Brick Inn of Augusta B & B
252 Lower St, Augusta
Stoneridge Vineyard Farm & Inn
651 Schluersburg Road, Augusta
Fax 636-482-4300
Swan Haven Inn
164 Jackson Street, Augusta
Weinstrasse Cabins
210 Ferry Street, Augusta
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Forum Discussions about Augusta

Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/06/2018 11:25 AM:
Silly Goose owner is a saint. Calling a day ahead, the owner was apologetic that they wouldn't be open on Monday, but she offered to make us a meal and bring it to us! Wow, such kindness. After just getting off the phone with the owner of Augusta brewing, the contrast was stunning. Turns out we blasted on through toward St. Charles, but I contacted her and thanked her for her generous offer. I'm absolutely going to stop here on my next trip to meet this wonderful lady.

Augusta - Red Brick Inn and Mt Pleasant
Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 02:35 PM:
We stayed at the Red Brick Inn on our Katy Trip. This was a great find. We have stayed in Augusta a few times before but had not discovered the Red Brick Inn. Esther and Chuck are very gracious hosts. They were friendly and welcoming without being intrusive. We were there on a Monday evening and had not realized that there was nothing open on Mondays. Esther was quick to point that out immediately upon arrival so that we had time to go pick up a sandwich prior to the "daytime" places closed.
The Red Brick Inn has a "happy hour" of wine and appetizers which was a wonderful and great to get to visit with the other guests over a glass of local wine.
Breakfast was fantastic!
This was the prettiest B & B we stayed in during our week long trip.

Since there were no restaurants open in the evening there were two choices. Kate's Coffee is open till 3:00 and reportedly has wonderful sandwiches. Mt. Pleasant Winery has the Appelation Cafe that is open until 4:00 on Mondays. We walked up to Mt Pleasant and did their nice wine tasting, bought a bottle of Norton and then picked up a couple of excellent wraps from the Appelation Cafe to go. Later that evening we were able to sit in the sitting room at the Red Brick Inn, eat our dinner, drink our wine and watch the Chiefs beat the Broncos on Monday night football. Doesn't get much better than that.

By the way, if you interested in camping in Augusta, we have camped at Klondike Park in the past. The park is really nice, very clean, very comfortable; however, know that it is greater than 2 miles from the town of Augusta. A bit of a bike ride or hike after many miles on the bike, so be aware.

Bill from Lenexa, KS on 08/25/2005 08:47 AM:
You should know that ALL restarants in Augusta are closed on Mondays even during the summer. We were lucky that we had backup food with us.

savage24 from KC MO on 08/25/2005 09:06 PM:
Johann's general store is on the west end of town. Though not a restarant, they would probably have something to keep you going. I do not know their hours.

Ray (webmaster) on 08/26/2005 06:11 AM:
Another weekday option is the Augusta Brewing Company, a microbrewery and beer garden located across from the east end of the Augusta trailhead. According to their website, their summer hours are open 7 days a week 11AM-5PM (til 9PM Fri & Sat), serving lunch & dinner. You can see the food menus at their website.

sf from Augusta on 10/24/2017 04:12 PM:
Johanns is no longer there.

Teri from Augusta on 07/04/2015 01:48 PM:
Such a quaint small town with big town swagger. Pop a Wheelie on the Katy Trail and Katy Bike Rental Augusta are located in the same building at the Augusta trailhead. Gourmet ice creams, sodas, Mexican popcicles, bike rental, tires, tubes, 25th anniversary (and other) merchandise as well as on sight on the road basic repairs. Once you visit, you'll be back.

Jim W from St Louis on 07/04/2015 03:22 PM:
Your place is great! Is there going to be an easy way to get to Augusta by car with the Highway 94 detour. How long for the repairs?

natalie from leawood, ks on 05/17/2015 03:09 PM:
This is a comment for Silly Goose. It was a charming spot for dinner. Great food, great service, nice building. Have the chicken and waffles. Overall great spot!!!!!

S Curtis on 03/22/2015 08:44 AM:
I was amazed to find no lodging for children in Augusta--even children old enough to bike the Katy Trail. If anyone has a suggestion I would welcome a reply.

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 03/22/2015 03:02 PM:
I don't think Weinstrasse Cabins has any age restrictions and Klondike Park has cabins.

S Curtis on 03/25/2015 06:59 AM:
Thank you so much for your reply. The WS is booked fro a wedding, but Randall (delightful) from the Conservatory helped us find a place in Augusts that is not yet on this list. So glad to not have to cross the Washington bridge with kiddos! Here is the link for those in a similar bind: http://www.thereserveataugusta.com/

Augusta Brewing Co. (Augusta)
EB from Greenwood, MO on 10/07/2010 06:59 PM:
We stopped here for lunch just after one of our party discovered he had a broken spoke on his rear wheel. We were greeted by a gentleman who was cutting weeds(sorry I didn't catch his name but he worked for Augusta Brewing Co). He noticed us inspecting the broken spoke and offered to take the wheel to the nearest bike shop (Defiance I think) while we enjoyed our lunch. He restored our faith in the human race! The food was great and they have the best root beer in the free world! (The IPA is also quite good)

Chris J from Centralia, IL on 10/08/2010 03:25 PM:
I would say that "quite good" in an under statement for Augusta's IPA. It is best I have ever had. But, it was after 2-3 hours of riding and it is freshly made on draft. But that place is great even if you only drank water and have the summer sausage & cheese tray!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Jeff from Washington on 09/14/2010 07:03 PM:
Just wondering if your aloud to put a small jon boat on the lake that would be nice!

Anonymous on 09/14/2010 07:39 PM:
Know yor knot.

