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Rhineland MO on the Katy Trail

Mile marker 105
Population 176

Point of Interest
Point of Interest
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Doll House B&B
201 Lewis St., Rhineland
Les Lavandes B&B
215 Highway P, Rhineland
Loutre Lane B&B
108 Loutre Lane, Rhineland
Shining Hope Guest House
Hwy 94 at EE, Rhineland
Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
Highway P, Starkenburg
Trailside Bar & Grill
Bluff St., Rhineland
White Wolf Inn
Hwy. P, Rhineland
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Doll House B&B, Rhineland

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Forum Discussions about Rhineland

Rhineland - The Doll House
Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 01:42 PM:
We stayed at the Doll House for the second time while riding the Katy. This is an excellent and comfortable B&B. Melissa had it decorated nicely for fall. Everything was very neat and clean. Melissa had homemade cookies and lemonade waiting for us. The breakfast was wonderful.
The cafe across the street was closed when we arrived so Melissa took us to the market to pick up dinner. She was very generous with the use of their dining area and plates. I am sure we had much better wine than we would have across the street. ;o)

MJ from Maryland Heights,MO on 06/11/2017 05:48 PM:
Big shout out to the City of Rhineland for having public bathrooms open near the ball fields along with a vending machine and a nice shelter. My husband & I were on our long day, riding into a headwind in hot weather and took a very welcome break here. We really appreciated your facilities!

Les Lavandes B&B (Rhineland)
Dr.and Mrs. Larry Lowe from Belleville, Illinois on 10/30/2005 06:09 PM:
What a lovely experience. Richard and Myrta were wonderful hosts. The accomodations were perfect and the fool!!! Well, no words can describe. One word of caution to cyclists, if you've already ridden several miles that day, you may want to have Richard come to Rhineland to pick you up instead of riding out to their place. It's a grueling 2 miles, mostly up hill. I was pooped!!! Of course, Myrta made up for it by fixing us the most delicious dinner I have ever eaten!!! Thanks Richard and Myrta for a lovely stay.

MRBCBC from Kc on 06/28/2014 08:15 PM:
Was Richard equipped to take 4 bikes up the hill?

CRAIG from SE IOWA on 05/29/2014 01:49 PM:
HEADS UP!!! 3-4" deep loose rock just before the ball diamond or at least there was memorial day weekend. This is like quicksand and will swallow a bike whole. You've been warned.

Great Stay at The Rendleman Home
Mathews from Houston, TX on 03/24/2014 05:27 PM:
Located just a few feet from the Katy Trail. Great company, food and entertainment. Very comfortable amenities and excellent price. The pineapple fosters was to die for! The view from the nearby conservation deck is breath taking and well worth the hike. Doug is a host extraordinaire. A must see stop on the trail.

Trailside Bar & Grill
Jenn on 10/11/2013 12:10 PM:
After a long first day on the trail, we stopped in here for a quick drink and to watch some of the STL Cardinals post season game. We were pleased to find out we stop on $1 burger Thursdays. It was the BEST hamburger we have! Being that it was a general store as well, we shared a $1 of chips and a $5 pitcher. It was a perfect dinner. Our bikes were secure outside as well as we felt very welcomed by the locals. In addition, next the bar, there was an air pump in which we checked our tires pressure. Perfect place to stop on the trail.

Rhineland - last chance!
rich lauer from mckittrick on 06/29/2012 04:47 PM:
we hope to be open weekends July 13 and on
will have water available and some foods. It was a challenge to renovate the Merck but breathing life into her is another challenge. Hope you can visit or see us on themerck.com Thanks

Hank from New Haven, MO on 06/29/2012 05:57 PM:
I wrote it in another post but Loutre Market in fact is very easy to get to from McKittrick trailhead. On west side of tunnel under Highway 19 is short spur trail, from there just pedal across highway to Loutre. 3 minute pedal at most. Of course if Mercantile is open then just go there.

Trailside Bar & Grill (Rhineland)
B.B. from Clinton on 08/10/2009 02:14 PM:
Ate here twice on our last ride. The food is above average and worth the money. The service was not the greatest.

Anonymous from Hermann on 08/29/2009 12:33 PM:
Angie puts out a good meal. It is a favorite local hangout. Closed at 2 pm on Sunday and closed on Monday. Otherwise dig in. I have eaten there more times than I can count. Sometimes the service is right on and sometimes it's a little slow. Kinda depends on the number of guests there at the time and what you order. If you are in a hurry let 'em know so they can maybe bump up the order. Chicken is great but takes a while. Holler cross the room for more tea, they won't mind.

jd from gkc on 08/29/2009 01:24 PM:
Their country-fried-chicken lunches are terrific, possibly the best in the region for the money. I liked their chili, too, as a snack or smaller meal. :)

Anonymous on 06/04/2011 10:21 PM:
Their sweet potato fries with honey butter were awesome! The service was good, but wasn't overly friendly. A nice little place!

