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Klondike Park

Camping, Restroom
Augusta MO
4600 S Missouri 94

Klondike Park is located on the Katy Trail, in Augusta MO

Directions: Look for the Klondike sign at mile 64.1 by the cement silos, or by the boat ramp around mile 63

By car: You'll see the Klondike Park signs on highway 94, between Matson and Augusta. On the left side if coming from Matson, on the right if coming from Augusta.
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Klondike Park
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Forum Discussions about Klondike Park

Klondike Park in Augusta
Ted from Jupiter, Florida on 05/18/2024 01:22 PM:
Not much has been said about the power plant on the other side of the river that was at a low roar during our stay. White noise, but ear plugs recommended. We stayed at site 34, near bathrooms/showers. All those sites around there are nice, but were a bit soggy due to rain. Showers were push-button and just warm enough. And no matter which way you are coming or going, there are steep sections as the campground is up on the bluff. I thought the west entrance was the best, since it is short and paved. Coming on from the east on loose gravel with tough switchbacks t the top was a tough way to end the day. Leaving obviously easier than coming.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Jeff from Kansas City on 10/22/2023 12:38 PM:
Great spot. I recommend camping in one of the sites near the bathhouse. It is steep to get to other sites, and the bath house had outlets for charging. Shower warm, but not very powerful and you have to repeatedly press a button to keep it going. People below give all the right advice about how to enter park from west. I was coming from east….. there is also a gradually sloped entrance trail starting on the east side as well. Take that if you don’t want the steep climb after cycling 40ish miles from Kirkwood.

I biked up to the lookout point when I woke up. Very steep. My legs regretted that about two hours later on the trail. I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m glad I did it once.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Timdoas from Nashville, TN on 10/20/2022 04:46 PM:
i stayed here on 10/13/22 after cycling from Hermann. Nice little park with a basic shower and water services. Note no food within 3-5 miles trail riding from the park. I reserved a tent space and it was great. No electricity at the tent camping site but you may be able to recharge at a pavilion or the bathhouse if needed. I would recommend again. Note the spur is marked from the Katy and STEEP. have low gears or prepare to walk. Bathhouse is to the left at the top of the hill.

Klondike Park in Augusta
me&Z + Travel Pup on 10/01/2022 09:23 AM:
Lovely place. Got one of the "single night only - walk in" sites. They only have 5 of these. But on a non-holiday Friday night, only 3 where taken. The rest of the campground was full. The "full campground" sign at the drive-in entrance might have discouraged some people. I'll use the on-line reservation system to guarantee a spot next time.

Showers were hot and very welcome. Camp kitchen was a major bonus - we ate off plates instead of out of the pot! All of it was very clean.

Other campers said there was load music until 3am. We didn't hear it at all. As others have noted, firewood is not available on site. Non-electric sites are now $10. Cell coverage is pretty good. Lots of trees, so hammockers can probably find something that works for them.

Klondike Park in Augusta
V & S on 05/09/2021 10:11 AM:
Camped one night on our end to end to end Katy Trail ride on our human powered fat tire bikes. It was great camping and everything was clean and as expected. Showers and the camp kitchen were a plus. Quite deserted on a weekday night in early May.

Klondike Park in Augusta
KW from Lenexa,Kansas on 09/20/2020 10:32 AM:
We tent camped on 9-16-2020 at the park. There are three paths from the Katy trail to enter the park. Coming from the west the path is paved and very steep. The next path is unpaved and steep. I recommend riding past these and entering the next paved road by the boat ramp parking. It is Lewis and Clark trail to the park camping. A bit longer, some paved, some limestone. You can see the lake from the road. Pass the first campsites and continue to the basic sites. $10, They are across from the shower house. Which also has a camp kitchen. Leave the campground on the steep downhill.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/06/2018 11:29 AM:
Shower house, water turned off in winter-- but you can pitch a tent.

MUST READ! Klondike Park in Augusta
Brian Riecker from Norman, OK on 10/08/2018 09:55 AM:
Several things.

