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Marthasville MO on the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail

Mile marker 77.7
Population: 837

Repair Station
Repair Station
Public Restroom
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Winery / Brewery
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Katy Trail
Bank Haus
303 Depot, Marthasville
Boone Monument Village
15226 Boone Monument Road, Marthasville
Community Club Park
601 One St, Marthasville
Cori's Twin Gables
101 W. Hwy 47, Marthasville
Daniel Boone Monument

Dollar General
15955 State Hwy 47, Marthasville
Hazel's House
13110 Bluff Road, Marthasville/Dutzow
Heaven on Earth B&B
17170 Deer Mountain Rd., Marthasville
Katy Haus
301 Depot, Marthasville
Lake Creek Winery
15088 Boone Monument Rd, Marthasville
Marthasville Trailhead

Petro 24 Gas Station

Philly's Pizza
207 Depot, Marthasville
S&R Convenience
15397 Highway 47, Marthasville
Thierbach's Orchards
18427 Hwy 47, Marthasville
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Forum Discussions about Marthasville

Sam and Janice from Southwest Oklahoma on 08/05/2019 09:20 PM:
August 2019 - We stayed 2 nights at Joey's Bird House. Joey was great, and the Bird House is right on the trail! We rode 17 miles west - the trail was closed so we rode back to McKittrick and rode 25 miles east. The trail is in great shape!!! One small spot was closed going east, and with a short detour mostly on asphalt roads, we were back on the trail. We have been riding the trail for about 20 years, and it is in great shape!! Thank you Missouri for this gem!! We ate ate Philly's Pizza at Marthasville - it was absolutely delicious!!

Marthasville / Concord Hill
Mary B from Manchester MO on 09/25/2015 08:16 PM:
A "shout out" to a wonderful B&B that's about a mile away from the Katy Trail, but worth the uphill ride nonetheless. The Concord Hill B&B is located in a very peaceful little town with great views of the Missouri hills & farm country. The food is great, the accomdations were cozy ... and see if you can get George & Wade to cook dinner for you and serenade you with a private concert in the B&B's wine cellar. Just a great time - we highly recommend this B&B.

mjbg from Fort Collins, CO on 09/13/2018 06:53 AM:
Just googled this, and google indicated that this is closed. :(

ColNei from South Carolina on 08/14/2018 06:49 AM:
August 2018 - Just finished riding Katy from Machens to Boonville on a fully loaded tandem with extra wheel trailer without issue other than a mystery flat tire. We got some electrolytes and ice cream at the C&R convenience store the afternoon we arrived and camped under the picnic pavilion at the Community Ball Club ($5/person donation includes hot shower). Went back to the convenience store the next morning for a breakfast sandwich and got the last two (already put away in the frig, but warmed up nicely in the microwave). Recommend you get up early to get a fresh sandwich! Friendly folks in town... even got a serendipitous tour inside the old train depot when one of the locals stopped by to take care of some business.

Marthasville - Cori's Twin Gables
Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 01:49 PM:
We stopped at Cori's Twin Gables while riding the Katy Trail. It appeared to be the only thing open in town and a Monday. Cori's Twin Gables is not listed on this page so you have to look for it on Yelp. (About two blocks south of the trail.)The service was excellent, the burgers good and the beer cold. Unfortunately, they smoke and there does not appear to be a place to get away from it. Even the servers were smoking. We were glad, though, to find a place open on a Monday.

Marthasville Grocery Store
Rocky Eckhardt from Joplin, MO on 11/03/2015 10:13 AM:
There is a grocery store 1/2 mile north of the trail in Marthasville on Hwy 47 called K&R Market. It has been there since at least 2011, but is not documented on this site. I wanted to share since this kind of info is important to people like me wanting to do the trail on the cheap.

Wm from St Louis on 10/12/2015 03:24 PM:
Marvelous ride along the section of the KATY from Marthasville to Blufton and back. Farmland, tree lined sections and river views along this section. Great pizza at Philly's in Marthasville afterwards.

M.W from Florissant on 01/10/2015 09:18 AM:
I love the history of the town and glad they fixed the depot

Al Bundy from Back in St. Louis, MO on 01/12/2015 11:19 AM:
I am happy someone is "glad they fixed the depot." It is nice they have a locked up, pointless building instead of an open air gazebo with picnic tables that they used to have at that location.

