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Is the Katy Trail bad for bicycles?
Nathan from st. louis area on 06/07/2005 11:46 PM
I was just curious as to whether or not the fact that riding on that loose rock and dust would cause any problems in a bike. such as if any dust got in the wheel bearings etc.?

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 06/08/2005 11:29 AM

My biggest concern after riding any unpaved trail that is dusty is the chain. Keep an eye on it and the cassette and after a ride of several miles, clean and relube the chain and deraileurs before riding again.

Sloow Jarome from El Reno, OK on 06/08/2005 11:08 PM
The trail is pretty dusty and after a rain can really eat up your chain and gears. Carry lube and don't be afraid to use it.

Our Trip is over/odds & ends
Sloow Jarome from El Reno, OK on 06/08/2005 10:44 PM
My Dad(70)& I finished our cycling trip yesterday. Sedalia - Hermann (about 150 miles, including side trips). What a great ride! Thanks to all of you who answered my questions, gave advice, etc. We camped the first 2 nights and got wet, motels the last 2 nights. The trail was in very good condition.

Highlights: MO State Fairgrounds for camping - $7.00 per tent. Not bad, had hot showers, plenty of trees for shade, but no tables.

Sedalia-Franklin: not sure why, but I was suprised by several long grades. Pretty scenery though. We had counted on eating b-fast & lunch in towns along the way, but found eateries to be scarce, possibly because I excel at getting us lost (don't ask). Camped @ Katy Roundhouse. Nice place, the owner even delivered ice! Roughly 7 gazillion chiggers, most of whom found me to be good eats.

Franklin-Jeff City: early start and had to ride 20 miles before finding breakfast @ Katfish Katy's (franks and cheese - please, please don't ask. I don't know why, just sounded good). Lunch in Hartsburg @ Dollies (or Dotties - I was pretty tired) where I had the 2nd best cheeseburger in the universe, then 12 miles to N. Jefferson City.

More to follow...

Sloow Jarome from El Reno, OK on 06/08/2005 11:05 PM
At North Jefferson, we faced a bit of a problem: how to get across the bridge..several locals at the trailhead (with pick-ups)said crossing the bridge was, well risky, but were disinclined to give us a lift. A note on the community board said the Best Value Inn offered a free shuttle.

We called and 20 minutes later were being transported to the hotel in Holt's Summit. 56 dollars got us the biggest room I've ever seen, great service, friendly staff and something called air-conditioning. The owner (never got his name - so sorry) refused a tip, just part of the service...offered to shuttle us back @ 7 a.m. Since we needed to leave earlier, he told of a route to the trailhead, part of which he keeps mowed for cyclists. I mean this guy was great!

The bridge at Hermann was a breeze (2:00 on a Monday) not much traffic, except for the Missouri DOT truck that tried to run me down!

All said and done, this was a fine trip.

Old bridge
RLS from Webster Groves on 04/08/2004 07:52 AM
Check out the plaque on the northeast part of the iron bridge at mile 93.5 - built in 1897.

bb on 06/07/2005 05:04 AM

McKittrick lodging
Dave Pagel from Carrollton, TX on 05/23/2005 09:16 AM
Any good ideas/experiences for lodging (no camping) in or around McKittrick? This will be the end of our first day riding E to W the third week in June. We will be traveling light, so will need a place to wash our clothes. Thanks. !!

ET from Columbia, MO on 05/26/2005 08:59 AM
We enjoyed our stay at the Doll's House, 4 miles west in Rhineland, a couple of years ago. Nothing fancy, but comfortable, right on the trail, and a hearty breakfast. I don't know about the places in McKittrick, and of course there's always the option of getting shuttled across the river to a B&B in Hermann (some ride that bridge, but I wouldn't).

W Family from Wildwood, Missouri on 06/06/2005 01:39 PM
We stayed at Meyers Hilltop B&B in McKittrick 2 years ago and very much enjoyed it. There were animals on the property that our kids loved and the breakfast was outstanding.

S.O.B.'s (Steedman)
Annie Brookshire from STJ on 06/04/2005 11:53 PM
do you guys have tent rental at the campground..i dont really want to haul my tent around for thirty miles..so get back to me please! Kiss kiss....annie

Tom from Fort Madison IA. on 06/04/2005 01:18 PM
When is the best time to view the trees changing in the fall?

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 06/04/2005 07:26 PM
The peak for fall color varies for many reasons.....so the "best" time is sometimes difficult to determine. For the past two years, the second and third weeks in October have been very beautiful around Rocheport.