Paul Toigo from Kansas City, MO on 08/29/2011 05:39 PM:
The big breakfast really hit the spot. Especially since we built our hunger riding 20 miles before breakfast.

Carole from St Peters on 06/12/2011 09:29 PM:
Had a great stay at the Dollhouse Bed and Breakfast. Very comfortable, and Amanda is a most welcoming hostess.

Loutre Lane B&B (Rhineland)
Curt and Kathy from Silex, MO on 08/22/2010 01:31 PM:
June 21, 2010- Loutre Lane B&B is a darling place to stay with full accommodations and amenities like your own home. The room accommodations were very comfortable and spotless. Herman is about 5 miles from Loutre Lane B&B and the local restaurant in Rhineland was closed for dinner, so Lucy offered to drive us to and from Herman for dinner. We took her up on the offer since it was so HOT and we were tired from our long Katy Trail bicycling trip. Lucy recommended a fantastic Chinese restaurant. Lucy is quite the interior decorator as well, seeing her home designs and furnishings is worth the trip alone. And talk about a great breakfast the next morning with fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, and muffins. We really enjoyed visiting with Lucy and look forward to staying at Loutre Lane B&B again. Lucy is a great hostess, a fantastic cook and interior decorator!

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
Paul & Fiona from Leavenworth, KS on 04/16/2010 07:44 AM:
Our stay at the Doll House was fantastic, as expected from all of the prior comments. Amanda was a great hostess, and her extensixe breakfast was welcome before hitting the trail for a big day's riding. The rooms are immaculate and the beds very comfortable. The balcony is a must for dusk sundowners and dawn coffee - the photos don't do the place justice. Highly recommended.

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
Bethany from Austin on 03/29/2010 07:56 PM:
We stopped at the Doll House when we passed through Rhineland (March 2010) and I highly recommend it. The house was beautiful and Amanda was SO NICE! She helped us plan out our next few days on the trail and suggested the bar and grill across the street. (We were pretty hungry!)I plan on staying there when I bike the trail again some day with my parents.

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
Mark , Susan,Tanner and Jake from Leawood, KS on 12/05/2009 12:02 PM:
My family and I stayed at the Doll House B&B in August. We will stay there again. The accommodations were perfect and there is plenty of room to spread out. The porches are relaxing, the peaches from the tree were perfect :'), the ice cold water and lemonade that were ready for us upon arrival, breakfast...everything was perfect!

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
Clayton, Denise, Frank, and Mickie from Archie, MO. on 10/26/2009 11:41 AM:
Oct. 5-09 The Doll House lived up to the reviews. Amanda was a superb hostess. We piggy backed with the family who stayed there that night too as they ordered chicken and dumplings for supper. Great stuff! The cost was very resonable @ $10/person for supper. Breakfast was equally fantastic. We were met with a warm smile and plenty of cookies, coffee, and lemonade. The washing of our clothes was a GIANT +. We would not be hesitant to stay again should the schedule put us there. Thank you Amanda for a great stay.

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
Michele & Richie on 07/25/2009 02:16 PM:
Amanda - the amazing host!

Unfortunately, the owners of the Trailside Bar & Grill (across the highway from the Doll House B&B) were on vacation the day we arrived in Rhineland. Amanda knew we were hungry after a 50-mile day and offered to pick-up pizza from the local store a few miles away.

We had the house to ourselves. We ate pizza, watched a movie downstairs, then retreated to The Bunny Room for a restful night's sleep. Oh yeah - breakfast was incredible!

Les Lavandes B&B (Rhineland)
Julie from crestwood,mo on 06/23/2009 02:26 PM:
This place has the most breathtaking views all around the property. Our room was just lovely and relaxing.

If you are able to visit when Myrta has the High tea take advantage of it. It was wonderful! Breakfast was just fabulous. I look forward to visiting again very soon.

Loutre Lane B&B (Rhineland)
Scott and Lee Ann Nelson from Dexter, MO on 11/03/2008 07:59 AM:
Our stay was fantastic! Thanks Luci for making our first trek on the trail memorable. We will see you again next year!

Trailside Bar & Grill (Rhineland)
Lee from Festus, MO. on 10/18/2008 01:40 PM:
Bar and grill is located right off the trail. A friend and I ate lunch there on Thursday 10-16-2008. They offered a very good cheesburger. Thursday's are &1 hamburger days, so we ate cheap. They also have homemade pie. The coconut cream was very good.

Trailside Bar & Grill (Rhineland)
Sara Blacklock from Whiteman AFB, MO on 10/16/2008 08:56 AM:
My sisters and I enjoyed a GREAT, filling, hot breakfast here....including 50 cent coffee (that's virtually unheard of) Our total bill for the 3 of us was only $7.50. Keep up the good work Clarence!!!!!!