Maggie from Kansas on 09/15/2010 03:07 PM:

Anonymous on 09/16/2010 11:13 PM:
awl rite

Cottage Guest House (Augusta)
Teresa and Jim from Austin, Texas on 09/11/2010 01:36 AM:
What a fabulous place! Comfortable, clean, classy....and a special deal for Katy Trail cyclists! I saw "cottage for two" and thought it would be expensive, but it wasn't! We slept at least 10 hours in the quiet neighborhood and comfortable bed surrounded by pillows! Thanks, Kitty (the owner)!

Augusta Brewing Co. (Augusta)
Teresa and Jim from Austin, Texas on 09/11/2010 01:34 AM:
What a great place! Outdoor seating, great food, and wonderful beer! My personal favorite was the Wit Beer - filtered wheat beer with a hint of lemongrass and ginger - refreshing in the heat. Great stop on the Katy Trail!

frog lady from Cameron, MO on 08/23/2010 04:14 AM:
Last Sept. my daughter and I stayed at Klondike Park on a bike trip from St. Charles to Columbia. It was an awesome park - nice tent sites and clean bathrooms - reasonable prices. From the park we were able to bike about 1 or 2 miles to Augusta to eat dinner at a restaurant in an old blue house not too far from the trail. The meal was wonderful and we enjoyed the ride. One note, we turned off for the park at the first sign for it. If you stay on the trail and go a little farther, you will find a very steep path up to the park. It is still easier to walk your bike up the path than to take the long, long way around like we did to begin with.

frog lady from Cameron, MO on 08/23/2010 04:22 AM:
Oh, yea, the restaurant was Cafe Bella. It was a pretty steep climb up to the restaurant, but well worth it. The food was great and reasonably priced.

Augusta Brewing Co. (Augusta)
Beth from Columbia, MO on 02/22/2010 06:32 PM:
We went to Augusta in February and were pleasantly surprised to find that the Augusta Brewing Co. had live music. There was a festival going on (Shiver Fest I think?). We have been here before, and like this day, the atmosphere was relaxed, and we had a good time. Food was good, beer was great, staff was friendly. They also have their patio newly enclosed and heated, which was really nice because it was a little cool! We will definately return.

Red Brick Inn (Augusta)
earthmaids4050 from Rolla on 01/21/2010 02:24 PM:
We atayed overnight here last April! What a Wonderful place to stay! The breakfast was amazing!!! The owners are very nice and the place was very quiet and clean. The private and relaxing hot tub out back was a perfect end to a long day of riding.

Ashley's Rose Restaurant & Inn (Augusta)
Mary on 12/30/2009 07:39 PM:
This was a wonderful place to dine. The price range on here is way off. Wonderful service, food, and atmosphere. Highly recommend it.

Anonymous on 12/31/2009 08:49 AM:
Thanks Ashley.

Cafe Bella (Augusta)
Disappointed from St. Louis, MO on 04/27/2009 03:00 PM:
Had visited this restaurant years ago when I first met my wife, was probably under a

different owner/name back then. Took a romantic trip to Augusta this weekend and

wanted to go back to the restaurant we visited so long ago. It was maybe 8pm, a server,

who greeted us at the door after about 5min of waiting went on and on about all of the

people that just "showed up" without reservations (it's Saturday night during the nicest

weekend of the year so far...). We were turned away I suppose due to a lack of

preparedness on the part of the staff. There were several empty tables. Another couple

behind us were turned away as well. Funny thing was when the server first greeted us she

stated she'd go back and check if they could seat us. When she never returned I finally

went looking for her, only to find out the bad news. I guess she wasn't actually going to

come back and just hoped that all of us standing at the door would just go away, I believe

that's called apathy? This should serve as a red flag to the owners/ concerned parties.


Anonymous on 12/30/2009 07:27 PM:
Years ago the restaurant where Cafe Bella is now at, was Ashley Ro se...they have moved and they are now located on Walnut St in Augusta, across from the town square.

Edelweiss Guest House (Augusta)
Mark and Tanner from Leawood, KS on 12/05/2009 11:42 AM:
It has taken me a while to write, but I feel it is important to do this. My 19 year old son and I stayed at the Edelweiss Guest House in October. We were doing a through trip, the weather was somewhat problematic and we didn't make it as far as we had planned. We were biking in the dark and fortunately, made it as far as Augusta. After calling around town to the various guest houses in no particular order as we hadn't planned on staying in Augusta, these accommodations were recommended by one of the other proprietors in town. We were very fortunate; the ladies took us in with a smile, served us homemade bar-b-que sandwiches, a cheese plate and drinks, and provided us great accommodations! We stayed in the "Miss Heather" room. Breakfast was great and I can't speak highly enough of the owner, the fine lady covering the desk, and their hospitality. Thank you for making our unplanned, late arrival perfect!

Millers from Glendale, California on 11/14/2009 11:27 PM:
The Lindenhof was lovely – great place to arrive after a day of riding. Wonderful hospitality

and beautiful rooms. Augusta is one of my favorite towns along the Katy Trail.

Laurie and Greg from Nevada City, California on 10/27/2009 08:53 PM:
We loved our stay in Augusta last weekend. It was our last stop as we rode the Katy Trail from Sedalia to St. Charles, and everyone in the town was so friendly and welcoming. We spent the night at the Applegate Inn, which turned out to be our favorite inn along the trail. Lynne, the proprietor, went way beyond the usual attentiveness we had gotten used to on our journey, even calling in the evening to offer us a ride to the restaurant of our choice. The breakfast the next morning turned out to also be our lunch that day, all carefully packed by Lynne into a cute little gift bag. We will definitely return!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Scooter from The chuck on 10/05/2009 03:48 PM:
Klondike park camps grounds and cabins book very earlies in the fall. Plan ahead