We rode the second weekend in Oct. last year and it could not have been a better time....also rode on Halloween day and most all of the leaves had fallen....still a very pretty ride tho.

The Missouri Department of Conservation tracks peak times throughout the state and is relatively accurate. Their web addy is: http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/

See ya on the trail!

Sedalia to Hartsburg
Et from Columbia, MO on 05/31/2005 03:40 PM
We just completed a fantastic 4 day ride-4 adults and 5 kids, ages 4-11. We stayed at two tried-and-true spots, which didn't disappoint, the Bothwell in Sedalia and the Globe in Hartsburg. Also had a really great stay in Boonville at The Officer's Club, which I can't recommend highly enough. They manage to be kid-friendly, while also elegant enough for any special occasion. It is close to the trail (uphill of course, but I think everything in Boonville is), and is a beautifully restored historic house that was once part of Kemper Military Academy. It was well-stocked with cold drinks, fresh cookies and other snacks, books, movies and board games-I almost wish we had gotten held up by the weather. Breakfast was hearty, tasty, and beautifully presented. Also of note in Boonville, there is a very good Italian restaurant called Napoli on Main Street, and we had the chance while there to peek into Boonville's newest B&B, an eclectic little spot called 4 Doors which is just off the patio of Napoli-definitely NOT for kids--it has lots of original artwork.

Out next stop was Rocheport, where we had pleasant, though far more modest accomodation at the Katy Trail Bed and Breakfast. We stayed in a room big enough to accomodate all 9 of us, so the price was VERY reasonable for our group. Also a very tasty breakfast.

One place I haven't seen mentioned on here before that is definitely worth knowing about (partly because you would never expect it) is the Thai Kitchen at Cooper's Landing: Fresh, fantastic Thai food cooked to order on the spot! Don't miss it.

Katsuey from Lansing, KS on 05/20/2005 12:23 AM
Just finished a 2 1/2 day trip on the Katy trail - our first of many to come. Wow! What fun. We stayed two nights at the Riverscene B&B. Very nice folks. The first day we biked from the Riverscene (New Franklin - actually the outskirts of Booneville) to Rocheport. Beautiful weather and no problems on the trail. We had a late lunch at Trailside Cafe & Bike Shop (really super friendly folks and simple but good food) and a lovely dinner at the goreous Les Bourgeois Bistro - probably the prettiest view in all of MO. The Bistro folks fit us into their very busy restaurant and served us wonderful food, well presented. Also rode into New Franklin but absolutely nothing is open until the last week in May according to town folks.

The next day we drove to Rocheport and began our cycling trip. We stopped for an early lunch at Lucy's in McBaine. Not the friendliest folks in MO, in fact my guess is they don't care for cylists at all.

Leaving Lucy's we cycled less than two miles before one of our cyclists had a flat. We checked the entire tire and could find nothing wrong so we used our C02 kit to inflate, but the tube started leaking again immediately - our spare tube would not fit that bike. While two walked back to McBride, we rode ahead to inquire about a service station in the area. The folks at Lucy's were not helpful. We asked about a compressor (which they had since they were working with one in the back on renovation), they simply directed us to try the cement plant (where no one was available). We then asked if anyone would be willing to give one cyclist a ride back to Rocheport (we were willing to pay) - they looked at us like we were from another planet even though there were at least 15 people in Lucys. Next we tried the emergency trail numbers - the closest ride pickup was 1.5 hours away.

We finally sent two cyclists back to Rocheport where the people at Trailside Cafe and Bike Shop were very helpful, giving us directions to drive a vehic

Nails on 05/20/2005 12:23 PM
As I've said in so many ways and times, you've got to be prepared. To ride on the KATY trail without a tube is an invitation for a long hike. That said, I'm sorry about your experience at Lucy's. I've never been there. My experience with people and businesses along the KATY trail is a mixed bag. Some have learned to capitalize on the trail while still leading a quiet, rural life (but some are rather showy). Others resent the trail and are rather gruff when they encounter KATY trail users.

ET from Columbia, MO on 05/31/2005 03:23 PM
We stopped in at Lucy's just to check out the menu, since there hasn't been anything at McBaine for a while, and they were very friendly and welcoming--offered to fill our water bottles without being asked, offered us a copy of the menu to take with us, etc. I would say they welcome bike riders. BTW, as we rode out on Monday there was no drinking fountain at McBaine. On Tuesday there was! It wasn't running yet, but installed. I understand that it is a donation fromt the City of Columbia, whose water treatment plant is right there.

