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Anyone going to be on the trail mid-to-late March?
Mary from Winfield, MO on 02/28/2006 11:25 AM
Hello, my son is a senior in High School we are planning to bike the trail on his spring break which starts March 17. We are going to start at Clinton. Is anyone else planning to do the trail at this time? Are we crazy to do it so early in the year? We are just casual bikers but experienced campers (backpackers) and plan to take it slow and camp whenever we can. I know the weather can be iffy but we are prepared for that.

I will say that I have been disappointed in the bed and breakfasts I have researched. For one thing they are so expensive. (The cheapest are usually $100, and some are $150-$200 for ONE NIGHT!) For another thing they are all about the "romance". I am not looking for romance with my 18-year old son! What do people do that are traveling together but are not a couple? I can't imagine paying that much for a room and then having one of us sleep on the floor.

Mark of the Dalton Boys from Austin, TX/Columbia, MO. on 02/28/2006 11:41 AM
Most B&B's are priced that way throughout the continent and globally as well. Being a camper as well, I would say that you both being experienced campers will carry the day for a March ride. You live in MO. so you know the weather in March as well as anyone. Most trail concessions are not open but some will be. This website has a wealth of information in terms of lodging. There are other benefits to riding the trail in the "off-season", most notably, you will have the trail quite largely to yourselves and the resident wildlife. enjoy the voyage......Mark of the Dalton Boys

frank from festus, mo on 02/28/2006 12:47 PM
mary and son, wish i could go, i want to ride the entire KATY one day myself. as far as camping, call ahead to the towns ya'll plan on staying at. also, i believe there is a hostel at tebbets with hot showers. ya might consider that also. use this webite as much as possible, it has a wealth of info and contacts. as far as the B and B's go, can't help there at all. enjoy the ride and good luck. frank

Rhona Lococo from St. Charles on 02/28/2006 08:21 PM
Mary ---- we have rooms for KAty Trail riders for $85.00 and it has two double beds ---- we are at the end of the trail ----- or the beginning ----depends where you start ---- we have a nice hot tub and you can get a massage here ---- call us if you need us ---- Rhona Lococo -----Lococo House ll, B&B

bryan from Springdale, AR on 02/28/2006 08:26 PM

My wife and I will also be on the trail that week. We are starting in Hermann and riding west. Will be out there all week so maybe we'll see each other. I'll be on blue and silver Fuji Utah, and my wife will be on gray and white Fuji Odessa.

Have a good trip!


bryan from Springdale, AR on 02/28/2006 08:32 PM
oh, I almost forgot. We got 2 nights at Birks in Hermann for less than $150. Do some digging on the websites, call the resorts on the phone. You'll be surprised the deals you can get. Found Birks from a link on here.

ET from Columbia on 03/09/2006 12:26 PM
I think you can find places for $85--try the Doll House in Rhineland--they definitely have rooms with twin beds. So does The Globe in Hartsburg, and The Officers Quarters in Boonville--not sure about prices. Katy Trail B-B in Rocheport is the least expensive there, but may not be open that early. Also, there are several motels in towns along the way, that may be less expensive and have rooms with 2 beds.

Mike from Southeast Missouri on 03/12/2006 06:07 PM
Tibbets is on donations and the Globe Hotel in Hartsburt is under 100. Have a good trip. I will be on the trail from the 17th - 20th. I remember a few years back that you wouldn't see anyone on the trail this time of year.

ET from Columbia on 03/13/2006 11:42 AM
Another place to check is the Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia. They give a significant discount if you tell them you are riding the Katy, and have double room "suites" that we use as a family.

Matthew from Kansas City, MO on 03/15/2006 10:53 AM
My friend and I will be on the trail from the 22 to the 25. Maybe we'll see you.

gee on 03/16/2006 01:08 AM
If you don't mind cats and make it into Hartsburg there is always the Globe Hotel B&B 573 657 4529. Rates run about $50 single, $70 double. Or like to camp there is the Volunteer Park. The bike shop is open Friday thru Monday 10:00 to 4:00 at this time of the year, hours and days expand the first of April.

