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Defiance MO on the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail

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Bike Shop
Bike Shop
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Visitor Info
Winery / Brewery
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Katy Trail
Defiance Merchants Association
Diane Barth, Defiance
Defiance Roadhouse
2999 S. Hwy 94, Defiance
Defiance Trailhead

Elysian Fields Inn B&B
2981 S Hwy 94, Defiance
Good News Brewing Company
2886 S Missouri 94, Defiance
Katy Bike Rental
2998 S. Hwy 94, Defiance
Parsons House B&B
211 Lee St., Defiance
Terry & Kathy's Tavern
At Trailhead, Defiance
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Forum Discussions about Defiance

Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/06/2018 11:34 AM:
There was a restaurant on the east end of town, but it's currently closed. Locals say it recently sold and will reopen again in the spring. Bike repair in town, call Todd.

OCtandem from OC, CA on 06/22/2018 10:47 AM:
There's a new winery with a restaurant right off of the trail just east of Defiance called Defiance Ridge Vineyards. It's not listed here and wasn't on the sign in town, but it's there!

Mark from Hillsboro on 04/10/2012 04:15 PM:
Defiance is a great stop, Terry & Kathy's serve great burgers and there is a bike shop with ice cream and other snacks. Thumbs up!

Gene from Indiana on 04/10/2012 11:06 PM:
It is the ideal biker bar. Bicyclists during the day, motorcyclists at night. Great food.

Neuronerd on 08/12/2011 08:52 AM:
Parsons House was a great place to stay. Very relaxing. Bike trail just a few blocks away. Norm, the inkeeper, is a wealth of knowledge about the local vinyards, history, and the Katy Trail.

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
BLR from Saint Louis on 09/13/2010 02:09 PM:
Dropped by here for some ice cream on our trip last Friday. My third visit in three years; each time it has been a very positive experience. Very friendly folks!

Das Gast Haus Nadler (Defiance)
Maria from Brighton, MI on 11/02/2009 10:42 AM:
What a great B&B!! The house is just beautiful, very comfortable, clean

and an incredible breakfast!! We loved the way each of the guest rooms

had their own private door onto the big wrap around porch!

Anonymous on 03/24/2010 09:52 PM:

Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)
Trish from St. Charles on 12/25/2009 02:19 PM:
Terry and Kathy's is an awesome place.

Parsons House B&B (Defiance)
Anonymous on 09/23/2008 05:12 PM:
Has anyone stayed at the Parsons House B&B?

Kathy from Columbia, MO on 11/08/2009 04:39 PM:
My bike riding buddy and I stayed at Parson's House in Oct. on our ride from Jeff City to St. Charles. The owner, Norm, is a great guy. He shared history of the house, took us to Chandler Hill Winery in his limo, then to dinner and met several of the locals. Great time. Thanks, Norm.

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
Laurie and Greg from Nevada City, California on 10/27/2009 09:01 PM:
BEFORE you leave your hometown to cycle the Katy Trail, get in touch with Todd and Robin at Katy Bike Rental. We brought our own bikes so we didn't think we would need much help. Hah! Todd met us at the airport, and Lynn met us the next day AGAIN because our bikes hadn't arrived with us. She drove us to Sedalia, stayed close until she was sure we had the bikes assembled, and we ended up keeping in touch by phone, "rain shuttle" and emergency shuttle through the whole trip. When we finally got to their store in Defiance, we were surprised to see their prices are competitive with big city prices. These are the people to contact if you are nervous about taking the leap and going on your first long bike trip far away from home.

Terry from Festus on 10/27/2009 10:58 PM:
Hands down they are my favorite stop on the trail.

Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance) AWESOME FOOD!
Quain from St. Louis on 09/30/2009 10:59 PM:
Rode there today, best food I've had on the trail yet. Way more food options than are listed on this website. I had the burger, and have had one from the bar across the street last time I stopped in Defiance. This place has better service and WAY better food, don't miss it.

3marshall girls from marshall on 09/08/2009 10:53 PM:
Looking forward to our stay in Defiance!!!! We make an annual bike trip on the Katy Trail and usually stay in Augusta but this year we are staying in Defiance at the Elysian Filds B&B. Definace is always happening in October. So Excited!!! See ya there! October 10 and 11.