Memorial Day Weekend 2005 -- St. Charles to Sedalia
TonyO from Kansas City on 05/30/2005 11:59 PM
This web site was a great help in preparing our trip. Turned out to be a terrific weekend, and the trail seemed in fine shape. My road bike with 700x28 tires handled it well. Looking back, I wish I had planned lunch stops in two towns in particular: Dutzow, where a bbq joint had set up a beer garden with a live band just steps from the trail -- and beckoned to cyclists to come over (I stupidly rode by, expecting something even better in Marthasville). And Rocheport, another town that really seems to embrace the trail and cyclists. Also, I highly recommend the Doll House Bed and Breakfast in Rhineland. Found a room there even when Hermann was fully booked, and it is literally on the trail. For road cyclists: riding the crushed limestone is definitely more work. Figure that after 50 miles on the Katy, you'll feel like you've ridden 75.

The Doll House B & B
The Jordans from Illinois on 08/25/2004 08:08 PM
My wife and I recently spent two nights at the Doll House bed & breakfast in Rhineland. Highly recommended! Clean rooms, excellent food and GREAT people!

heidi from st. louis on 08/30/2004 01:44 PM
I couldn't agree more with your impression of the Doll House B & B. Amanda & Jeff are great people, the rooms are clean and the bathrooms large. The breakfast is delicious as is the food across the road at the diner/bar.

Amanda from Rhineland on 09/15/2004 08:39 PM
Thank you so much for your kind words!!!

I hope you come back sometime!

Amanda Schaefer

The Doll House B & B

D Miner from Indianapolis on 05/30/2005 06:04 PM
Agreed. Very much enjoyed it when I stopped there last September.

TonyO from Kansas City on 05/30/2005 11:46 PM
Memorial Day 2005 trip: Amanda fixed us breakfast an hour before her regular schedule when we told her we wanted to hit the trail early. And what a great breakfast! Truly a wonderful stay -- and right on the trail. Nice to stay in a place that is so clearly tied to the Katy experience. I was happy that we skipped Hermann lodging (which was full anyway) for Rhineland!

Lodging criteria
D on 12/02/2004 07:36 AM
How is it that you chose certain lodge facilities and not others? I looked on my own to the independant towns and found lodging options not listed on your site.

Are your listings of facilities fee-based?

Ray (webmaster) on 12/02/2004 09:58 AM
This website lists ALL the lodging, restaurant, etc. businesses that I'm aware of on or near the trail, and I attempt to validate the listings at least twice a year. It's an ongoing struggle, because businesses are always opening and closing, but I consider it very important for the listings to be complete.

PLEASE let me know if you find any errors or omissions, for the benefit of other trail users who might be using the website to plan their trips. Here's a page with details on how to contact me.

If you are a business owner near the Katy Trail and you think your business should be listed on the website, you may add your business using this link, or just send me an email with all the details (see "how to contact me" link above). There is no fee whatsoever to be listed here.

Again, by letting me know of any missing businesses, you're not just doing me a favor, you're doing a favor for the many other trail users who use this website. Thanks in advance for your help!

Nails on 05/17/2005 05:27 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong Ray, but don't you pretty much run this website out of the goodness of your heart? If you count all the time you've put into this website and deduct expenses like phone calls, do you even make minimum wage from your sales?

Ray (webmaster) on 05/17/2005 06:51 PM
Hehe - minimum wage would be nice, I'm not even up to a third-world sweatshop wage yet. :-) Seriously, yes I built and run the BikeKatyTrail website because I love the Katy Trail, and enjoy building websites. I build commercial websites for a living, and decided to combine my interests by building this site. The pay is horrible and the hours are long, but it's lots of fun!

pgwest from Ramona, CA on 05/29/2005 12:45 AM
Well, can I just say that I truly appreciate your website!! My family is planning a trip to the Katy Trail in Oct, and this website is a HUGE help! Thanks for all your efforts! *I'm SO excited!*

Turner Katy Trail Shelter Hostel (Tebbetts)
Whit from Almost local! Reform, MO on 05/27/2005 11:27 PM
I think this is a great resource!

I've stayed there once before I lived locally and a couple times since. (It's a climb getting out of the river flood plain, rather do it in the morning) I leave magnets on the fridge, Please take one and leave a small donation for the hostel.

Great Campground along the way (Katy Roundhouse, New Franklin)
Jamie A from St Louis, MO on 10/26/2004 02:50 PM
This was a nice place to stay. It was only $12 for the night and the owners were really nice. The campgrounds have firepits and lots of shade.