It can be a little hit and miss on the trail at this time of the year. Many places have limited hours open only because bike season generaly runs April to November. It is still a great time to be out on the trail.

Pet Friendly lodging along the KATY
bryan from Springdale, AR on 02/05/2006 05:46 PM
As some of may have read in another post, my wife and I will be travelling the Katy during spring break in March. We plan to start in Hermann, and go west. If I can find enough places that are pet friendly, we plan to take our little chihuahua with us. He's very friendly, loves kids, and absolutely loves to ride with us. All I have to do is pick up my helmet and he goes and stands by the door and waits for us. Anyway, I've built him a carrier that bolts to the bike so he'll be safe if we crash, and all that. In any case, does anyone who reads this forum have information on pet friendly lodging? Surely we aren't the first people to ever take a dog on a trip like this, but I'm having difficulty finding places that are close enough together. I know, some of you youngsters can do a hundred miles a day, but we can't. 30 miles is comfortable, we can do 40 if we have to. Any ideas? You can post them here or email me at bcspain@sbcglobal.net Put KATY TRAIL in the subject line in case my spam filter puts your message in the bulk folder, I can find it and rescue it that way.



Ray (webmaster) on 02/19/2006 07:14 AM
There are a handful of B&Bs that explicitly say they'll allow pets:

Das Gast Haus Nadler, Defiance (mile 59)

Angels in the Attic, Hermann (3 miles off the trail from mile 101)

Harbor Haus Inn & Suites, Hermann

Les Lavandes B&B, Rhineland (mile 105)

Jefferson Inn, Jefferson City (1 mile off the trail from mile 143)

Hartsburg Inn, Hartsburg (mile 154)

Cruces' Cabooses, Windsor (mile 248)

This doesn't mean that no one else accepts pets. Some of the B&Bs want to talk to you first and find out what kind of pet you have - from your description I would imaging that many B&Bs will not have any objections to your little dog. Try calling some of the B&Bs listed on the Katy Trail B&B Guide, who do not have "Pets: No" stated in their listings - if you ask, they just might say it's OK.

You might also have some luck with motels near the trail, which you'll find in Clinton, Sedalia, Boonville, Columbia (9 mile bike path ride from the Katy Trail), Jefferson City, and St Charles. Here's a list of all lodging on the trail

Do you have a photo of your dog riding in his carrier? If you want to send me a picture, I'll publish it on the website. Good luck with your trip.

bryan from Springdale, AR on 02/28/2006 08:39 PM

I don't have a digital picture at the moment, but I'll take one the next time we go (hopefully this weekend). Thanks for all the info. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, have been really busy and haven't been on line lately. Thanks for all your help, and you have a great site.

I'll get you a picture soon.

Ray (webmaster) on 03/15/2006 06:27 AM
Here are some photos of Bryan's bike dog carrier - that's a happy dog!

bryan from Springdale, AR on 03/15/2006 11:48 PM

Thanks for a great website, and thanks for posting the pics of Zak.

He really likes riding with us. Unfortunately, he'll be staying behind on this trip. We are going to do another in the summer, and he'll come along on that one. Since we will be able to camp, it will be easier to take him.

See ya!!

Burr Oak Tree (McBaine)
Lisa D. from Shawnee, KS on 03/15/2006 03:13 PM
Okay, I have to admit I was not that excited about the prospect of going to see a big old tree, but since we were so close, and the kids wanted to, we went. I am so glad we did! This tree is impressive! It's not just a tree, it's a T R E E! Well worth the very short detour off the trail to visit. Add it to your list of stops and bring your camera.