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
Ted B from Kansas City, KS. on 07/09/2005 11:54 AM:
This is a stop you don't want to pass up.
Popcicles are a must and if you don't yet have a polar freeze water bottle this is the place to get one. They have the best price around.
The folks were a joy to talk to and were extremely knowledgable about the trail. Don't forget to get water here. The next stop is a ways. The bike shop / Ice cream shop did not have ice for our water bottles but I think that will change. Slurpies at the bike shop were great too. Thanks Ted
Read all about our Illinois to Kansas bicycle trip at:

Vera from Kent, OH on 06/24/2006 07:30 PM:
Great stop. Ice cream, water, nice bathrooms, and very friendly.

frank from festus on 06/25/2006 03:08 PM:
the katy bike rental in defiance is a definite must stop. me and my g'son stopped there on a ride. snacks were great and the gentleman there was lots of help and very friendly.

TMS from Festus on 05/06/2007 10:22 PM:
I love this place! Great service and friendly people (understatement!). It is just a fun place to take a break and hang out. They also have a good selection of supplies and refreshments and tons of conversations and laughs.

Jeff Grigg from Manchester, MO on 05/20/2007 06:02 PM:
Great place: I stop here /every/ time I go past -- which has been one ride a week, recently.

Snacks, restrooms, water. Quite a wide variety of snack foods, including drinks.

Sometimes... a very friendly dog. Rarely... you may be able to find the cat.

Jim and Theo from Defiance on 10/05/2008 07:41 AM:
Great customer service and very friendly, something you don't see very often.

Anonymous on 06/19/2009 05:26 PM:
Fabulous place! Very friendly! Great prices on their bikes to buy.

Anonymous on 06/19/2009 09:00 PM:
Agree with everything said above BUT, PLEASE get OFF the trail to enjoy

this business. People and their children standing in the middle of the

trail have made this a VERY dangerous location. Recently we had to walk through a mob of adults and at least 10 children then when I clipped in to continue, a mother with a child on a trail a bike pulled in front of me and stopped, blocking the trail!!!

cunninghamair from O''''Fallon, MO on 06/20/2009 06:17 PM:
We love to stop for ice cream--sometimes both ways! We also like to visit the dog and cats

that live here. But we forewarned--the cats like to share your ice cream :-)

Matt from Nashville, TN on 06/08/2009 12:20 PM:
Stopped by the Daniel Boone home. It was wonderful! Better than expected, but be weary of the ride. Its an extra 4-6 miles of rolling hills to get there. It was worth the while, and Joe is the man!

Elysian Fields Inn B&B (Defiance)
Lisa C. from Paducah, KY on 05/27/2009 10:30 PM:
Stayed here on the 2nd night of our 3 day ride. Rooms were nice and clean. Lots of loud talking from owner and friend early in the morning with sounds of her walking up and down the hall and steps. (Didn't know if that was our early wakeup call!) Gave coupons for brunch at a local winery due to owner celebrating her birthday. The brunch was great! Biker bars down the road were loud but enjoyed the music from our room. If you are early to bed on a weekend, bring ear plugs!

Elysian Fields Inn B&B (Defiance)
Pam from IL on 01/22/2009 01:40 PM:
We stayed there is was great, it is a wonderderful house, very clean, they have decks to sit out on, pool, hot tub outside, and very nice wineries close. You can get there it is on the trail. We have been there 3 times and loved it every time. It is a great place to stay.

We booked all the rooms. You will have fun when you go there. Also food was great.

Dave & Jacquie's (Defiance)
Lee from Festus, MO. on 10/18/2008 02:26 PM:
Bar and grill is easily accessed from the trail. A friend and I stopped for lunch on 10-18-2008. The double burger was huge. The waitress was friendly, though very busy.

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
JODIE from ST LOUIS on 09/01/2008 11:09 PM:
this is a great place!! they have really cool bikes to rent. it's fun to hang out outside or look around the shop. lots of good snacks and nice bathrooms!!

Matt from St. Charles, MO on 09/01/2008 11:14 PM:
How much to rent a bike for a day?

Anonymous on 09/02/2008 08:46 AM:
I agree.. Best place on the entire trail. Owner is always friendly, just a fun place to look around. Wished the Bike Shop in Rocheport could find the revenue to duplicate this place, since it is centrally located..

Ray (webmaster) on 09/02/2008 10:09 AM:
Matt, rates are listed on their website. Happy trails!

cunninghamair from O''''''''Fallon, MO on 09/03/2008 09:31 PM:
Best selection of jerseys in the St. Louis area. Also, family members have found gloves and

touring bags at a lower price than I paid for mine. (It's also an ice cream stop!)