First, if you are riding self contained (carrying 50# or more of gear) please realize that to get to this park you have to climb one of two very steep paths. The west one is paved and the east one is gravel. Very STEEP, but relatively short. Hard climb after biking 30-50 miles. I’m sure most people walk it.

Second, reserve a site. We were there on a Friday and the place was FULL! I had called two months before and reserved site #24.

Third, do NOT reserve sites 24-28 unless you want to climb an even bigger and longer hill to a campsite with a great view, but no water or showers; just one pit toliet. I’d recommend sites 30-38 as they are close to the shower house (unless you want a quiet out of the way spot, and then I’d recommend sites 11-16).

Lastly, if you do get one of the spots up on the hill (24-28), there was no sign at all saying sites 24-28 this way (like all the rest of the sites), just a sign saying overlook and picnicing.

It’s a beautiful park with great showers and a group kitchen room on one end of the shower house. I’d stay there again, but would get a different site.

Jerry Whittle from BELLEVILLE on 10/08/2018 04:43 PM:
Thanks for sharing. I've ridden into Klondike Park up to the scenic outlook, but with just me and the bike. Must have been quite a challenge loaded.

Klondike Park in Augusta
John from Decatur, IL on 08/01/2018 07:03 AM:
Hey, does anyone have a sense for how busy the camping is at Klondike on a fair weather summer weekend? I'm thinking of camping there an accessing the trail from there, but wondering if I can just show up on a Friday evening and get a good site, and how crowded the campground is. Thanks!

Jerry Whittle from Belleville Il on 08/01/2018 09:15 AM:
Pretty busy. I highly suggest that you make a reservation.


Klondike Park in Augusta
JSP from Augusta, Georgia on 07/19/2014 01:21 PM:
Do you allow hammock camping?

MidSouth from Rogersville on 07/19/2014 07:33 PM:
I doubt if anyone from the St. Charles Park Dept monitors this forum. It would be best to call them with your questions.

Anonoh on 07/20/2014 07:18 AM:
The website says to register online, call and go through the ranger for tent sites and cabins.

sharonbikes from Kansas City on 07/31/2014 05:41 PM:
Klondike Park is a great place to camp - it is run by St. Charles County - I second the suggestion to contact them directly.

Judah from St. Louis, Mo on 10/18/2017 04:02 PM:
I called. They do not allow you to attach hammocks to the trees.

Ron_S from Overland Park on 10/18/2017 05:25 PM:
Person with me hung his between the uprights of a table shelter. Rained that night and he had a roof.

Alex from Kansas on 05/23/2018 07:00 AM:
I have hammock camped the Katy trail and it never occurred to me that a campsite would not allow hammock camping. Could someone please explain to me why hammock camping would not be allowed?

Anonymous on 05/23/2018 07:52 AM:
Structures may not be able to hold the weight of the loaded hammock. They probably do not want trees broken or damage to limbs/bark that are detrimental to plant growth. I'd guess there is enough maintenance to do without having to worry about structure or tree damage from hammocks. And there is quite possibly liability/insurance issues.

Anonymous on 05/23/2018 08:47 AM:
The structures are 4'x 4' or 8'x 8' wood columns. They hold up wood roofs. The trees were stout. All held up a 240# person with no issues. I don't think anyone is going to hang a hammock on something that is going to break on them in the middle of the night.
All that said, consider a backup for the hammock. Even if there is a tree, in Missouri more than likely it is covered with poison ivy.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Dan k from Paw Paw, WV on 09/18/2017 07:06 PM:
This is a great place to camp. Good showers, clean bathrooms, no fridge, but a kitchen w/2 burners around the side of the shower house. Check a site for reservation tags, and read the dates. $10/2 people, envelope in the slot. Police will come by at dusk, so it's safe, and people behave. Downhill to the trail, uphill back, about 200 yds., no biggie. we stayed here 3 nights in total, highly recommend. There is a lake, and a couple hiking trails, run by the County. Close to St. Louis, so gets booked, but you can find a site, down to the left, if you look.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 03:42 PM:
Klondike Park is amazing. The facilities are all very nice and clean and the park itself is gorgeous at the top of the bluffs. We usually bike there on the Katy Trail from where we live in St. Charles and spend Saturday night there. After we set up camp, we like to bike two more miles into Augusta and have dinner at the Augusta Brewery and then night bike back to camp. Fun times! Just be aware that the campsites fill up on the weekends so you need to make advance reservations.