Dotty's Cafe (Hartsburg)
Lisa D. from Shawnee, KS on 03/15/2006 09:32 AM
We visited Dotty’s for lunch our last day on the trail and all I can say is WOW! The food was awesome! Prepare yourself for large portions of great home cooking in an open, spotless dining area with gift shop in the back. There was also space to eat outside, but it was too windy the day we visited. There are rocking chairs on the porch in case you want to relax a bit waiting for others to join you, or just for a break from the bike seat. The blackberry cobbler was the best I’ve ever eaten and they have excellent food choices for children. The locals also eating at Dottie’s were friendly and fun to chat with too. They are right off the trail and easy to find. I will definitely be coming back!

RT Weilers (St Charles)
N.P. from Saint Charles on 12/12/2004 11:38 AM
we had decent food. There was only 1 server on a friday night which was not great. We were there for my birthday and as a going away dinner for my husband who was leaving for the Air Force and the manager told us they needed the table for another party and asked us to either move to the smoking section (GROSS) or to leave! I was seriously offended and will not go there again. That was a horrible way to treat anyone, muchless a military family! Do not patronize this business, you may be prematurely asked to leave so that they can make more money!

dm on 03/08/2005 07:02 AM
We enjoyed the food and the service. In fact took our friends back and they said the same. Perhaps you got ahold of someone having a bad day.

We have been back often and enjoy the experience. You may want to give them another try.

Jamie A from St Louis on 03/29/2005 10:13 PM
I visted RT Weilers and thought it was nice. I guess everyone can have a bad experience somewhere but I have been there a couple of times and though the service was not really fast the place was packed for a reason because the server was very friendly and the food was good.

Michael Fox from St. Charles on 08/29/2005 03:34 PM
I have met the owner personally on main street while in downtown St. Charles. I had been to the restaurant before and enjoyed the food. The owner was very friendly and interested in my opinion of the restaurant once I had told him that I had been there before. The service was fast, the drink menu was one of the best I have found on main street, and the nachos are excellent. I'll go back.

M.S. on 10/24/2005 03:15 PM
I was in RT Weiler's over the weekend- good bands, horrible service- the bartender (later identified herself as one of the owners) was rude to us, and even worse, downright nasty to some of the employees. We will never go back.

Anonymous from St Louis, MO on 11/07/2005 10:53 AM
My husband and I have been to R T Weilers many times. We have found that, except for one exception, the servers and bartenders are very nice. We understand that since Main Street in St Charles is an experience in itself, we don't mind when the service is a bit slower. It's not a "fast food joint". The owner is very nice and is sincerely trying to make the experience unique. The bands they have are great ! If you go understanding that it is a unique establishment in a unique community, you will very much enjoy yourself.

John P from St. Charles on 11/15/2005 08:33 AM
Lookin for a night out throughout the week? This is the place to go. Tuesday nights they have karaoke and Thursday nights with Dj Dreams along with E2TS (Ear 2 The Streets)spinnin all night long. They always have some type of drink special.

mr on 12/20/2005 06:02 PM
best food and service we ever had!!! BBQ and pizza are to die for and the homemade carrot cake amazing!!!! five stars***** We eat there twice a week and love it.

Ava from St. Charles on 03/13/2006 02:54 PM
I work nearby and eat at RT's twice a week. I love thier chicken salad sandwich and thier Philly steak Sandwich. I have been there for dinner, it is all wonderfull!!!! ALWAYS great service.