Elysian Fields Inn B&B (Defiance)
Gail on 12/07/2007 02:27 PM:
The bed and breakfast was okay but be FOREWARNED that if you are coming on Friday or Saturday night, it is about 100 or so yards from 2 Biker Bars and it is very very loud with people partying and drinking. You hear Motorcycles until about midnight. Although the picture appear to have the B&B set back it is actually right ON the Highway so if you stay in the cottage/old bank building, all you hear are cars and motorcycles just a few feet from your door.

Breakfast was very good!! House was a bit cluttered and could be cleaned up a bit as well as the yard.

M&K from Florissant on 08/13/2008 01:20 PM:
Their idea of a Romantic Getaway and ours are quite different.

We stayed in the Cottage for 30 minutes before checking out.

Noisy, no sidewalks to walk anywhere to eat, definitely too close to the highway. Bed too small for 2 adults and no shower.

Of course, they chose to charge our credit card anyway!

Das Gast Haus Nadler (Defiance)
Roger Prost from Perryville, MO on 08/05/2008 09:07 AM:
My favorite B&B on the trail. I've ridden the whole trail and stayed in Das Haus Nadler 5 or 6 times on various rides in the last 10 years. Very clean & well kept. You won't find a friendlier place to stay.

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
JD from Joplin on 07/04/2008 10:48 AM:
Still one of my favorite stops. The Chilly Willie slushy alwasy hits the stop on a warm day.

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
Julia from Foristell, MO on 06/23/2008 03:46 PM:
This is a great place to rent bikes for a really great price. They have a lot to choose from and a variety of bikes and bike trailers for your little ones. Very nice people and helpful too. The owner's sister has a really cute little shop next door with unique gifts. We will definately be back! ;)

Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)
Jerry Dusterhoff from Round Rock, Texas on 06/04/2008 12:55 PM:
We came in out of the rain and were graciously offered the (empty) covered patio to put our bikes and muddy rain gear. Lunch was extended while we waited for the shower to pass, but the burgers were good, the beer cold, the waitress a lot of fun. Even a few of the patrons engaged in conversation as the lightning flashed. Glad we picked this establishment.

A short version of the whole ride is posted under Ride/Run/Hike Reports, for a long version or answer to specific questions email jerryd@acyclistpublishing.com

Das Gast Haus Nadler (Defiance)
Fred from Georgetown SC on 06/01/2008 11:52 AM:
Stopped the week of May 20 08. This was on of the real delights of our ride. Very clean rooms with a large deck and hot tub. The breakfast was one of the best on our trip. The only draw back is the shared baths. I still would recommend a stay.

Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)
Jeremy on 03/16/2007 03:54 PM:
I have never eaten in this establishment. My only experience is with a parking situation.

I was going to take my family for a ride down the Katy Trail. It was a nice day and the trailhead parking lot was pretty full. I pulled into what I thought was a spot and began to unload the kids and bikes. An employee of the establishment was cleaning the patio and stopped to inform me of the following in a comabtive tone: "This is not parking for the Katy Trail. That is obvious. That should just be obvious." (I am hoping that I was not the first person who had done this and that was the reason of his agitation.)

While what he was saying was completely true, I certainly did not believe that it was deserving of a combative tone. I only post this to warn people to not my apparent and obvious act of stupidity. Don't park anywhere near this place if you are going to ride down the trail. From this man's tone, I guess that others must have been doing that, so I want everyone else to learn from my experience.

rdaines from Dardenne Prairie on 03/16/2007 05:46 PM:
There is no excuse for rudness, however, as you saw parking is precious in Defiance and Katy Trail parking might cut into his business. I often park at Matson, which has never been full for me and is just 1.5 miles further west.

Jeremy from O'Fallon on 03/16/2007 09:17 PM:
Thanks rdaines,

I will probably do that next time. Now that I think about it, Matson is usually really empty when I ride by. Good idea. I'm all for the small business doing well in towns like Defiance. I think that I was just taken aback by the immediate attitude I received for a simple mistake. I did not want any others (or the owners for that matter) to make the same error. Thanks.

