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CindyS from Currently Springfield, MO on 4/15/2013 7:07:18 AM:
It has been decided that I will be thru-hiking the Katy Trail starting the end of May 2014. All the research I have found shows this has only been done by a couple of people and it was 6 years ago. I've been reading cyclists info but I was curious about whether there were more planning a thru hike.

Don from Ellisville, MO on 4/15/2013 11:46:29 AM:
Cindy, this sounds like quite an adventure, but not everyone posts journals of their trips. In fact, I talked to two sets of couples thru-hiking during my Katy ride last September. So that's at least 4 people who were attempting it in the last year. I've also run into people who were jogging the entire trail -- not for me!

Trek on 4/15/2013 12:15:49 PM:
I just went to the home page and searched "hiking." There are several posts that may be relevant that are as recent as December 2012.

Mr.z from Lee's Summit on 4/15/2013 12:45:22 PM:
I am planing to head out on the 25th of this month. I have Hiked the Appellation trail in a season and am looking forward to this hike. If I can help just ask.

CindyS from Currently Springfield, MO on 4/15/2013 1:24:43 PM:
That's great! I have seen some who have posted about hiking sections but not many on a thru hike. I'll try typing just hiking. Also, I want to hike the AT but I have 3 kids all under the age of 8 so I have to wait until they won't make my husband mad in the 6 months I'd be gone. That's why I decided on the KT. They're going to "follow" me with the RV.

I've read that the flat terrain has caused some difficulty with people's legs. Is this just something I'll have to deal with or is it a training (or lack there of)?

Mr.z from Lee's Summit on 4/15/2013 2:32:13 PM:
Spend good money on good shoos. I learned on the AT how much foot wear means to a hiker. Your feet will swell. I also get inserts for extra support. I use walking poles to help with shock on my knees. As for the flat surface, if your shoes take the brunt of the shock you will be fine. You millage and pack will have some thing to do with feet and leg issue.

Don from Ellisville, MO on 4/15/2013 6:19:04 PM:
I am a biker, so I am asking out of ignorance -- how does a flat terrain cause more problems? It would seem like the opposite. As for your husband, he will find plenty to do with the kids, because the Katy was laid out with towns every 10 miles for the purpose of bringing on water for the steam engines. Lots of local history, and your 8-year-old could read up on the Lewis & Clark expedition and follow their (your) progress along the trail. The rest of the family can even take short day hikes with you, which is much more difficult to do on the Appalachian Trail.

Mr.z from Lee's Summit on 4/15/2013 8:59:18 PM:
I would say it is more due to the firmness of the ground rather that it being level that is harder that other surfaces. The lack of give makes our body's take all the shock of each step. It is because that is a packed down railroad bed. Still it is not as bad a a road.

CindyS from Currently Springfield, MO on 4/15/2013 9:12:24 PM:
Yes that is how I am to understand it as well as far as the type of ground. Some have suggested because it's more walking rather than hiking but I don't know. I did a small section of the Ozark Trail a couple of year's ago so I don't want to get too excited about the ease of this trail in comparison.

We homeschool and the 8 year old boy is into Lewis and Clark and the 3 year old loves trains. Basically it should be full of win.

Any specific recommendations on shoes? I was in need of a new pair of running shoes and just bought a pair of New Balance minimus. I haven't tried them yet but I thought I might try to condition myself as "barefoot". But your shock absorbing comment makes me think I should not. Many things to ponder.

Mr.z from Lee's Summit on 4/16/2013 7:34:10 AM:
Everyone is different so I could only tell you what worked for me. I came across a few people doing the barefoot thing. I bow before them. On the AT I had a few issues with my feet and they were due to poor foot wear choice on my part. Lafuma and Salomon brands worked best. they also lasted the longest. I fond a cross trainer worked best for me. Gortex did not breath well for my feet and now I stay away from it.

Trek on 4/16/2013 8:11:04 AM:
I'm not a long distance hiker, but I have put many miles on both Merril and Keen hiking boots and shoes with good luck. They are similar in style and price to those mentioned by Mr.z.

Keen sandals are great on the bike too.

El Toro on 4/16/2013 6:56:40 PM:
I too have done a small section of the Ozark Trail (and have climbed several 14ers in Colorado, etc) and walking the KATY Trail is NOTHING LIKE those experiences. The surface is flat and well-maintained. You will not find large rocks and roots, etc. It will feel more like a walk down the road....but it is a VERY LONG ROAD. For me, it would be a significantly different kind of training and preparation. I would be very much focused on endurance, endurance, endurance...and on blister prevention.