St. Charles Trailhead (St Charles)
Mike from Southeast Missouri on 03/11/2006 04:44 PM
Hi, I have been to this parking lot before but had a shuttle pick me up and take me back to the train station in Kirksville. I am going to leave my car there for a few days and need to the know the actual address of the lot so I can put it on my GPS. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

savage24 from KC,MO on 03/11/2006 09:11 PM
If you are looking for waypionts for your GPS see the thread started by brian on 1/10/06:

river access
Ryan from St. Peters on 03/07/2006 09:34 PM
I have not rode the KATY yet, but am planning a trip. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere along the trail that you can access the river and maybe drop a line in for a nice hour break. I am also looking for suggestions on a good 2 day ride for a novice rider while still being pretty scenic (i am in good shape, its just been a while since i've been on the bike). Thanks for any comments.

frank from festus, mo on 03/07/2006 10:54 PM
ryan, you actually cross the river at boonville on the katy. don't know if fishing is allowed any where around that area or not. between rocheport and hartsburg is some river accesses, also at coopers landing which is between mcbaine and hartsburg. there is also river access at klondike which is just east of augusta a mile or so. better check with the state park system bouts fishing along the trail. depending on how far you want to go, i think rocheport east is the prettiest ride. since your from st. peters, get on at st. charles or even at defiance and just start ridin. the entire trail is gorgeous. any which way you chose, happy bikin.

Ken K from St. Charles on 03/08/2006 05:09 AM
At the Weldon Spring trailhead, you can ride down a gravel road that takes you to the boat ramp at the Weldon Spring access. I've seen people fishing from the bank there before.

Also, there's pretty easy access to the river where the trail passes under the Boone Bridge.

Between McBaine & Hartsburg, there are a couple of spots where you could get easy access to the bank for fishing. At these points the trail is right along the river.

guest on 03/09/2006 08:25 AM
Just north/east of the Weldon Spring area, underneath the Hwy 40/64 bridge is a great spot for fishing. It's just off the trail. There is a 'pool' area that seems very active with fish.

Catch the Katy - DNR Ride 2006 - parking and camping
Spoon from Charlotte, NC on 03/06/2006 12:30 PM
Hi, where can I securely park my car in St Charles while I ride the 2006 Catch the Katy until my return on the evening of the 23rd?

Also, would camping be allowed back in St Charles the evening/night of the 23rd so that I do not have to hit the road immediately after arriving back at the trail head?

For that matter, would I be able to camp in St Charles on Saturday the 17th if I decide to arrive a day early?



Anonymous on 03/06/2006 02:09 PM
I beleive the State got a special use permit that only allows camping in Frontier Park on the Sunday night before the ride. There are lots of other lodging options available and there is an RV park just off the trail in St. Charles that may allow tent camping. As for secure parking, the state has an agreement with the City that allows for parking during the ride near the boathouse in St. Charles.

Anonymous from Augusta on 03/06/2006 01:47 PM
How about listing Cafe bella In Augusta on your site? Great food and service, nice family run restaurant.

From trailhead, take public St. North 5 blocks (.3 mile), turn right on Locust, go 2 blocks (.1 mile).

Here is a link to their menu on a local we site, with hours, phone, etc.:


Advice for First Trip
Michael Smith from Tuscola, Illinois on 02/23/2006 07:27 AM
I am a first time rider looking for advice. We are looking to ride out of St. Charles and hopefully be on the trail for 3 days. What is a reasonable distance to ride in a day- I was thinking 30-35 miles (we are in pretty good shape). Any suggestions on place to stay, stop, or visit? Is it best to ride out and back, or ride out and take the train or shuttle back. Thanks for any help you can provide.

John from West Plains on 02/23/2006 09:45 AM
If you are in pretty good shape, you might consider riding further than 30 miles. I rode with a group of guys that were not in good shape and we rode 40 the first day of our trip. We are going again and this time we are doing 50 the first day. You might get a little sore in the seat, but you will be fine. As for places to stay, if you make it far enough, check out the Globe Hotel in Hartsburg...Great muffins!

