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how to get from clinton to warrensburg or sedalia

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dmg2k from St. Louis on 7/5/2005 8:57:54 PM:
What is the best way to get from Clinton to either Warrensburg or Sedalia? I'd like to hike west from St. Charles to Clinton, and then take Amtrak back to the St. Louis area.

Ray (webmaster) on 7/6/2005 12:05:18 AM:
You mean HIKING from Clinton to Warrensburg/Sedalia? Here's an earlier discussion of how to get from Warrensburg to Clinton - you could just reverse the directions. Although this was written about cycling, I assume that many of the same concepts probably apply for hiking. As for Sedalia, the Katy Trail is the most direct route from Clinton; I'd just backtrack along the trail.