That's my 2 cents. Good luck. Keep us posted.

Tom Cody from Topeka, Kansas on 5/10/2013 2:07:33 PM:
I'm currently training and planning to do this myself in early fall 2013... currently undecided if I will do it one-way or round-trip. I'm keeping a training and preparation journal in addition to the journal I plan on keeping on the trip and hope to post transcripts along with photos and maybe videos when I'm done. Like you I didn't find many reports from thru-hikers other than the two from 2007 linked from this site.

Mr.z from Lee's Summit on 5/11/2013 1:39:33 PM:
It can be done. 12 days it took me. I gave myself 3 dollars per as to allow for food and lodging. I made my hike the end of April into may.

Ray (webmaster) on 5/14/2013 5:31:23 AM:
I set up a web page for through-hikers (and single-day bike riders). Anyone who has done either of these feats, let me know if you're not listed there.

Doug Knox from Troy, MO on 11/20/2013 10:18:21 PM:
Feel free to contact me about my thru hike. It took 17 days but it was soooooo worth it. My e-mail is LMS346@netzero.com

Michael Conley from Camdenton, mo on 7/15/2019 3:52:58 PM:
I thru-hiked the trail in October 2019...it’s a great trail to thru-hike lots of places to camp and resupply!

Doug from Bluffton on 7/15/2019 6:14:01 PM:
So Mike, how does that time travel thing work? Do you come back on the same day you left? Did they have all the flood repairs done? Was that date just a typo? Just pulling your leg a little. Stop in last year on your next trip.

Anonymous on 7/15/2019 8:55:07 PM:
Must be a new thing time travel. Replying to posts that are years old like they were new yesterday seems to be a thing now. Go figure.

Doug from Bluffton on 7/15/2019 9:57:07 PM:
Well if he's already been to October maybe that WAS just yesterday for him.

Michael Conley from Camdenton,mo on 7/16/2019 6:08:18 AM:
I was merely saying that a thru-hike of the Katy Trail was completed in October of 2018...the First recorded!!

Michael Conley from Camdenton,mo on 7/16/2019 6:10:10 AM:
Get on your little bike and pedal down the road, real men hike!!??????

Bill in Houston from Houston on 7/16/2019 9:33:18 AM:
The first through hiker recorded was in 2007, with several since. See Ray's post above.

Michael from Camdenton on 7/16/2019 10:25:49 AM:
Several form Clinton to St. Charles...none but mine all the way to Machens ????

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 7/16/2019 5:13:52 PM:
I see that "Madeline and Lizzy" went from Clinton to Machens in June of 2017. They even posted a day-by-day blog of their trip, as noted on Ray's post. http://madelineandlizzykatytrail.blogspot.com/

Bill in Houston from Houston on 7/17/2019 11:10:45 AM:
Keep scrolling. Doug Knox of Troy, MO When: June 2007 Not only did Doug hike the whole trail from Clinton to St Charles - he continued on to Machens (before it was a finished part of the trail)! Read Doug's blog.

TMak from California (State) on 7/17/2019 6:29:19 PM:
My husband and I are planning to do the thru hike in October 2019. My husband is originally from Missouri and still has a lot of family along the trail that we plan to tap into for logistical support. But part of the journey is supporting the local businesses and meeting the very friendly folks that the Midwest is known for, which we intend to do. A long distance trail and walk are not foreign to us as we both walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year, about 500 miles in 34 days. Agree good pair of hiking boots, socks, and blister management are most important element. We plan to do a daily journal/blog and will be happy to share to this forum for future hikers.

Michael from Camdenton on 7/19/2019 5:41:36 PM:
First man over 55 that has thru-hiked the entire trail ??

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 7/19/2019 6:42:07 PM:
LOL, Mike, probably. But let's be sure: First man over 55 from Camdenton named Mike who hiked the entire trail. That record should hold for a while!

Michael from Camdenton on 7/20/2019 8:30:54 AM:
I thought that might get a laugh ????

Someone from Somewhere on 7/20/2019 7:54:16 PM:
Are we thru hiking yet?

Michael from Camdenton on 7/24/2019 10:29:21 AM:
Not yet, would like to in October if the trail is in decent shape ??