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Boonville, Hartsburg, McKittrick, & St Charles

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mary from Sedalia on 7/26/2004 9:42:55 PM:
We are trying to plan a 4 day trip from Clinton to St. Charles on August 20th. So far it looks like we might stay in Booneville, Hartsburg, McKittrick, and St. Charles. Any suggestions on the best places to stay and what to take. We are planning to take clothing and wasn't quite sure how to pack it and lunches and some of the towns were finding it hard to find places to stay. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

Psychlist from St Louis on 7/27/2004 7:49:44 AM:
I can't tell you where to stay, but here's some advice on packing: Visit your local bike shop and get some panniers (bags that mount on the sides of the wheels), or a rack to go over your rear wheel with a pack to mount on it. This is better than using a backpack: a backpack raises your center of gravity because all the weight is on your back, and makes you feel even more hot & sweaty during a hot summer ride. Your local bike shop will also have trailers, which cost more than panniers but can carry more stuff.

Ray (webmaster) on 7/29/2004 4:42:43 PM:
Regarding what to bring, take a look at this Q&A on the FAQ Page: What should I bring on my bike ride?
There's a list for day trips, and also a couple of good links for what to bring on multi-day trips.

Henry from Columbia, MO on 7/31/2004 6:44:21 PM:
Four days is pretty fast. Hartsburg is very iffy for accommodations. You might look at the tour link on this site or www.independenttourist.com We arrange self-guided cycling tours and have a 5 day end-to-end tour with overnight in Clinton, Sedalia, Rocheport, Jefferson City, Hermann, and Augusta. You might get some ideas for your trip planning. Happy Trails

TR in Jonesboro from Jonesboro, AR on 8/6/2004 12:06:33 PM:
I rode from Clinton to Hermann in 3 1/2 days in April. Most of the motels in Booneville are off the trail and not easy to get to. The closest to the trail is the Homestead Motel on Hiway 5, phone 660 882-6568. Hartsburg has a nice B&B, the Globe Hotel, 673 657-4529. I did not stay in either place, but they were both highly recommended to me by other trail users.

Brian from Manhattan, KS on 8/15/2004 12:58:41 AM:
I just finished a 3 1/2 day ride from Clinton - St. Charles, if I had it to do over I would take more time. Anyway, I stayed at the Hermann Motel in Hermann, MO across the river from McKittrick. It was very clean and the town was very nice, I would stay there again myself. Their website is www.hermannmotel.com. Hermanns Bicycle Shop provides shuttle service into town so you won't have to ride across the bridge. Their phone number is (573) 486-9170. If I can be of any help feel free to contact me at brian.r.beaton@cox.net.

Pete from Denver on 6/12/2005 11:27:32 AM:
We stayed at the Riverview Suites in Boonville-highly, highly recommended! In fact it was the best place (by far) and we spent five nights on the trail (Sedalia, Boonville, Hartsburg, Bluffton and Dutzow). We stayed in Suite B: the cost was $125 for a three rooms including a kitchen, washer-dryer and nice patio that overlooks the Missouri. The price included breakfast. The Riverview is located next to the bridge that you'll use to bike across the river. Tastefully furnished, comfortable bed-god, we hated to leave!! If we ever bike the Katy again, we'll use it as a base camp. As for going in August-ugh. We did the trail in early June and it felt sub-tropical. Our advice: wait until the fall.

Sean from KC, MO on 7/5/2005 10:50:50 PM:
I am considering doing Clinton to St. Charles over a few days and had a few questions that I hope you might be able to help with. First, you mentioned that 3 1/2 days was too short. Did you feel like you did not have enough time to
enjoy the experience, or too much time riding each day? How did you get back to Clinton? Did you do it solo?

I am really in the preliminary stages of planning this, but would likely do it in August or September on my mountain bike (with semi-slicks). Actually, looking at the map, I was thinking about doing it in three days, but after reading everyone's posts, I am starting to think that is aggressive and will drain enjoyment from the trip. Or maybe I should start in Sedalia and try that in three days? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

SW from Parkville, MO on 7/6/2005 10:08:39 AM:
My brother and I just completed the trail from St. Charles to Clinton in four days, and I think a fifth day would have been good. We had one 75 mile day that forced us to not linger too long anywhere, and we didn't get to our destination until 6:30, which was a little later than I would have liked for exploring the town (Hartsburg). The next day was 50 miles and we got to town at 3:00, which was much more relaxing. We also camped the entire way, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Pilot Grove, Hartsburg, and Marthasville for camping, in spite of what other people have said on this site. We stayed in all three towns with a minimum of difficulty getting permission, and didn't pay a penny to camp. We paid $3 to swim in Pilot Grove, and $5 for a shower in Marthasville. Hartsburg didn't have a public shower, but we were able to get a sink bath in the park.

mcd from Rhineland on 7/10/2005 4:22:13 PM:
A place that you may consider staying instead of McKittrick is Starkenburg. Starkenburg is right before you get to Rhineland. The turn for Starkenburg is about 5 miles before McKittrick. There is a great B & B there called Les Lavandes. The website is www.leslavandesbandb.com. The B and B is located 2 miles off of the trail. I think that they will pick you up if you would like for them to, but you can get there by bike. It is a pretty hilly ride though but doable.