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Kickstand Katy Trail - Defiance

Bike Shop, Bike Rental, Souvenirs/Gifts
Bike Rental
2998 S. Hwy 94

Kickstand Katy Trail - Defiance is located on the Katy Trail, in Defiance MO

Directions: look for small bridge immediately east of crossing gates
Open year-round

Offering Bike Rental/Service and snacks

Formerly Katy Bike Rental
Kickstand Katy Trail - Defiance
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Kickstand Katy Trail - Defiance
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Forum Discussions about Kickstand Katy Trail - Defiance

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Keith Thomas from Webster Groves, MO on 10/23/2021 09:40 PM:
Hi Todd,

This is Keith Thomas. I have rented a van from you for several years on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We would like to rent again this year on Friday Nov 26. Do you have a van that can handle 20+ people? Let's talk Monday, I'll give you a call at 636-987-2673. Ron Reed has been our driver several times.

Keith Thomas

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Anonymous on 09/28/2021 02:07 PM:
The gap from the ground to the top of the wooden bridge coming from the Katy trail to the shop is dangerous. It needs to be fixed. One of your customers could get hurt if they fail to negotiate the jump up the gap to the bridge. It could result in a law suit if someone gets hurt.

Eric from KCMO on 09/28/2021 02:50 PM:
Apparently you were there in person. Did you tell them at that time? I'm guessing not. Did you call, go to their Facebook page, etc? Seems like this forum would be an ineffective way to communicate to them.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 09/30/2021 12:18 PM:
They don't come to this group and will never see this.

MCI (KCI) TO KATY w/o shuttle – can be done
Terry Fitzgerald from Baltimore, MD on 01/18/2021 04:42 PM:
In 2016 I posted a question about getting from MCI to the Katy without spending a fortune. I was basically told that a shuttle (expensive) was the only way. That was wrong.
We took bus 129 into the city and transferred to bus 47, which goes right to Union Station. (75 cts each for senior, inc transfer). Amtrak to Warrensburg ($11.35 each). Taxi to Clinton ($40 for both of us + tip). That was $64.20 for 2 people. Admittedly it cost less because we could get senior fare on bus + train. We could have taken Amtrak to Sedalia and saved the taxi fare, then it would have been about $26.
ALSO, we had our gear, but not our bikes. We rented bikes from Katy Bike Rental. They were at our motel in Clinton when we arrived and we left them at our motel in St Charles when we finished – for a very good price. Thanks to Todd White of KATY Bike Rentals for letting us know how to make this happen.
Unfortunately, I thought I had posted this in 2016, when it happened.
Terry Fitzgerald

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
DANA from Billings on 10/10/2020 11:53 AM:
My friend and I did this trail about two weeks ago 9/27-10/3 2020
My friend was having some issues with her bike. We stopped in Defiance, to have the bike shop take a look at it. The young man (maybe high school) was not helpful at all- he didn't know anything about fixing bikes, he said their mechanic is only there 3 days a week, maybe. and even if he was there, we would have to leave the bike and they might get to it in a few days.
The only thing they could do was rent us a bike. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with one of those bikes...
I have been to this bike shop while riding parts of the trail a few years ago. my bf and I rented bikes.

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Judy on 09/26/2020 03:30 PM:
Do you rent men's and women's electric bikes?

Anonymous on 09/26/2020 04:06 PM:
Maybe contact them and not an open forum.

Doug from Bluffton on 09/26/2020 04:56 PM:
Judy this forum is just other riders like yourself posting. Sometimes businesses along the trail check it, but if you want to know what a particular business offers you need to contact them directly. They are the only ones that can tell you what services they offer.

Katy Bike Rental
Linda from Pocahontas, Il. on 07/07/2020 04:19 PM:
Do you sell ladies electric bikes?

Meriwether Cafe and Bikes from Rocheport, Missouri on 07/07/2020 05:11 PM:
Hi Linda.
We do not sell bikes. However we love Tryathletics, CycleX, and Walt’s in Columbia
Cee Jaye Pecorak

Cee Jaye Pecorak, Owner
Meriwether Café & Bike Shop
700 First Street
Rocheport, MO 65279

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Bob from southern MO on 06/15/2020 09:01 AM:
I called ahead of time to rent bikes for people in party that did want to bring bikes. Response was, “we don’t reserve bikes, it’s first come first serve.”
Arrive the day and no bikes, the reason was “We reserved all available bikes for a wedding party.”
That was different from told over the phone.
Business then says “also rent bikes for a groups of ten or more.“
Parent of one of the parties calls 30 minutes later and was told, “will reserve bikes for groups of 7 or over.”
Parent calls and said person had heavy accent. I ask the business, no one with a heavy accent, they do have a teenager that Mumbles on the phone.

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Patti from Lankin ND on 06/14/2020 11:30 AM:
Do you have any bikes for special needs? The bike I use at home is a trailer bike with 2 tires on the back, so more like a 3 wheel bike. I would have a bike to use there at my dad's, but would need a trailer so my daughter could ride with us.

Jim from St. Thomas on 06/14/2020 12:56 PM:
You probably should contact them directly. They may monitor this forum but I doubt it.

Jim from St. Thomas on 06/15/2020 01:16 AM:
You probably should contact them directly. They may monitor this forum but I doubt it.

Shuttle service from St. Charles to Clinton
Karen from Austin, TX on 05/03/2018 10:54 AM:
After a 5 day trip on the Katy Trail, Ron was waiting for us at the gazebo as promised. He loaded our dirty bikes and gear and drove us back to Clinton. We couldn't have asked for a better driver. Great conversation and comfortable ride.

