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Pleasant Hill MO on the Rock Island Trail and Rock Island Trail

Mile marker 262.8
Population: 8250

Public Restroom
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Rock Island Trail
A Sweet Expression
138 1st St, Pleasant Hill
Big Creek Cafe
113 Wyoming St, Pleasant Hill
Casey's General Store
310 MO 7 Highway, Pleasant Hill
Cass County Public Library
1108 MO 7, Pleasant Hill
Mulberry Hill Basement Apartment
Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill Bank
101 MO Hwy 7, Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Fastop
301 S 7 Highway, Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Lake
Smart Road, Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Trailhead
Pleasant Hill

Purvis Road Parking Lot
Purvis Road, Pleasant Hill

Rock Island BBQ
400 1st St, Pleasant Hill
Rooster's Sports Bar
100 N 7 Hwy, Pleasant Hill
Wingate Trailhead
Roush Road, Pleasant Hill

Wyoming Street Wine Stop
115 Wyoming Street, Pleasant Hill
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Forum Discussions about Pleasant Hill

Parking in Pleasant Hill
Mitzi K. from Kansas City on 05/23/2017 12:26 PM:
My husband and I are planning to ride from Pleasant Hill to Clinton and then spend the night and return the next day. Is there a good place to park overnight in Pleasant Hill near the trailhead?

PFCharles from Pflugerville on 05/23/2017 01:04 PM:
I spoke to the Police in Pleasant Hill and they suggested parking next door in the Cass County Fairgrounds parking lot.
I also told them I would be gone for up to a week riding the trail and they suggested I call them with my contact and vehicle information. That way they can check on it and call me if there is a problem.

Mitzi K. from Kansas City on 05/24/2017 06:42 PM:
Thank you! You are awesome!

PFCharles from Pflugerville on 05/24/2017 07:20 PM:
Please note the Cass County Fair is in July. Please check their website and avoid parking there during one of their events:

MB from Lee's Summit, MO on 06/04/2017 11:17 PM:
I rode to Sedalia from PH and took the Amtrak train back to my home in Lee's Summit. I didn't have time to retrieve my car until the next day. The PH police department told me I was welcome to park my car in their parking area downtown overnight. I retrieved the car the next day, no problem.

Big Creek Cafe in Pleasant Hill
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 02:12 PM:
The Big Creek Cafe should be listed here in the amenities. It is at 113 Wyoming St, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080, right in between the Trailhead and the city trail that leads out to Pleasant Hill Lake so it's a really convenient location.

We had lunch there on our first day in Pleasant Hill and then breakfast the next day when we started our trip. The food is very good country cooking with large portions and great prices. I recommend it!

Pleasant Hill
Allen from Shawnee on 02/12/2017 10:09 AM:
There seems to be camping at Peasant Hill city lake about 3.5 miles NW of city. Might be a good idea to add camping to list of services. They have both hook ups and primitive sites available.


Ray (webmaster) on 02/12/2017 05:44 PM:
Thank you for the heads-up on this. I have added it to the listings.

Happy trails!

Pleasant Hill
Katy Trail Rider from KC on 01/29/2017 10:59 AM:
There appears to be parking at Highway P and Roush Road (East of Wingate).
Could anyone provide information on this?
How far is it from the Pleasant Hill trail head to Highway P and Roush Road?

TCW from Pleasant Hill on 02/07/2017 09:42 AM:
That parking lot to the Trail head is about 6 miles.


Kim's Cabins

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