M.W from Florissant on 02/26/2015 01:51 PM:
Depot is awesome

City Clerk from Marthasville on 10/16/2013 10:40 AM:
Wanting to let all Katy Trail riders know that the City of Marthasville offers FREE camping to all bike riders at Wessel Park (on the south side of the Trail, has small log cabin on site). There are no showers available at this park as of now. The restrooms at the trailhead are conveniently close. If you are wanting a shower, the Marthasville Community Club is directly across the street and can be used for a small fee. Again, camping only at Wessel Park is FREE.

kevin from Jeff City on 10/16/2013 01:30 PM:
Are there any plans to build a shower facility? That trail gets dusty :-)

I've stayed at the ball field a few times. $5 for sheltered camping, showers and restrooms are hard to beat. It's good to know there's an option, though.

El Toro on 10/16/2013 09:47 PM:
Thank you to the folks of Marthasville for offering this resource to those of us who ride/love the KATY Trail.

ArkyKenny on 10/17/2013 11:14 AM:
AMEN! I'd like to add an "Atta boy" to Marthasville.

For anyone not familiar with it, it is a wonderful option as a stop on the trail. Several food options. Several places to stay. Cheap or free camping and showers. Excellent trail access. As far as I'm concerned, a Marthasville stop should always be considered on that part of the trail.

Pseudio on 10/19/2013 10:10 AM:
I totally agree with a Marthasville stop. It is very obvious the community has a great heritage with the nearby monuments plus all the KT benefits. I make it a stop when Im riding through every time. Also DNR has it for a stop over night usually going west on their annual summer bike ride too just for these reasons. Great job!!

Community Club Park (Marthasville)
Lisa from St. Louis on 08/16/2010 01:36 AM:
We stayed here last Sept. in our camper while biking on the trail and you can't beat the price. There was electric if you needed it, bathrooms/showers, and it was nice and quiet. We plan to visit again this Sept. and look forward to it.

Bob on 08/19/2013 09:12 AM:
How big was your camper. Would a 30' travel trailer be out of the question?

Marthasville - KT Caboose
Steve from Lawrence, Ks on 10/05/2010 04:02 PM:
You will want to stop here. Great deck to relax. Owners are very friendly and helpful. Good food and wonderful home made ice cream.

Harold from Rolling Prairie, IN on 10/07/2010 02:12 AM:
Stayed at Marthasville 9/29 and had to make a pilgrimage to the KT Caboose. It's west of

town before the Hwy 47 underpass. the new owners have made good improvements with an

expanded menu.

Cvrz from St Peters on 10/08/2010 01:14 AM:
I am wondering, is KT Caboose going to stay open all winter or shut down until spring at some time?

Terry from Festus on 10/08/2010 01:32 AM:
I got the impression talking to them that they believe there is enough traffic going through to stay open during the winter months. I am not certain about that, and they could change midstream. They really are excited to be in business and when I was by there a couple of weeks ago, the business was good.

K.T. Caboose from Marthasville, MO on 10/12/2010 05:42 PM:
We want to thank everyone for the positive feedback! We are very excited to be in business and we will be open during the winter months. We just received our stock of hot chocolate and we also have warm food to serve which includes pizza, hot dogs, warm pretzels and cheese, and nachos.

Right now we are open Monday-Friday from 10:30 to 8:00pm and Saturday-Sunday 9:00 to 8:00pm.

The winter hours are undecided at the moment but we will be open. Once the hours are certain I will post on here to keep everyone updated.

If you have facebook, please add us. On our profile there is a complete menu and the hours will be updated on there as well. User name is K.t. Caboose.

You can also email with any questions at ktcaboose@yahoo.com

marsha from St John MO on 05/29/2011 10:18 AM:
Just there for the 1st time yesterday! Was wonderful even tho the the weather was dreary. A quiet, restful place....
Its a new family owned business and the new owner is one of the sweetest people I've ever known!! And Momma Nina has the most infectious laugh EVER! ;-)
I WILL be back..

Cvrz from St Peters on 05/30/2011 06:11 PM:
I agree! Finally got to stop here. The Ice Cream is great. Love the place!

Paul Toigo from Kansas City, MO on 08/29/2011 05:42 PM:
The perfect way to end a long, hot day of riding on the KATY trail? Ice cream from the KT Caboose!