Anonymous on 03/17/2007 07:14 PM:
How ironic is it that when you drive by the Defiance parking area after dark the parking lot is completely full of the bar crowd's vehicles and the KATY Trail staff have to spend a considerable amount of time picking up beer bottles and cigarette wrappers every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Whisky from Defiance, Missouri on 04/06/2007 05:38 PM:
Interesting that the comment about cleaning up the Katy Parking lot in Defiance. I've been there the past few weeks to see if this is actually the case. Other than finding a few wine bottles from the next town south, and a few discarded plastic cups accompaning the bottles, there was no evidence of Bar abuse.

David from St. Louis on 06/29/2007 01:56 PM:
I like the place and have had nothing but good experiences there. They have even started serving delicious BBQ in the later afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Jeff Palko from FT.Worth Texas on 02/07/2008 12:52 PM:
Its a great place to stop for cold long neck after a long harley ride in the country.Hello from texas to my friends i met there.Sandy, Mark,Terry and Kathy and all.

Derek on 02/08/2008 08:47 AM:
We ate there when we rode the KATY trail several years ago. It was a great place to eat.

Anonymous from St louis on 05/23/2008 12:49 PM:
We stopped by a few saturdays ago when biking down from St Chuck and grabbed a bite to eat. The waitress was very nice and no one fussed about us having our bikes up on the patio next to the table. Food was good. We arrived a little too early to enjoy the BBQ, but they were cooking it up as we left, and a band was setting up. Wish we could have stayed a bit longer, it smelled great. :)

Shotgun from Juneau, AK on 05/29/2008 11:19 PM:
I find it odd "Whiskey" said that the parking lot had no bar abuse, I used to work as a volunteer on the Katy Trail and I know for a fact this parking lot is one of the biggest headaches for the Katy Trail Staff to keep clean. On Saturday and Sunday mornings the Katy parking area is always littered with beer bottles and cups from Terry and Kathy's bar. The sad thing is, this parking area has never been on the State Parks official list of parking areas and could be closed at any time. The state has left it open due to it's popularity with trail riders and a fear of complaints if closed. The owners of Terry and Kathy's bar have continuously promised to help clean up the parking area and never once followed through with any action to do so.

W. Hunter from Normal, IL on 12/01/2007 12:10 PM:
Dave and Jacqui's Had an excellent bar food meal in the evening during the Thanksgiving Bike ride. I think this was the only food available in Defiance this late in the season and late in the evening.

Defiance B&B
W. Hunter from Normal, IL on 12/01/2007 12:08 PM:
Stayed at Elysian Fields B&B during a Thanksgiving week bike ride. The hostess and host were fantastic. Very accomodating. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Elysian Fields Inn B&B (Defiance)
3 Chicks from Marshall on 08/30/2007 12:05 PM:
Has anyone stayed at the Elysian fields Inn B&B? 5 friends are wanting to stay there.

Anonymous on 10/31/2007 11:30 AM:
This B&B is decent and the hosts are very nice. But...its not the place to go on the weekends if you want peace and quiet. Its walking distance to the 2 biker bars and you can clearly hear the bands from the B&B. They stop playing by 11:00 p.m. so its not all night, but definitely not the place for a romantic, quiet get-a-way. More of a partying kind of place. Park your car and head to the bars. Breakfast was very good.

JayeDee from KC-Metro Area on 11/04/2007 04:46 PM:
I stayed there midweek in October. Very nice. Well-antiqued home with parlor. Large yard with shrubs and outdoor facilities: hot tub, above-ground swimming pool, and historical out buildings. Room and bed was comfortable and nice with a large bathroom. Reasonable. Owners are gracious.

Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)
Donna from St Louis on 10/13/2007 10:16 PM:
This is a very fun stop.

Whether you need to stop and stretch or stop for a pizza and beer. This parking lot is often full, but if your on a bicycle, parking is everywhere and free.

A must stop and see

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
JD from Joplin on 09/26/2007 02:46 PM:
Wide selection of bike accessories and parts along with ice cream and snacks. Friendly workers willing to assist. Bought a book and left it at the store...they mailed it to me with no extra charge..top notch customer service. Plan for this to be a regular stop.

Dave & Jacquie's (Defiance)
JD from Joplin on 09/26/2007 02:40 PM:
Nice Establishment! Easy to locate. Service and people were great. Pork Tenderloin sandwich was fantastic! Went back next day for lunch. The bike rack on the side of the building made me feel welcomed.