Charmaine from Hyattsville, MD on 05/02/2017 06:19 AM:
I'm doing the trail next week and was planning on camping...are advance reservations needed at all campsites?

KC from Austin on 05/03/2017 08:31 PM:
Better safe than sorry. It is a lovely park, the cabins are terrific too. It's operated by a county outside of St. Louis and I don't believe it is staffed full time with a ranger or check in station.

Mathew from Hendersonville on 09/09/2017 07:43 PM:
Do the tent sites have electricity?

absolute gem
cliff anderson from charlotte on 05/05/2016 09:25 PM:
I've camped here twice now. The park and campsites are absolutely beautiful. Chances are you'll have the place all to yourself.

Two warnings ... 1) There are 2 entrances - use the paved one, on the west side of the park (much easier). 2) Make sure you pick a campsite with good drainage (or stay on a sunny day) - the weird topography of a former quarry means some sites get flooded pretty easy.

Otherwise, if you are camping on your Katy ride, this place will be the highlight of your trip.

Anonymous on 05/05/2016 11:58 PM:
Where's "here?" Klondike Park?

Anonoh on 05/10/2016 04:40 AM:
Cliff did the whole trail but didnt get a name anywhere? At our age one needs pictures, audio and records for the golden years and the grandkids right?

cliff from charlotte, nc on 07/08/2016 02:18 PM:
Um, I put this entry under Augusta. Is there a way that you can see this without going to Augusta first???

George H. on 07/08/2016 09:50 PM:
I get it.. You go to the town link an post the comment thinking we know what place you are talking about. What if there are several B&Bs in one town? Which one?

Jim from St Thomas on 07/08/2016 09:56 PM:
For future reference, never just use tags. Use the name of the place you're talking about in the subject line.

Kim C from Austin on 07/10/2016 01:43 PM:
Klondike is beautiful. We stayed in one of the cabins and would love to go back when we have more time. Close, just to the west a couple miles, is Augusta Brewing Company and that is also a must-do.

Anonymous on 10/10/2016 11:25 AM:
Can you please be more specific about the West paved trail to get to

Dave from Kirkwood on 10/10/2016 12:25 PM:
Regarding the request for info on the trails, see the park map:

The eastern trail (River Trail on map) is a very steep, rocky trail that goes from Klondike across the Katy to the MO River. The western trail is the nice, paved route (Katy Trail access on map). There is a large pile of sand on the Katy by the paved access trail, so it is hard to miss at the moment.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Anonymous on 03/30/2015 03:05 PM:
Are there camp sites for a truck camper?

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 03/30/2015 05:03 PM:
I'm pretty sure Klondike Park only allows tent camping. I don't think you can actually drive to any of the sites, you have to walk from the parking lot to the various sites.

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 03/30/2015 05:12 PM:
Here is a little cut and paste from the Klondike Park rules:

Reserve a tent camping site in advance on a space-available basis.
Online Reservations may be booked at least 4 days prior to reservation date.
Phone Reservations may be booked at least 1 day prior to reservation date during the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday - Friday only.
Camping quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Camping is limited to any 15 days within a 30-day period, unless otherwise authorized by the Parks Director.
No RV, trailer, or truck camping is allowed.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Gary Blevins from Lake Frederick on 05/02/2014 07:21 AM:
Does anyone know if the tent sites at Klondike park have BBQ grills or fire rings with a grill? Doing a West to East ride on 05/10 and the park is one of our stops. Is there firewood or charcoal available?

Hank on 05/02/2014 09:54 PM:
Yes to both fire rings and grills, very nice sites. No firewood or charcoal however that I'm aware of. You can probably gather a little here or there but I don't think they sell it. Could be wrong. You might be able to pick up some charcoal in Augusta.