Community Club Park (Marthasville)
Allie from Warrensburg, MO on 08/24/2010 11:46 PM:
Camped here at the end of June this year. It was a week night, and there were 5 or 6 ball games that night with kids running around everywhere but the concessions were very convenient. We camped on the actual ball field, you can camp across the street at the park with the small log cabin but there are no facilities over there. There were only 2 of us, and we camped for free. The man turned off the lights for us immediately following the games. But we were then woken up by sprinklers at 5am, after we were encouraged to sleep on the field (the area outside of the fence is pretty rocky). You may want to ask about that before setting up camp here!

Scenic Cycles (Marthasville)
Trail Rider from Washington, MO on 11/11/2009 09:17 PM:
Scenic Cycles is no longer open for business. If you call their number you call will be forwarded to Revolution Cycles in Washington. They offer great service and will even meet you at Marthasville or Dutzow trailheads. Need to get to Washington? They can pick up as many as four cyclists and eqipment and will take you there for $25 or $30.

Anonymous on 11/14/2009 11:17 AM:
My daughter and I biked the trail in July, with my husband as support in the car. My daughter's bike broke and we ended up at Revolution Cycles. They were great. The problem was hard to fix. The guy wasn't sure he could get it repaired. But he did, and it only took about an hour. We were very happy with the results.

Community Club Park (Marthasville)
Jen from St. Louis on 11/05/2009 12:08 PM:
Interesting place to camp. Felt kind of like I was camping in someone's front yard, during a party. People were there until about 10pm with all the lights on. I always camp with earplugs and an eye mask, so it wasn't too bad. It was free and they had nice hot showers.

The Little House B&B (Marthasville)
Maria from Brighton, MI on 11/02/2009 10:50 AM:
Having this beautifully kept little house all to ourselves was a

wonderful private retreat! We loved the cheese tray and the home made

flower pot cake!! We will definitely stay here again!

Twin Gables (Marthasville)
B.B. from Clinton on 08/10/2009 02:09 PM:
Unlike so many places on the trail these folks were really nice. They wanted to know all about the trail and our ride. We even got the locals talking about the town and local events. It made for a pleasant evening. The food was suprisingly good and the service great.

Paul from Fairview Heights, IL on 09/08/2009 12:52 PM:
We ended up going to Twin Gables when our afternoon lunch plans didn't work out for Dutzow. We weren't disappointed. The food is typical bar food (mostly fried), but was tasty. The staff kept our water pitcher topped off and was happy to restock our water bottles before we left. The only downside was the cigarette smoke...after all, it's a bar, too.

Cindy from Des Moines on 09/16/2009 04:55 PM:
Had a great burger at Twin Gables! Lots of cigarette smoke, but we were able to sit in the "side" room by the front door where it wasn't as bad.

dennis from rolla on 09/14/2009 03:18 PM:
This at one time was a great place to stop. They had a bike shop , ice cream shop and food. We were very disappointed to find everything closed down. Do not plan to get anything here

stevo from saint louis on 09/15/2009 12:06 AM:
If you go south on 1st Street in Marthasville, out to Hwy 47/94, less than 1/4 mile from trail, there is the Twin Gables restaurant. If you go a little further west on Hwy. 47/94, then there is the S&R Convenience Store. However, the businesses that you were referring to and used to be right along the trail are all boarded up these days.

The Little House B&B (Marthasville)
B.B. from Clinton on 08/10/2009 02:06 PM:
This is the place. It's a home away from home. I can't wait to visit again.

Critter Cottage Bed & Breakfast (Marthasville)
Bill and Lora from Kansas City on 07/22/2009 09:30 PM:
Located about five miles from the trailhead, this rebuilt log cabin was full of eclectic decorations. An addition houses a fully equipped kitchen and a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. The antique rope bed in the loft may be too short for some people, but it was fine for us. (They've recently added a sleeper sofa on the main floor.) This is a very quiet, secluded get-away.

The Little House B&B (Marthasville)
EB from Greenwood on 07/18/2009 02:40 AM:
We stayed there on July 7th. Definitely one of the best values on the trail. Comfortable and immaculate. Way too nice for three stinky dudes. She baked muffins in flower pots! Truly amazing!

Community Club Park (Marthasville)
bruce from urbana, mo. on 05/19/2009 12:30 PM:
The park is nice with showers after the weekend ball games are over but the nicest camping is on the east side of the road--less hassle with park users.

barbara from willard on 10/18/2008 11:09 PM:
Stayed at the Little House Bed and Breakfast a few weeks ago. There were 3 of us and we thought it was very comfortable and was decorated so cute. Having the whole house to ourselves was great. It was a wonderful experience and would recommend it to everyone. If we ever get the chance we will stay there again. Barb from Willard, MO

Critter Cottage Bed & Breakfast (Marthasville)
Emily & Nathan from Saint Louis on 09/16/2008 02:07 PM:
I love Critter Cottage and all of its surrounding attractions! My boyfriend and I have stayed at Critter Cottage two times and were even given t-shirts from the hospitable Bob and Judy. The cottage is cute, they provide a delicious breakfast and we hope to return soon.