TRinJboro from Jonesboro, AR on 02/23/2006 11:56 AM
Depends on your goal. If you are wanting to relax and enjoy the trail, 30-35 is probably about right. I've gone as far as 80 miles in a day, but that gives you little time to see the interesting sights. If you want to catch the Amtrack back, then Jefferson City is your last stop going west prior to Sedelia. It's 104 miles from St. Charles. If you do this, then I would suggest you consider B & B's in Marthasville, and Bluffton for your lodging. If you want to go farther each day, then I would consider staying in McKittrick/Hermann the first night, then Hartsburg the second. Hermann is an old German town with interesting sights. Hartsburg has a very good B & B (Globe Hotel) and a neat bike shop. You can then get up the 3rd day and bike back to Jefferson City and catch the train back to St. Charles. Good luck, you will love the KATY !

Jarred from Florissant on 02/23/2006 12:07 PM
Just wandering how much time you are willing to devote to the ride?? Me and a group are going to ride the whole trail out and back in late july-early august. Were planning about an 8 day trip. Thats between 40- 50 miles a day. If your willing to ride out and back you are welcome to join us. This will be a first time ride for us as well on the entire Katy trail

frank from festus, mo on 02/23/2006 06:42 PM
you may want to also contact the businesses along the trail to find out their hours of business and the days they are open. that might give you a little better insight into how far each day you want to ride. main thing is be safe, have fun, and enjoy the katy.

Rhona Lococo from St. Charles on 02/28/2006 08:33 PM
Michael ---- check with us about shuttle and ending your trip at Lococo House ll ------ at the end of the trail ---dip in hot tub and also get a well deserved massage ---- at Lococo House ll

MaBell from Overland Park, KS on 03/05/2006 11:24 PM
If you're in pretty good shape, I think you're going to want to keep going after 30 miles; it's such a great trail, easy to ride, and with great scenery. You can easily cover 10 miles an hour. The first day I rode the KATY was 63 miles - I didn't work terribly hard, stopped for 30 minute lunch and a few other short stops and a side trip, and was on the trail from about 8:00-4:00. Have fun - you'll love it!

Best Short Trip?
Carol from Oroville, CA on 02/19/2006 07:43 PM
Each year we visit family in MO the last week of June. We try to plan fun side trips and I just heard about the KATY. We have three nights and two full days for our ride, and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations as to the best portion of the trail to ride. We will have to rent bikes, stay in hotels and get a return shuttle, so services are important. We bike and are in decent shape but want to enjoy the scenery and towns (and we worry about the humidity) - so we're thinking 40-60 miles.

frank from festus, mo on 02/20/2006 10:38 PM
carol, personally, i think rocheport east is the prettiest route. i've been as far as no. jefferson trail head from rocheport. as far as services go, check with the trail side cafe and bike rental at rocheport, as well as cycle depot at hartsburg. otherwise, check with all the businesses along the route for their hours and services. also have read numerous times on this forum about dotys cafe in hartsburg as well as the globe hotel in hartsburg and how great they are. other than that, enjoy the ride and be safe.

TRinJboro from Jonesboro, AR on 02/21/2006 12:07 PM
I totally agree with Frank. I've biked almost the entire trail and Rocheport east is by far the most scenic. The bike shop there is also a good place to rent bikes. Depending on how far you want to go each day, for a short ride (25 miles), I would bike to Hartsburg, spend the night there and then bike back. For a longer ride (47 miles), I would go to Tebbetts where there is a hostel type shelter with bunk beds and spend the night there. The cost to spend the night there is only $5.00 per person. Good luck, you'll love the KATY !!

Mark of the Dalton Boys from Austin, TX/Columbia, MO. on 02/22/2006 07:32 AM
One thing for absolutely sure....it will be very, very humid in June....bring Camelbacks etc. Regards.....Mark of the Dalton Boys

Clint Thompson from Moberly on 03/01/2006 04:11 PM
I agree with Frank. That is the coolest section of the trail that I have been on. Another great section is between Defiance and Marthasville. Augusta is a great town to go through.

kasko from STL MO on 03/03/2006 01:01 PM
Do contact Katy Trail office and request info packet.