Jim from St Thomas on 05/02/2014 10:32 PM:
Not positive on this but I seem to remember when we stayed there you weren't supposed to scavenge for firewood. You might want to check with St Charles County Packs & Rec to verify that before you get there.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Jim V. from Denmark, IA on 10/14/2013 10:08 PM:
Very nice shower/restroom facilities!!! We camped in a primitive site and were very happy. A heads-up; they fill fast on the weekends. But you can reserve in advance if you know this is where you're planning to stay.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Michael from Warrenton, MO on 10/02/2013 06:49 AM:
Great park! Park grounds well maintained and facilities clean. And the "Kitchen Room" was totally unexpected. Great place to overnight when touring Katy Trail. Headsup if ya access the park from west entrance ... there's a steep (albeit short) hill to climb to get up to park.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Anonymous on 12/28/2011 12:24 AM:
me and my friend climbed a 100+ foot rock face right next to the no rock climbing sign. LOL

Jim from St Thomas on 12/28/2011 10:47 AM:
Just goes to show that natural selection doesn't always work. Besides.....I didn't know trolls were into rock climbing.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Kelley from High Ridge on 09/18/2011 04:43 PM:
Took the boy scouts on the Katy Trail and camped at Klondike. Park was great, HOWEVER, they do NOT tell you that you have to bring your own wood and the Ranger was quite obnoxious about it!

justsayin from KC on 09/18/2011 08:45 PM:
You should have your Second Class rank pulled. Remember, it carries the Boy Scout Motto, "Be Prepared". Sounds like you weren't and assumed you could take what you forgot and didn't belong to you.

Anonymous on 09/19/2011 01:38 PM:
But everywhere you go they are telling you not to carry firewood from one place to another, due to ash borers. mh ia

Trek on 09/19/2011 03:13 PM:
Missouri Dept. of Conservation will sure tell you that. I think Klondike is a County park. Maybe there are no ash trees in the park.

kevin from Jefferson City on 09/21/2011 01:23 PM:
Carrying your firewood from St. Charles to St. Charles is not a problem. If there were invasive insects in the area, they'd eventually make it to Klondike park.

The big reason behind not moving firewood is to keep people from bringing firewood from, say, their campground in Minnesota or Illinois down to Missouri, or from southeast Missouri to St. Louis.

According to dontmovefirewood.org, moving firewood 10-15 miles is probably not too risky. Moving it 50 miles is.

Klondike Park in Augusta
Sue & Ed from Arkansas on 06/22/2011 01:04 PM:
Cheap $7 tent sites in a very scenic part of the trail. A large, new bath house with warm showers and only 2 miles away from the Augusta Brewery. I can't wait to go back.

sharonbikes from Kansas City on 06/22/2011 08:54 PM:
I wholeheartedly agree. I love the camp kitchen that is part of the bath house that has a nice sink, running water and a cookstove top with 2 burners and lots of room. A great place to camp!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Jeff from Washington on 09/14/2010 07:03 PM:
Just wondering if your aloud to put a small jon boat on the lake that would be nice!

Anonymous on 09/14/2010 07:39 PM:
Know yor knot.

Maggie from Kansas on 09/15/2010 03:07 PM:

Anonymous on 09/16/2010 11:13 PM:
awl rite

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Scooter from The chuck on 10/05/2009 03:48 PM:
Klondike park camps grounds and cabins book very earlies in the fall. Plan ahead

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Eric Jolliff on 06/22/2009 02:05 PM:
Be advised...If you are staying in a cabin they do not provide linens or pillows. We missed that and hardly slept that night. Other than that miscalculation it was very nice.

singlespeed from Augusta on 08/16/2009 10:46 AM:
Great short technical singletrack with fun obstacles like teeter-totters, drops, wooden skinnies, and wooden berms. The camping is great for tenters.

