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FLOOD CLOSURES: Some sections of the Katy Trail east of Boonville are closed due to flooding. Check MO State Parks website, Trail Conditions Report from trail users, and Katy Trail Forum discussions for the latest details.

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Trail Conditions
RJ from Eminence In on 08/20/2019 03:03 PM
My wife and I are planning to cycle the trail in October, 2019 from Boonville to Augusta. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the trail be in good enough condition to do this by then?

Thank You!

Biker from STL on 08/21/2019 12:20 AM
My uneducated opinion is YES, it will be good to excellent conditions for riding 90%-95% of the trail. It seems from all I've read and heard that the most prominent trail closure is just west of Rocheport. And the detour may not be desirable to everyone. There are shuttle services offered along the trail, and I expect there will be some available in that area, as it is an ongoing issue. However, my brother is coming from Virginia to ride the length of the trail with me from Clinton to St. Charles. We do anticipate having to work around a couple difficulties that we were not subject to the last two times we rode the whole trail, but absolutely don't expect anything insurmountable. We are leaving Clinton on the 10th of October and plan to do a leisurely ride, returning to St. Charles on the 15th. I do hope you ride, RJ, and have a safe, fun time on the trail. Everyone knows the businesses along the route will greatly appreciate seeing us all. Maybe we'll see you along the way. Happy trails!

Karl Brand from Missouri City, TX on 08/21/2019 06:42 AM
My brother and I have made 9, annual trips on the Trail across Missouri. The first seven were from Clinton to St Charles, and the last two were from Pleasant Hill to St Charles. We hopeful that we'll get our tenth ride during 2019. We have scheduled the week of October 20th for our annual ride; we'll do it during a 4-day ride (subject to change pending conditions). Previously, we made our trips during September.

I have been busy on Garmin Connect, Strava, and Ride with GPS exploring detour options, and making route maps and GPX files.

Since I am a Missouri "ex-pat" living in the Houston, TX area, I am most grateful for all of the on-line trail up-dates.

Katy-Rock Junction in Windsor
Mary Jo from Kansas City on 08/20/2019 12:11 PM
Are the Hammock Campsites ready yet? How much are they, are they in the shade and could we put a small tent by a couple hammocks?

Any of the Katy Trail closed yet?
Joma from Oklahoma City on 08/17/2019 02:25 PM
Forgot to ask. Is most of the trail open now? Any areas still closed due to flooding?

Ray P from Chicago area on 08/17/2019 04:59 PM
We rode from St Charles to Portland in several segments and there was no flooding. We did it over four days from August 12 to 15.

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 08/18/2019 08:14 AM
There is a section between Rocheport and New Franklin that is still closed. The trail bridge under the Hwy 40 bridge pushed off the frame and is off to the side & the creek is wider than it was.

The section from McBaine East to Coopers Landing is open and not bad. I rode a bit past Coopers Landing and after the third silty sand pit across the trail I turned around and went back. It was a work night so I was on a time limit.

That is all I know about that.

Scott from Lees Summit on 08/20/2019 10:28 AM
@ Karen C - "There is a section between Rocheport and New Franklin that is still closed. The trail bridge under the Hwy 40 bridge pushed off the frame and is off to the side & the creek is wider than it was"

Is there a way around the closed section? We have a multiple day ride planned next month that goes right through this section... thank you!

Trail Etiquette
joe from weldon spring on 08/02/2019 12:46 PM
I am sure this is a very old forum topic and I am sure many will disagree with my observations. I road the trail for the first time in a long time and I was very surprised at how many, what I would guess were seasoned and experienced riders, based on the speed at which they were riding,the bike uniforms and in some cases the formation of riders, had the worst etiquette on the 12 miles we rode that day. We stayed single file on the right, and the bulk of the other riders that day, did a great job of announcing their upcoming pass on the left. But many times that did not happen and in every instance it was an experienced rider, that did not announce and in a few instances came very close to causing some collisions because people were also coming from the other direction. Surprised and disappointed with the arrogance that was shown by these riders. Don't get it! Sad

Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/02/2019 12:56 PM
Yeah, too many people are in too big of a hurry, and aren't considerate.

joe from weldon spring on 08/02/2019 01:01 PM
yes, and I feel that the riders that were doing this would be the first to become upset if it was done to them.

Anonymous on 08/02/2019 10:41 PM
I'm not so sure I agree that it's necessary to announce a pass in all cases. If the rider(s) who is being passed is on the right side of the trail, the passer on the left should be able to safely pass on the left without incident or announcement.

It's my responsibility as a rider to observe my surroundings including frequently looking behind for any approaching riders. If I'm surprised by someone passing, that's on me.

The bigger problem I encounter on the trail are bikers riding side-by-side and not paying attention to what's behind them.

