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Parkside Café

Green Ridge / Green Ridge MO
12 N. Main St

Parkside Café is located approximately 0.2 mile from the Katy Trail, in Green Ridge MO

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Parkside Café
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Parkside Café in Green Ridge
Jobtraklite from Quincy, IL on 05/11/2019 02:17 PM:
I've been planning a bike tour thru the area and wanted to know if there was a place to eat in Green Ridge. The last time I passed thru there in 2004, Burf's was closed; and the only option was Casey's.

My usual method is to locate the area I'm interested in on Google Maps and "search nearby" for, in this case, restaurants. The only option was Casey's. My next step was scan the area using "street view". All I could see was the permanently closed Burf's. Then I remembered bikekatytrail.com from my last Katy ride way back in 2016 where I found the Parkside Cafe. Duckduckgo-ing "Parkside Cafe" yielded a link to Facebook (which I normally have no use for).

The Facebook page had a picture of the cafe which was identical to one I spotted with Google map's street view. The only problem was the sign on the front of the building in the latter picture said "Green Ridge Laundromat - $0.25 dryers". Further searching showed the cafe opened in 2016. Moral of the story Google Maps are not always your friend.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 05/12/2019 05:20 PM:
Have you tried calling the phone number for Parkside Cafe?