Sk33t3r from Kansas City, MO on 05/27/2005 02:35 PM
If you stay at the Roundhouse Friday or Saturday night, make sure you eat dinner with John (the owner). He and his wife have a moderately priced restaurant and serve up very fine food.

Motorized Bikes
Dan Gonder from Guntersville Al. on 04/12/2005 04:02 PM
Are small motorised or Elect.bikes allowed?

Ray (webmaster) on 04/12/2005 04:29 PM
Yes, within certain guidelines. According to the MO Department of Natural Resources: "Electrically assisted pedal-powered bicycles and tricycles (maximum speed of 20 MPH) as well as electrically powered-mobility devices for persons with disabilities such as motorized wheelchairs and scooters are allowed".

Sk33t3r from Kansas City, MO on 05/27/2005 02:30 PM
Talk to Chuck at Chuck Bike's in Booneville. He rents just what you're looking for.

Options for getting to Kirkwood Amtrak
Sk33t3r from Kansas City, MO on 05/27/2005 01:35 PM
Can anyone give some advice on the least expensive way to get to the Amtrak Station from St. Charles? The shuttle services would be nice, but I'm looking for something less expensive. I would guess we're not going to want to bike from St. Charles to Kirkwood after riding 225 miles either. Any comments / ideas would be most appreciated.

Bike Rental Places
Nel from STL, MO on 05/26/2005 03:06 PM
Which bike rental places would you recommend? We will probably have 4 people incl. an 8 year old child. I don't want to pay too much but would like good service. What are your recommendations?

Nel on 05/26/2005 03:07 PM
BTW, we'll be coming from Saint Louis.

DNR Katy Trail Ride 2005
RRH on 05/17/2005 08:46 PM
Could I make the entire Katy Trail on a hybrid bike, rather than a road bike? My hybrid is pretty light.

Nails on 05/18/2005 12:55 PM
I don't think any bikes were used to make the KATY trail. Seriously, could you rephrase the question? People use all kinds of bikes to ride the KATY trail. While I've logged 90+% of my KATY miles on road style bikes, I'd say hybrids and mountain bikes are more common than road bikes.

Anon on 05/18/2005 03:35 PM
I beg to differ. Had bikes not been being used by avid riders like yourself.....the Katy Trail would not be what it is today.

Bikes were used to make the Katy Trail.

savage24 from KC, MO on 05/18/2005 10:49 PM
Yes, you will be fine with a hybrid, I would recommend the hybrid over the road bike for riding the Katy Trail.

Nails on 05/19/2005 10:37 AM
Indeed, metaphorically, bikes built the KATY trail.

RRH on 05/25/2005 08:22 PM
Hm, a clever bunch, you Katy Trailers are. Thank you for the input.

Marthasville trip
Nel from St. Louis on 05/24/2005 04:45 PM
Are all the bike rental places open on Memorial Day weekend? Specifically in Marthasville? If we start in Marthasville, which way would you recommend going? We will probably take our 8 year old daughter along so I guess we'll be slightly limited as to how many miles we can cover. Any suggestion for a nice family biking escapade?

Ray (webmaster) on 05/25/2005 04:16 PM
Just about all the businesses along the trail will be open for the holiday weekend, especially the rental places. But I'd still recommend calling in advance, to reserve your bikes. On busy weekends like this, they might be all rented out by the time you get there, if you don't have reservations.

Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)
Renee from Lake St. Louis on 05/25/2005 01:49 PM
I have just returned from a walk on the Katy Trail and then lunch at Terry and Kathy's. What a great time. We had a terrific lunch (awesome cheeseburgers) and enjoyed hanging out with the locals. By the time we left, we felt like a part of the community. They DO take credit cards for lunch inside and outside on the deck. This is definitely a place I will visit often. Terry and Kathy's has a great reputation in the community and in St. Charles County. The first comment sounds like someone who had a long, bad day, and I'm sure Terry and Kathy's wasn't the cause, just the scapegoat! Keep up the great work!

Hungry Traveler on 05/25/2005 02:34 PM

Do they serve fish??

Something sure seems fishy here....maybe just coincidence....oh well....can you Biggie Size that for me?

Dave from Carrollton, TX on 05/23/2005 10:22 AM
What is the best way to get from Clinton to Warrensburg to catch the Amtrak. We probably wont bike it and we don't have a car.

Thanks for any help you can give?


Ray (webmaster) on 05/23/2005 10:33 AM
Check out this discussion from awhile back, about routes from Warrensburg to Clinton. I imagine you could follow the same route in the opposite direction.

