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bike ride for Girl Scouts

I am trying to plan a ride for a group of local girl scouts. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which part of the trail we should ride? Most of the girls are only 10 and have never been on the trail. 15 miles will probably be their max! I was wondering what part to ride with them that will have some views they will think are "cool" and possibly even a place for lunch. Any help? Thanks in advance.
posted May 11 2006 6:35PM - Dara, Foristell, MO

Defiance to Augusta and back is around 14 miles. I'm not sure about lunch on either end. The 2 places in Defiance are probably not kid friendly. Augusta is a tough climb for kids up into the town.

We like to ride to Augusta and go to the little General Store for drinks and snacks.

You could always start at Klondike Park as well. Plenty of views there. You can go either way from there to Defiance or Augusta and beyond. Augusta is only 2 or 3 miles from Klondike I think. The path from the KATY up into Klondike is pretty steep but it is paved. There might be some pushing there. If you do Klondike, don't forget to peddle or walk up to the overlook at the top. The view is worth it.

My recommendation would be to picnic at Klondike and ride west toward Dutzow and stop in Augusta on the return trip for drinks and snacks.
posted May 11 2006 7:26PM - Ken, St. Charles

Ken, Thanks for the input, great idea about Klondike Park. Dara
posted May 12 2006 1:23PM - Dara, Foristell, MO

Defiance is a good suggestion for starting point, because it's not far from your location (Foristell), and if any of your girls do not have bikes you can rent from the bike shop there. The one drawback to Defiance is that parking can be limited on weekends. The two bar/restaurants there cater to the Harley crowd, but I've never felt uncomfortable in either place. In fact I've gone to both the outdoor "patio" section of Terry & Kathy's, and the indoor restaurant part of Dave & Jacquie's, with my two small kids. It just depends on what you're comfortable with.

This is a great section of trail, but if your girls are looking for scenery and river views you might want to consider heading out west to
Rocheport. It's a much farther drive (about 90 miles from Foristell as opposed to maybe 15 miles to Defiance), but higher on the "cool" scale. Rocheport has a railroad tunnel you can ride through on the west end of town, and the trail hugs the river heading east from there for some fantastic scenery. You'd probably go to Huntsdale, grab lunch at Katfish Katy's, and head back for a 13 mile round trip. Or McBaine for a 17 mile round trip. There's a really amazing burr oak tree just off the trail near McBaine. Katfish Katy's isn't really a restaurant - more like groceries & supplies. Also, there's a bar & grill in McBaine - Lucy's
posted May 13 2006 9:30AM - Ray (Webmaster)

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