MaBell from Overland Park, KS on 03/05/2006 11:11 PM
Carol, 40-60 miles is a good trip for the day -the KATY is a relatively easy ride - but the heat will be a problem. It can be close to 90-100 in the mid-afternoon, and you're not going to want to be finishing up 60 miles that time of day. We did a 57 miler on a hot June day, and there was no stopping to enjoy - we kept plowing forward because it was so hot we just wanted to get done. If you really want to enjoy the towns and the scenery, you might want to plan to find cool places to hang out in the afternoons, and do most of your riding before lunch (start early in the a.m. - it's a beautiful time of day on the trail), and after dinner. Have fun!

Talayna's (St Charles)
Local Guy from St. Charles MO on 11/12/2005 05:20 PM
On the end of the resturaunt strip, Talayna's is smack in the middle of bar row (not a bad thing). Its not much atmosphere, but if you want the best Deep-dish Chicago style pizza this side of the Missippi, go to Talayna's! THier Chicago pizza is out of this world!

Patrick from Cleveland, Ohio on 03/05/2006 11:16 AM
I was back home in St. Charles in for Thanksgiving, and one evening I went to dinner at Talayna's with my three sons. I met a lovely waitress named Kim who was so charming that on the last day of my visit I returned to Talayna's to talk with her. I haven't been back since November but I hope she's still there. So, if you happen to see Kim, please tell her that guy from Cleveland hasn't forgotten her lovely smile and hopes to say hello on his next visit. And feel free to give her my e-mail address if she'd care to write. I'd love to hear from her.

Patrick (Sixthson1@wmconnect.com)

Shuttle Service
Michael Smith from Tuscola, Illinois on 03/03/2006 02:05 PM
As I continue to plan my trip in early June- we are thinking about taking a shuttle from St. Charles to Jefferson City and then riding back to St. Charles. I am looking for reccommendations on a shuttle service and also nice places to stay in the general areas of Bluffton and Marthasville. Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.

Rhona Lococo from St. Charles on 03/03/2006 05:51 PM
We are a BED & Breakfast that offers shuttle service ---- let us know if we can be of help to you ---- Rhona Lococo -----rhonaloc@charter.net

kasko from STL MO on 03/04/2006 02:15 PM
Best as far as I am concerned is to take AMTRAK from St Louis to Jeff City. You can board downtown StL or at Kirkwood station.

Since modern trains do not have baggage cars Amtrak has made allowances to allow you to bring bike onto train. It may be good idea to arrange/check it out with them when you buy ticket.

Blooming of Dogwoods
Easy Ed from Rockwall, TX (Dallas) on 03/03/2006 04:49 PM
Looking to do St. Charles to Boonville (prox) in April or early May. Any guesses on when the dogwoods might be in bloom this year?

MAH on 03/03/2006 09:34 PM
According to the 2006 MO Conservation Calendar of Natural Events, April 20th has the notation to "Look for flowering dogwoods".

Hope that helps!


Katy Trail
kasko from STL MO on 03/03/2006 01:07 PM
What, when and where is the DNR ride? What is a DNR?

Ray (Webmaster) on 03/03/2006 01:11 PM
DNR is the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the agency that runs the Katy Trail. Every June they sponsor an organized ride from one end of the trail to the other, over the course of 5 days (June 19-23 this year). They accommodate up to 300 riders. You can find details at this link.

Catch the Katy - DNR Ride 2006 - Looking for ride from Cedar Rapids, IA
Luv2Ride from Cedar Rapids, IA on 03/02/2006 02:48 PM
Hi all,

I want to participate in the 2006 Catch the Katy June 19-23, but would prefer not to drive myself all the way to St. Charles. Looking to catch a ride down on Sunday the 18th and back up on Saturday the 24th - from somewhere around Cedar Rapids IA. I can be a little flexible on this, if someone was within an hour or two drive from CR. Of course, I would split the cost of gas. If you're interested in helping me out, send me an e-mail at cyclechick63@yahoo.com.

Thanks alot!

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