Klondike Park (Augusta)
manhk from plano, tx on 05/14/2009 02:03 AM:
The absolutely best campground along Katy trail

Klondike Park (Augusta)
shan from st louis on 03/14/2009 10:18 PM:
can anyone tell me when the shower house at Klondike is going to open this year? Online lists April 1st, weather permitiing, however I read a new alert that winterization lasts from November til March 1st... I am wanting to head out there this week, but am unsure if I should because of possibly not having water...thanks!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Derek from Oklahoma on 10/21/2008 11:23 AM:
We just got back from a week on the Katy Trail. This has to be THE nicest campground on the entire trail. Nice kitchen for cooking near the bathrooms and nice kept grounds. Just wonderful!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Doug C from Illinois on 09/08/2007 12:31 PM:
Awesome campground. The shower house bathrooms and showers are very clean. Probably the nicest campground on the trail!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Jeff Grigg from Manchester, MO on 05/20/2007 06:18 PM:
I visit it every time I ride by: Quite a hill to get into it, but cute little lake to ride around.

*DOES* have vending machines for soft drinks (by the restooms; South-West end). Does have "outhouse" style restooms in various areas of park.

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Rick from Arnold, MO on 05/14/2007 03:01 PM:
Great park. Ranger John on the Trek was a nice dude. The hill is a challenge for sure. Do the one up to the lookout too. Only strange thing is not being able to park by the campsites. No big deal if you're on bike and no car. Clean, well maintained. I'll go again.

DougK from Troy on 05/14/2007 04:50 PM:
I second that. I stopped "off season" and the water was turned off. One of the staff actually picked me up and drove me to the conference center to get water. Can't beat it.

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Jason from Huntsville, AL on 10/16/2006 04:46 PM:
Very, very nice campground! We enjoyed everything about it. Augusta is about 3 miles away and it is the coolest little town...wish we had more time to visit there. Not much to eat in this area, so come prepared!

Klondike Park (Augusta)
jake from lawrence KS on 09/15/2006 09:20 PM:
I stayed here for one night in August. This is a beautiful campground. There is even a kitchen to use. The hill into the campground is a fun little climb.

D&K from Blue Springs, MO on 08/09/2006 09:16 AM:
We throughly enjoyed our two night camping stay at Klondike. We met Dee Dee and Jerry who work there...two very nice people. The night breezes were comfortable through the tent and it was a quiet weekend. We were in the basic campsites near an extremely clean shower house/restroom building. I believe the park is only a few years old. Take the challenge...Ride from the trail up the winding, steep trail up to the Park.

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Dwight The Troubled Teen on 06/22/2006 12:36 PM:
And you MUST make weekend reservations before Noon on Thursday - St. Charles County Park policy.

Klondike Park (Augusta)
Dwight The Troubled Teen on 06/19/2006 03:55 PM:
Things to know about Klondike Campground:

1. This is NOT in the town of Augusta. It's three miles east of Augusta, look for a sign on the trail pointing up a steep hill.

2. Good luck making a reservation or getting a hold of any one at the listed phone number. Serious banker's hours service. However, you go, you find a campsite, you pitch, and then follow the signs to the shower facility. Next to the showers there is an "honor box" where you fill out your info, stick $7 in the envelope, and tear off the tag to use on your campsite post. (This will keep Ranger Friendly from rousting you at 2 a.m. and following behind you in her truck while you stumble two miles to the honor box. Fun, fun.)

3. The campground does not sell firewood any more. (Like there'd really be a human you could find with whom to exchange money if they did!) I had luck scaveging dead branches and some helpful neighbors who loaned me an axe to chop my deadwood small enough for the firepit. Your mileage may vary.

4. Maybe I was there on a bad night, but the hoosiers screaming and playing grab-@$$ through all hours of the night and early morning seemed to be endemic throughout the place. Rangers were too busy collecting their seven bucks to enforce the noise restrictions. I don't mean there were a few bad apples, I mean it was Animal-frickin'-House from one end to the other the night I was there.

5. Seven bucks. On the Katy Trail. You can't go wrong. Just bring ear plugs and don't waste your time asking other campers where the office is located. There isn't one.