Anonymous on 05/03/2018 01:05 PM:
That's great!

So...who's Ron???

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 03:44 PM:
Wonderful place! We always stop by here to do a little shopping when we're biking on the Katy Trail. I've gotten a lot of great deals on jerseys there. They've got a great selection of biker friendly snacks and ice cream too!

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Will W on 07/07/2016 04:43 PM:
Can't recommend this place enough! Great bikes, great prices, and even better service. The proprietor was funny, friendly, and gave us great instructions for the bikes. You can really tell when someone has a passion for what they do. We used the bikes for a 40 mile round trip to St Charles and back. The bikes were more than adequate for the trip. Will be back many more times in the future,

Eric from Mokane on 07/07/2016 08:10 PM:
They also have a great price on their Jerseys too!!

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Micki from Overland, MO on 06/08/2016 07:18 AM:
AWESOME! I don't know what else to say. Our bikes were stolen and we are riding for charity in June, so we needed something. We drove to Defiance. I wasn't expecting the selection of bikes for us to rent. The owner and employees are very professional and know what they are talking about. I would recommend to anyone if you need a bike to rent. I will definitely use them again if the need should rise.

kc from Austin on 06/09/2016 12:35 PM:
The owner, Robin, goes above and beyond when it comes to helping you. I mailed a supply package General Delivery to the Augusta PO. Robin found out they closed early and picked it up for me, and had it waiting at the brew pub when we wheeled in from McKittrick!

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Libby & Roger from Berea, KY on 08/25/2015 07:29 PM:
Excellent shuttle service from Todd. He was prompt and also gave us much interesting info about the Trail and the area. Our rented bike worked well too. High recommendation!

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Donna from Kalamazoo, MI on 06/26/2015 01:36 PM:
We've used Katy Bike Rental twice now. I rent a hybrid and they put my road pedals on so I can clip in. Its awesome, THEY are awesome!! Thanks you Katy Bike Rental. I'll be there tomorrow if the trails aren't flooded!

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Bob from North Platte, NE on 07/18/2014 09:31 AM:
Hired them to shuttle me from St Charles to Clinton last week, great service from Todd to the driver. Highly recommend if you are looking for a shuttle service. Very nice stop on the trail as well.

JAB from Nashville on 07/21/2014 03:11 PM:
How much did it cost for the shuttle from St. Charles to Clinton? My wife and I are planning a trip in September and want to ride from Clinton to St. Charles. We would actually like to ride all the way to Machens but it looks like the logistics of getting us and the bikes from there will be difficult. We are driving from Nashville and parking our car in either St. Charles or Machens depending on shuttle/train availability. We want to end the journey at our car. Just get off the bikes and fall into the car so we will need a place near the east end to park. Can't wait, this looks like a great ride.

MidSouth from Rogersville on 07/22/2014 07:04 PM:
You really can't park at Machens, because there is no parking and the roads don't really go there. Best bet is to call a couple of the shuttle providers such as Katy Trail Bike Rental in Defiance and Lococo House in St. Charles to get a price quote.

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
mork strling from tucson on 10/23/2013 02:57 PM:
I took a ride with Todd last year. Greatttttt!!!!
He provided top notch service the whole time.
I am planing my 2014 (in oct 2013) vacation and he is number one on the list. I want to ride KATY again.

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
chernobylorbust from St. Louis on 06/28/2011 09:56 PM:
The guy who helped us was very nice and friendly. They didn't have any tubes in stock that would fit my bike (700cc Schwinn Varsity, pretty common). He tried to sell me new tires, which took a while to install. They didn't fit the bike and wouldn't turn past the forks. This process took about an hour. I told my riding buddies to go on, and had to sprint to catch back up.

WB from St Louis on 05/03/2012 07:31 AM:
How did you catch up without tires? I think there are parts you left out.

Anonymous on 05/03/2012 09:14 AM:
Maybe he races cyclecross. Those guys are bada**

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
MK on 09/25/2011 10:24 PM:
I would not have believed the total service this shop provided us...through all of the last minute and unexpected situations that could have ruined our trip. These business people are professional and friendly beyond our expectations. If your bike breaks down on the trail, or you want to be totally outfitted, sag supported and connected with inside information about where to stay, or like us, out of steam halfway through the trip. They will gladly help and their rates are more than affordable. Thanks!

Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Bill Smith from Ennis, TX on 06/02/2011 07:41 AM:
We were really surprised to find such a complete bike shop in this small town. They had a great inventory. I was riding a 1983 Trek down the trail and needed a new tire. 27 inch tires are not that common today, but they had one and installed it promptly. We also updated our racks and panniers before we got back on the trail. Great bike shop!

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
BLR from Saint Louis on 09/13/2010 02:09 PM:
Dropped by here for some ice cream on our trip last Friday. My third visit in three years; each time it has been a very positive experience. Very friendly folks!

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
Laurie and Greg from Nevada City, California on 10/27/2009 09:01 PM:
BEFORE you leave your hometown to cycle the Katy Trail, get in touch with Todd and Robin at Katy Bike Rental. We brought our own bikes so we didn't think we would need much help. Hah! Todd met us at the airport, and Lynn met us the next day AGAIN because our bikes hadn't arrived with us. She drove us to Sedalia, stayed close until she was sure we had the bikes assembled, and we ended up keeping in touch by phone, "rain shuttle" and emergency shuttle through the whole trip. When we finally got to their store in Defiance, we were surprised to see their prices are competitive with big city prices. These are the people to contact if you are nervous about taking the leap and going on your first long bike trip far away from home.

Terry from Festus on 10/27/2009 10:58 PM:
Hands down they are my favorite stop on the trail.