Sedalia to N Jefferson, Amtrak
RK on 05/06/2004 10:11 AM
Would like to hear anyone's comments on riding from Sedalia to N. Jeff and taking the train back. Lodging recommendations or caveats? Any problems crossing the bridge at Boonville?

Troy from Jonesboro, AR on 06/21/2004 12:06 PM
Rode the trail from Clinton to Hermann in April. Took the AMTRACK from Hermann to Sedelia and caught a shuttle from Sedelia to Clinton. No problem with the bridge at Booneville. AMTRACK was great, no problem getting on and off the train with the bike. Watch out for the horseback riders on the stretch from Clinton to Sedelia. They think they own this stretch and are very demanding in their willingness to let you by.

ET from Columbia on 05/21/2005 09:19 PM
We have really enjoyed using Amtrak, but they make it hard. I think if they would be more accomodating about tandems, trail-a-bikes, and larger parties (we can't use it this year because we have 8 in our party), they would get lots of trail business.

Lodging in Columbia
Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 04/27/2005 08:11 PM
I am planning on another Katy ride and would like to overnite in Columbia. Any comments...suggestions on logistics once I get to town on the spur. Where to stay....best routes through town to that lodging destination.....etc. Thanks.

TRinJboro from Jonesboro, AR on 04/30/2005 10:39 AM
Stay on the MKT spur until you get mile marker 1.4. Here there is a parking lot that leads to Stadium Blvd. Stadium is heavily traveled, but there is a good, wide shoulder on which to ride. Turn left (north) on Stadium, there are several motels about two to three miles away. Some suggestions are Baymont Inns & Suites, 2500 Interstate 70 Dr. SW; Days Inn, 1900 Interstate 70 Dr. SW; Drury Inn, 1000 Knipp St.; Holiday Inn Select, 2200 Interstate 70 Dr. SW; Econo Lodge, 900 Interstate 70 Dr. SW. These are also several good places to eat near all these motels. www.gocolumbiamo.com/ParksandRec/Parks/MKT_Trail will give you good information on the MKT.

ET from Columbia on 05/21/2005 08:54 PM
I would take the trail all the way into downtown and then stay at either the Taylor House, Missouri Manor, University Avenue or the Gathering Place, all B&B's within easy riding of the trail head at Flat Branch Park. The owners of the establishments could direct you--all would be east across campus except for Taylor House. The only tricky part of the trail in town is knowing what to do at Stewart Road. The trail will seem to end at a fairly busy intersection with a stop light--cross to the diagonally opposite corner(Northeast) and follow the sidewalk for a short distance until it veers off to the right. You then cross two streets, Elm and Locust to get to the trail head. If you are going to one of the B&B's near campus, you might just cross eastbound on Stewart Road. It goes about 3 blocks before dead-ending into the campus, which is very bikeable.

Hiking questions
Greg from Columbia, Mo. on 05/21/2005 06:42 PM
Hi! I love your site and find it very helpful.

I am considering hiking the entire trail solo sometime next year. Needless to say, my wife and kids think I am semi-nuts. I have a few questions.

First off, is their a sister-site to this having to do with hiking the trail?

Second, I am planning on camping about half of the nights on the trail. The other half I will be able to sleep at home or will try to grab a B&B or hotel. If I get into an area without a campground within the walking distance of a sore-footed 42 year old, how feasible is it to just camp by the side of the trail? I intend to stop in the various towns at night, but some evidently don't have a camping area or I might not always be ready to stop for the day. Ha! Does anyone have any insight on this?

Great Trip on the Katy
Tim & Karen from Verona, Wisconsin on 05/15/2005 01:22 PM
Tim & I just spent a wonderful week biking the Katy from Clinton

to Hermann and back, 300 miles total. The trail conditions were

perfect on 98 percent of the trail, and even the small amount of

rainy conditions we biked through did not harm the trail. We used

our 20 year old road bikes with 27 x 1 3/8" hybrid tires. We

stayed in B&B's and traveled light, no trailers. We had one

broken spoke (old bike) and the cycle shop in downtown Sedalia

(across from the Hotel Brothwell) fixed it up very quickly for us.