Loutre Lane B&B (Rhineland)
K Reed from Ballwin, MO on 09/12/2008 09:32 PM:
We didn't get here until after 5:00 pm and Lucy had a meeting to go to, but after a quick shower she took us to the local bar for dinner. Breakfast was a full breakfast with fruit, eggs, bacon, and homemade bisquits. Lucy was very friendly and willing to help us with the little things like drying some clothes for us. Loutre Lane B&B is worth the climb up the hill.

Les Lavandes B&B (Rhineland)
Jim and Grand daughter Kaitlin from Ballwin, MO on 07/02/2008 08:55 PM:
A fantastic, quiet, down to earth, home in the country, with great atmosphere, food, accommodations and people. Have Richard pick you up at the trail and enjoy the ride down the hill in the morning. It gets your legs back quickly. Relax in the hot tub, take a shower, catch lightning bugs, smell the lavender, watch the yellow finches feed, play washers, and swing on the porch swing while looking at the rolling hills. In the morning you will have a fresh, healthy, delicious, home made breakfast that you will not forget. Myrta's Swiss upbringing adds charm to her home atmosphere and food. Highly recommend for a unique and memorable experience that is hard to find anymore.

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
J Chambers from Arnold, MD & W. Lafayette, IN on 06/21/2008 12:59 PM:
Doll House B&B, Rhineland 30 May 2008. Biking with two teen age grandsons from Sedalia to St. Charles. One of us had a blowout 2 ½ miles from Rhineland. Sidewall of the tire with a one inch hole. We walked the last two and a half miles on a warm afternoon and were met with the best lemonade we have ever tasted. Amanda was a gracious and kind hostess. A great breakfast. Highly recommended. We would stay there again.

Pat from Fort Worth on 06/04/2008 06:48 PM:
We stayed in the Angel room in mid-May and enjoyed every minute. The place is serene and you can't help but relax and savor the moment. Amanda works hard to come up with new recipes and think of every possible need. Truly a great Bed and Breakfast Inn!

Jerry D from Round Rock, Texas on 06/02/2008 08:20 AM:
Doll House B&B - I recommend planning your Katy Trail experience around your reservation at the Doll House. Amanda keeps a very neat and clean place, bathrooms clean and modern with lots of hot water, a bit of whimsey in the room decoration. You can relax in the spacious living room or outside on the covered porch. Don't leave without having her give you the history. A very well run B&B.

Trailside Restaurant - They have other things on the menu, but why would you not want their superior fried chicken!

I'll be happy to expound on my whole Katy Trail ride, email me at jerryd@acyclistpublishing.com

jd on 06/04/2008 04:57 PM:
True! That cafe puts out great food with several sides to choose from. The prices are right as well.

Trailside Bar & Grill (Rhineland)
JD from Joplin on 09/26/2007 02:37 PM:
Very nice establishment. Food was great, but the locals gave me a few odd looks...must have been my shoes. Good Food and nice selection!

lisa coplin from leadington, mo on 11/22/2010 12:13 AM:
My boyfriend and I were coming from Lake of the Ozarks home to Leadington, Mo and stopped to have a bite. He had the grilled ham and cheese and fries and I had fried chicken gizzards and tater tots. The food was so delicious that we got second orders of the same foods! The service was excellent and the prices very fair. Keep up the great work!

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
Mark Rabin from Springfield, IL on 08/07/2007 07:44 AM:
I stayed at the "Doll House" two nights while exploring the KATY Trail, and enjoyed the facility very much. After riding all day in the August heat and humidy, the cold lemonade and comfort of the B & B was a life saver. I highly recommend staying there.

MAH from Blue Springs, MO on 08/07/2007 09:28 AM:
I've stayed at the Doll House twice and highly recommend staying there! Amanda is a wonderfull hostess, the rooms are big and comfy, we had fresh cookies on arrival, and the Trailside Bar and Grill across the road serves great food!

Doll House B&B (Rhineland)
John Seng from Rockville, MD on 07/08/2007 09:13 PM:
Thank you, Amanda, for a wonderful B&B! The rooms were perfect, and the entire home was beyond charming and spacious. The perfect respite for a pair of worn-out bikers.

Macho men shouldn't be put off by the "Doll" name. Ask Amanda the history behind it. Hey, I stayed in the Bunny room and lived to tell about it - my son has forgotten to kid me about it. Seriously, we would stay here again on the road in a heartbeat.

The next morning, we left reluctantly, because a human being only has so much room for such a fantastic breakfast!

Well done Amanda and family.

Doll House B&B (Rhineland) June 12th 2007
Matt10e from Villa Ridge, Mo on 06/11/2007 10:32 PM:
We rode in from Jefferson City, arrived around 4:30pm. The room was cozy and peaceful, we

were able to take a quick shower and nice nap before walking to the resturaunt to eat. The

breakfast was wonderful with plenty of bacon, sausage, french toast and omlet. Great orange

juice. Very peaceful accomodations, was only awaken by the smell of bacon cooking.

MAH from Blue Springs, MO on 06/12/2007 10:28 AM:
We also stayed here last fall. It was great, I don't have enough thumbs to give it the number of thumbs up it deserves.