Dave & Jacquie's (Defiance)
Bob from St. Louis on 07/17/2007 07:31 AM:
Stopped after a twenty mile ride, and both the service and the food provided us with the necessary energy to continue on our way. The cheeseburger was inexpensive and very tasty, and although I had three full glasses of iced tea, I never once had to ask for a refill!

jasonamanda from Green Ridge MO on 07/03/2007 10:15 PM:
After going through many towns that advertise bike shops (or bike repairs) and don't have them, I was frustrated until I got into Defiance and reached the Katy Trail Rental. The 3 generations of men in the shop are great company while they assist you with any supplies or bikes that you may need. A must stop for any biker!

Katy Bike Rental (Defiance)
scott from house springs on 05/22/2007 08:57 AM:
Beware!!!!! When the owner is gone and his father in law is running the place. THIS old man is mean!!! DANGER! DO NOT GO IN this STORE IF he is THERE, he is not all with it.

missouri resident on 05/22/2007 01:31 PM:
sorry to hear bout your experience. my g'son and i stopped in there last year. there was an older gentleman there. by that i mean older than me. i'm 55. this gentleman was as courteous, friendly, and helpful as any one could ask for. i am guessing he is the owners dad.

sorry you had a bad experience.

TMS from Festus on 05/22/2007 09:24 PM:
He must have changed over the winter months. He has always been very pleasant to visit with and deal with in the past.

scott from house springs on 05/24/2007 08:57 AM:
I needed to buy some bike stuff, and have a little work done to my MTB bike so I drive to defiance because the owner was always real nice. The owner was in NY and his father-in-law was there. He started bagging my bike because it didn’t have a kick stand then he got mad because I had presta valves and didn’t have the adapter. I just said I didn’t think I needed to bring it to a bike shop. He went crazy said he didn’t like my attitude and kick me out. I never be treated like this before, this man is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ric from Steeleville Ill. on 05/28/2007 10:28 AM:
My wife and I have been to this store on several occasions and have never been treated badly. In fact when we are in the area we make it a point to stop. My wife loves the gift store that is attached to the bike shop. I believe it is run by his daughter. Last time we were there her store was not open yet so man I believe you are referring to open the gift store for us and told us if we needed any help he would be next door. The people there and again I may be wrong but I believe it is father and daughter who operate the two stores have never been anything but polite. Sorry about your experience, doesn’t sound like the same gentleman to me.

Dan from Wentzville on 05/29/2007 03:09 PM:
The ole' fart was nice to us!

Cliff from Edwardsville Kansas on 05/29/2007 03:34 PM:
My wife and I rode through Defiance last Thursday and went back through on Friday. We stopped in the Bike shop both times and the older fellow could'nt have been nicer. He told us where the restrooms were and to be sure and fill up our water bottles because ther was no water between Defiance and St Charles. We talked about bikes, the trail, and his rental business. He made recommendations about where to eat in Augusta and was pleasnt as could be. On our way back to St Charles he warned us about a couple of places were trees were down over the trail and that the Conservation Dept. was working at removing them. Our stop there was great. I guess everybody is entitled to have a bad day.

Jan from Villa Grove, Illinois on 06/09/2007 08:28 AM:
We stopped at the bike shop and were greeted by an older man (we are 58 and 65 and he was older than us). He was charming and helpful. There must be 2 different people involved here.

Dwight the Troubled Teen on 04/04/2007 11:18 AM:
Defiance is a biker town, pure and simple. I've never seen anybody misbehave, but I've only been through there a dozen times. Defiance is the first stop west of St. Charles where you can fill a water bottle.

The guys at the Katy Trail bike shop absolutely rock. Super courteous quality people. Love it or hate it, you'll be glad to see Defiance for some much needed hydration and comfort services.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 04/04/2007 03:15 PM:
I agree that the bike shop is great! Even though it's a "biker town" I really liked it a lot. And I hate that type "biker" for the most part. :)

Dave & Jacquie's (Defiance)
vacationing with kids from chicago on 03/29/2007 04:56 PM:
We bicycled on the Katy trail and pulled off at Defiance for lunch, about 1:30pm on a Thursday. We chose Dave and Jacquie's because of its variety in food. It was quaint and clean. The toasted ravioli was great but the BLT sandwich won us over. While we were there, two motorcyclists came in and sat in the bar. They didn't exhibit any adverse behavior. My kids are 9 and 11 (a boy and a girl) and I felt fine having them there. I'd eat there again and recommend it for a taste of small town atmosphere.