We would like to thank Missouri for the fun trail, and thank the

following B&B's for their great accomodations: The Globe Hotel

in Hartsburg, Doug Rendelman B&B in Bluffton, Rivercene in

New Franklin, Hotel Brothwell in Sedalia, Pilot Grove B&B,

Schoolhouse B&B in Rocheport, and Cruse's Cabooses in

Windsor. Cruce's Cabooses was fun, just 1 1/2 miles off the trail

on a gravel road (we had to walk the bikes part of the way) but

the cabooses were very nice and we enjoyed the breakfast that

was left for us in the small kitchen in the caboose. The campfire

was nice in the evening.

Our favorite dining experience was Katy's Roundhouse in New

Franklin, and the Beaugolais winery near Rocheport was great

for a picinic. We had a great week and hope to return sometime

for the Hermann to St. Charles ride. Thanks to all, Karen & Tim

savage24 from KC, MO on 05/18/2005 11:06 PM
Glad that you had a great time, Karen! That is high praise coming from someone in Wisconsin! I spent four days in Elroy last July riding the trails there before going on to SAGBRAW. Elroy was wonderful, and I will go back again someday.

Dutzow Deli And Restaurant
Kim from Marthasville on 05/16/2005 05:24 AM
Hi,I am a waitress at Dutzow Deli.If you enjoy good food at reasonable prices stop in and join us. Just be sure that you have a few minutes to spare. All of our food is made fresh when you order so nothing sits under a heat lamp. All of the waitresses Are Happy to Serve You and Welcome New Faces. P.S. Tips are Greatly Appreciated.....

Nails on 05/17/2005 05:21 PM
Is this the same Dutzow establishment that has a sign posted refusing to let KATY users to use the restroom facilities?

Corncord Hill B&B
Anonymous from st. charles on 05/14/2005 02:04 PM
The Concord-Hill Bed and Breakfast, right near Peers & Marthasville is very nice and quiet. Has it's own wine cellar and hot tub! Owners are very nice and great cooks!!!

Charlie Brown from Oklahoma City, OK. on 04/22/2005 11:20 AM
Planning to camp on a ride from Clinton to ST. Charles. Can't seem to locate any campgrounds with showers. Any info concerning showers would be much appreciated.

Nails on 04/23/2005 07:26 PM
I wouldn't plan on it, but a Marthasville resident let us use the shower in their home. She also gave us a couple of beers and it was all we could to do to decline a home cooked meal.

Ray (webmaster) on 04/25/2005 06:54 AM
Most of the regular campgrounds have showers (as opposed to the city parks that allow camping, and the occasional bar or restaurant that will let you pitch a tent). For example, Katy Roundhouse in New Franklin. Here's a list of campgrounds

Dearslayer from Rhineland on 05/07/2005 09:13 PM
The Rendleman Home in Bluffton at mile 110.8 has showers for campers

Lawnchair from Lawrence, KS on 05/13/2005 09:41 PM
Showers we used:

Hermann: City park, where we camped, had dingy usable showers in the bathhouse. Look for the RVers, and the bathhouse closest to them.

Tebbetts: We didn't end up staying at the hostel, but it was open so we showered before heading on.

Pilot Grove: The city park with the little pool has showers in the bathhouse. You could probably shower without paying to swim, but the swim was darned nice.

ltt from the road on 04/25/2005 03:37 PM
How well is the trail patrolled? I've never ridden it. Do rangers make regular trips? Is it safe

to stop along the trail?

Nails on 04/26/2005 12:49 AM
I've covered every inch of the trail and have never seen anything like a ranger. As I've said in another post, you should treat the KATY trail as any other back country trip. First, no matter how insignificant a trip, make sure someone knows your itinerary and will be able to verify your safe arrival. Second, do not go alone if you will be away from a highly developed area. Third, think of what could possibly go wrong and have contingency plans. I'm not trying to scare you off, rather, I'd encourage you to push your limits in exploring. It's just that many of us become accustomed to having every service within 5 minutes and aren't conditioned in being self-sufficient.

Anonymous on 05/12/2005 10:26 PM
A couple of years ago I did get rather frightened as I had a man who was stalking me. I am a single woman who usually bikes alone on the trail. This was on a Friday and the trail was not very populated at the time. He came alongside me, wanting to ride with me. I declined and he appeared upset and turned around the other way. So I was relieved. Shockingly, later when I went to turn around to head back, he was behind me and tried to dive into the bushes to hide. Fortunately, I am a black belt in Tai Kwon Do-not that I'd want to use it but I would if put in the situation. Even more fortunate, a couple was just coming back my way so I tagged along behind them. So DO be careful if you go on your own. I still go out on my own as I hate not being able to be on the trail. I just try to go during busier times now.

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The Frenchtown Inn B&B, St Charles MO

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