Twin Gables (Marthasville)
Joan and Al from St. Charles on 09/13/2008 10:29 AM:
Great Hamburgers, plus the price was great. Can't wait to do a day trip to Marthasville for the Hamburgers again.

Joan and Al

Scenic Cycles (Marthasville)
gypsyc2000 on 07/18/2008 11:39 AM:
Scenic Cycles is closed from what I've heard. I was told that Revolution Cycles over in washington bought them out.

Choo Choo's
CSCman from Chapin, IL on 09/26/2005 10:20 AM:
A friend and myself had planned a ride on the Katy which included a stay at Choo Choo's campground. We had called ahead and made reservations. On our arrival we found the place closed. And needless to say the camp area less than inviting. We were very disappointed in everything. We ended up going to Scenic Cycles and camping there for the evening.

brad wilson from st louis on 09/26/2005 10:31 AM:
Thanks for the info.

Last year I stayed at the Marthasville rec center camping area, and was planning on doing so this year. Is there some reason you didn't stay there?

Also, is Scenic Cycles offering camping now, or was that just a one-time deal? Did it have showers, bathroom etc? Price?

Thanks for the info.

CSCman from Chapin, IL on 09/26/2005 12:40 PM:
Yes Scenic Cycles is now offering camping. They are a little over a mile east of Marthasville. I am sure that if you email Terry or Kathy at SC they can give you the details.

Ray (webmaster) on 09/26/2005 12:46 PM:
Thanks for the information - I have removed ChooChoo's from the list, and added camping to the Scenic Cycles listing. I appreciate you passing this along and helping to keep the website info up-to-date.

CSCman from Chapin, IL on 09/27/2005 12:59 PM:
Ray, not sure they are out of business. But they were not open on the day that we there during their regular business hours. However a couple weeks we had called and made arrangements.

Anonymous on 09/28/2005 09:43 AM:
If I understand the Marthasville Chamber of Commerce website, ChooChoos is closed on Wednesday's in season and isn't open at this time of year:

Our facility allows guests to camp, snack and/or bike.Enjoy Your Day! Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m./daily

May 21st - Labor Day weekend-seasonal Closed on Wednesdays

Of course there are several possible interpretations of that message!

CSCman from Chapin, IL on 09/30/2005 11:41 AM:
Well our trip was Labor Day weekend, we called a couple weeks before and set up our stay, and we were there at 4:30 p.m. on Friday and not a sole in site and the place was closed. Don't care how you want to interpret their listing on the Chamber's site, we called ahead and they should have 1. known we were coming and been there and open or 2. known they would not have been open and informed us of that when we called and we would have made other arrangements.

Ray (webmaster) on 10/08/2005 10:10 PM:
I rode through Marthasville today (Oct 8), and believe it or not Choo Choos was open. There is a sign stating that they're open weekends until Oct 30. My guess is that the high school kid working the day you got there probably decided to cut out of work early, or never showed up in the first place. There's no excuse; I'm just speculating.

Ray (webmaster) on 10/10/2005 11:58 AM:
By the way, the ice cream was tasty and they have a horse-tire swing that kept my kids entertained for nearly an hour. But the water in the restroom has a bad smell - if you're looking to fill your water bottles, you may want to hold out for bottled water from the convenience store. The S&R convenience store, which is visible looking south from the trail, is easily reached by heading south on the road that crosses the trail right by the trailhead (One St) for just over a quarter mile. It's right by One St at Hwy 47 - see the map on the Marthasville page.

Robert Dean from Washington on 06/24/2006 05:53 PM:
Choo-choos is a great place to go, if you have kids it is also very recomended in my book. There is a variety of things to get and you have the chance to meet a lot of nice people. the camping has bathrooms and a shower and is cheaper at 5 dollars per person rather than Scenic cycles which charges 20 per person.Choo-choos is a great place and i love the caboose.

