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Parsons House B&B

211 Lee St.
636-798-2222 / 314-280-3555

Parsons House B&B is located on the Katy Trail, in Defiance MO

Directions: At crossing gates, take cross street onto hwy 94. Immediately 94 curves right. Go 2.5 blocks on hwy 94 to 3rd St. Left on 3rd then 1 block up the hill to Lee
Parsons House B&B
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Parsons House BB
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Forum Discussions about Parsons House B&B

Parsons House B&B in Defiance
Anonymous on 08/22/2023 08:42 AM:
Also stayed at the Parson's House on 8-13-23. Comments from the previous post are accurate. This is not a B&B. Not even sure you could consider this a hostile. Grounds were unkept, i.e. overgrown which was the red flag even before walking inside. Also advertised a hot tub which was present outside however it was very dirty with tree debris. I don't believe it was operational. The house was built in 1840 so I expect some cracked walls, uneven floors, etc, however it was much more than that. It needs a crew to give it some TLC. Not a good night rest. Couldn't wait to get on the trail in the morning.

NoReply on 08/22/2023 05:56 PM:
Oh, it sounds like it was hostile enough…LOL.

Parsons House B&B in Defiance
Tony D. from Pennsylvania on 08/21/2023 08:40 AM:
We stayed at Parsons House one night the week of August 13, 2023. Our stay was very very disappointing. We expected a B&B. Parsons House is not that! Our two rooms were dirty, dust everywhere. The fans in the rooms had dirt on them. The top of the armoire and ceiling light look like they haven't been dusted in months, and it looked like bird droppings on top of the ceiling light. The screen door into the kitchen is broken. Two dogs crated in the kitchen during our entire stay, and dog poop in the cage, not cleaned. Norm Keller, out host, left early in the morning, so our breakfast was coffee made in a coffee maker that looked like it was never cleaned in months, and instant breakfast sandwiches we needed to microwave. The photos on this website are not up to date and in my opinion are deceiving. There is no limo. In a word, Parson's House is disgusting. We do not recommend staying there.
Norm Keller is a very nice man who appears to be too busy to attend to this property, which we assume at one time was very charming. Norm did allowed us to use his car to go to the local winery for dinner.

Parsons House B&B in Defiance
Gary and his Stumpjumper from KCMO on 05/24/2023 08:01 AM:
Wonderful experience at Parsons B&B. Norm is the quintessential host. He went the extra mile to make our stay good. The house is comfortable and we did our laundry. Thanks Norm!

Parsons House B&B in Defiance
Anonymous on 03/09/2023 05:38 PM:
He had a very disappointing experience with our stay when we came through on the trail in October. The owner wasn't there for 90% of the time and his dogs were left in a kennel and they cried and peed all over making the house stink the whole time. No one to check us in and we had to make our own breakfast the morning we left because he had work since it was a Thursday. The house may have been great at one point, but it was run down and unkempt while we were there. The advertised hot tub wasn't running as we had hoped it would be for our aching muscles this close to the end of our trip but it wasn't mentioned when we booked or comped in the price either. Very informal and didn't feel very welcomed since owner wasn't there until well after dark (maybe 10-11) and left well before we did at 8ish.

Parsons House B&B in Defiance
Dave & Kim Liss from Nixa, MO on 10/17/2016 05:24 PM:
We stayed at the Parsons House the weekend of September 30th. This was the best time we have ever had at a B & B! The owner Norm is very accommodating, personable, welcoming and just plain fun! We will recommend this place to anyone biking the Katy, touring the vineyards in the area (Norm has a limo service too!), or just wanting a great time away for a weekend. The 1840s house is so lovely and has very comfortable bedrooms. Breakfast was excellent! The entire town is adorable, there is great food and music at the local pubs and restaurants, and it is close to historical places (Boone family farm). Thanks Norm for an awesome & entertaining time and looking forward to our next visit!!

kathy o' from california on 05/07/2017 05:27 PM:
Because of your recommendation/review, I plan to book an over night stay. I will be riding the Katy Trail and I like the proximity of the Parson's House to the trail. thank you.

Parsons House B&B in Defiance
Bill and Rhonda from Ennis, TX on 06/02/2011 07:47 AM:
GREAT place to stay! Defiance has the friendliest people and also a super bike shop. Norm is a wonderful host at The Parsons House. We had a lot of trouble on the trail to Defiance from St. Charles, but Norm made us feel right at home. The accomodations were outstanding, we raided the fridge before Norm got there and he later shared a bottle of wine with us. The room was very comfortable and well appointed, and the home has a great history. We would definately stay here again.

Bill and Rhonda from Ennis, TX on 06/02/2011 08:46 AM:
We failed to mention the breakfast! Ruby came in early and fixed one of Norm's old family recipes. Fabulous.

Parsons House B&B (Defiance)
Anonymous on 09/23/2008 05:12 PM:
Has anyone stayed at the Parsons House B&B?

Kathy from Columbia, MO on 11/08/2009 04:39 PM:
My bike riding buddy and I stayed at Parson's House in Oct. on our ride from Jeff City to St. Charles. The owner, Norm, is a great guy. He shared history of the house, took us to Chandler Hill Winery in his limo, then to dinner and met several of the locals. Great time. Thanks, Norm.