Daniel Eugene from Trealor on 06/24/2006 05:56 PM:
Choo-choos is a great place love it, and it's owner Barb is a very nice a pretty lady she will get along with pretty much everybody

George Post from Dutzow on 06/24/2006 06:06 PM:
me and my wife were riding down the katy trail one day and running low on water so we ride farther and see a cute cozy little place called choo choos so we stopped to get water. turnes out that they have many more foods than i exspected. so we asked for water and she filled our water bottles. the water tasted like city water but i was perfectlt happy with this little caboose and i hope i can go back sometime.......... the oner barb is a very nice lady and the custard is tasty

Debra from Marthasville on 06/30/2006 06:42 AM:
I planned a field trip for 18 preschoolers a while back with Choo Choo's being part of our itinerary. I called ahead and was told they would be open. I informed the owner that we would be bringing f18 children and that this was part of a field trip, we had been learning about trains and transportation. The kids were excited about this and were counting the days. We arrived as planned to find Choo choo's closed and looking somewhat abandoned. The children were devastated and I had to try to come up with refreshments for them and then try to keep them from running around the caboose where the weeds were almost taller than them. This place has potential, but needs an owner that really cares about it's customers. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I know of 18 children that feel the same way.

Anonymous on 07/04/2006 07:13 PM:
choo choos was a great place to camp and enjoy a snowcone! everyone was very friendly and the friday night movie was delightful. we will definately be back soon!

Jenifer on 07/12/2008 12:38 PM:
It appears to me that you had a great idea, and I had a sense of that...could you e-mail me....I'd like to ask some questions about it and is it for sale now....what's it's status????Thanks Jenifer

Twin Gables (Marthasville)
JD from Joplin on 07/04/2008 10:47 AM:
For a bar, they have great food. I had the lunch special and was blown away by the taste. On top of that, the price was nice.

Critter Cottage Marthasville
Anonymous from Springfield on 06/11/2008 07:34 PM:
Nice secluded cabin with a real old style charm. The proprietor picked us up and transported us in his truck. Good but simple breakfast. I will stay there again.

kittywhiz from Oregon on 06/06/2008 11:04 PM:
Marthasville is looking kind of sad since the 10 years I was last there. We ate at Twin Gables B&G and had a pretty decent lunch- very friendly folks there.

DougK from Troy on 06/07/2008 08:51 AM:
Did they ever sell Choo Choo's campground?

jb from Ofallon Mo on 06/07/2008 08:55 PM:
Marthasville was a dissapointment. We didn't find any of the services listed on the website. I wouldn't recomend the section from Augusta to Marthasville. The trail is out in an open field with little scenary along the way.

Ray (webmaster) on 06/08/2008 08:11 AM:
Just curious which services are listed on the website but not available. I just took Scenic Cycles off the website this morning, but other than that I believe everything that's listed here is still in business. For Twin Gables or the S&K minimart, you need to ride south from the trailhead for 1/4 mile or so, so you might not have seen them from the trailhead.

And to answer Doug, as far as I know ChooChoos is still up for sale (haven't heard otherwise, anyway).

Stevie from Saint Louis on 06/08/2008 09:21 AM:
Vanessa Guyot still has Choo's Choo's listed at he website, list price is now down to just below $55,000.

Stevie from Saint Louis on 06/08/2008 09:22 AM:
Should have read "her" website.

Cliff from Edwardsville KS on 06/10/2008 08:37 AM:
My wife and I rode to Marthasville from St. Charles and while I agree that it wasn't the most senic part of the trail we had been on, it was still an enjoyable ride. We did'nt see any places to eat in Marthasville when we were planning the trip so we stopped at the Blumenhof Vineyard near Dutzow and bought cheese crackers and sausage to eat for dinner. We ate a late lunch in Augusta so we would'nt need a big supper. We stayed at the Critter Cottage Bed and Breakfast and I would highly recommend it. They had provided snacks for the evening along with a bottle of local MO. wine. They even offered to take us somewhere to buy groceries for dinner. The cabin was fantastic with a huge jacuzzi tub. The breakfast was very good and there was alot of it. They picked us up at the trailhead and took us a couple of miles to the cabin out of town. The next morning it was pouring down rain so they even took us to Agusta where we were able to wait out the rain so we could resume our ride. I can't say enough great things about this B&B. We look forward to staying there again this summer.

The Little House B&B (Marthasville)
Paul from Springfield on 11/06/2007 10:44 PM:
Loved the Little House. We were tired and a little late getting there. We found the house to be absolutly charming, relaxing, and just what we needed. Highly recommended.


Lake Creek Winery, Marthasville

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