I consider it a courtesy to do the "on your left" thing. And I do it most of the time, especially in the more remote areas of the trail.

I'm less irritated with a speedy unannouncing a-hole passer than a slow group taking up the whole trail where you have to call-out multiple times to get their attention.

biker dudette from Wentzville on 08/03/2019 05:40 AM
I agree with Joe. I have been riding the Busch Greenway and it's not very wide, the majority of experienced riders will not move over and ride single file when we cross paths. I disagree w/anonymous, it is common courtesy to say "on your left" when passing, you can not check behind you enough to make sure no one sneaks up on you. People can just be startled by a rider suddenly passing and cause an accident. For some reason I think it is a Mo. thing. I did a group ride here for a couple yrs when I first bought my road bike and the riders were so rude it was scary. I went up to Wi. and did an organized week long ride w/500 people, everyone was safety conscience, made me see how bad my Mo. group ride was, I always thought it was just my inexperience. Don't think we can fix it, just keep yours eyes open.

Joe from Weldon spring on 08/03/2019 12:56 PM
I completely disagree with anonymous. There is zero reason to be turning you neck constantly to see approaching riders! Just follow the etiquette and announce the pass at all times !

Sharonbikes from Kansas City on 08/04/2019 11:58 AM
I am an "on the left" announcer - always. I think it is just courteous. What amazes me are the people riding right towards you who never look up and no matter how many times you say "hey, bike" or "look up" or well, use your imagination what comes next - and, then when they almost hit you look shocked and flip you off for being in their way! Ugh.

All we can do is set the right example and do what we can do and hope maybe others will learn.

Brian L. from Austin,Texas on 08/05/2019 07:46 AM
My Specialized bike came with a wee little bell, which, when I got it, seemed kind of silly, but it actually is a great way to announce myself on paths & trails. Ir gets attention & I don’t have to holler.

( ( ( ( On Your Left! ) ) ) ) on 08/05/2019 08:05 AM
Problem is, the trail is for everyone....the speedy jerk who thinks others should keep a constant lookout over their shoulder just for them so they don't have do anything but speed on past. And it's for the oblivion's who spread across the trail with just as big a stake in ownership.

Everything cannot always be someone else's fault or responsibility. Know that you don't have exclusive rights because you are on the trail today. In the big scheme of things, no one really cares. You are responsible for your safety. And, you are responsible for not creating an unsafe situation for others.

It's pretty simple to listen for approaching riders and to check out your surroundings from time to time. It's just as simple to not block the whole trail in case someone else wants to use it too.

Not much effort in announcing your presence by ringing a bell or shouting "On your left!"

Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/06/2019 11:14 AM
I got a little dingy bell for like 8 bucks on Amazon. It is more expensive than the cheapest one at Walmart, but it makes a nice sound and is really loud. I'd recommend one for anyone who rides.

Rocheport Guy from Rocheport on 08/09/2019 09:00 PM
As humans age, range of motion in many body parts including necks becomes diminished. I never thought aging would happen to me but here I am, nearly 70, and have been riding the trail since opening day. It was easy to look behind me 29 years ago. Now, not so easy. I and probably many aging cyclists appreciate a little bell and a friendly "Passing on your left" at appropriate times.

Michael from mountains from London on 08/12/2019 02:20 PM
I agree that a bell and announcing a pass - and slowing down - are just courteous and safe; safe for all riders. If you are the rider passing and you hit another who suddenly swerves out, you might be in the right, but you'll still be off yer bike.
Another helper is a really good mirror; not a substitute for the passing rider to announce her or his presence, but a good way to see behind when you hear the bell or are on the highway. I resisted getting one for years but am now a total convert, having bought the one which fixes on the end of the handlebars and which is a really great US-made product. Over here it costs about £15 and is worth every penny. I still look over my shoulder, but the mirror is a great help.

RP from Sylva NC on 08/19/2019 06:21 PM
We rode Clinton to St Charles in late July and early August. Offered an "On your left" when passing. Typically we gave the number of riders as well. "Three riders on your left". We were thanked by almost everyone we passed in this fashion. It's nice to know when everyone is around and gone. Easy bit of courtesy that makes everybody's day better.

Logging Trail Conditions
Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/19/2019 09:03 AM
Great to see that lots of people are getting out on the trail. Ray made us a great tool to log the conditions at

Please try to use it to record where you rode and the conditions you saw. Otherwise, reports tend to get lost as they get buried under new comments.


Average miles per day on Katy Trail
Joma from Oklahoma City on 08/17/2019 02:16 PM
We are going to ride the Katy Trail from Sedalia to St Charles in September. My question is.... what is the average miles a person can ride per day that isn’t a real experienced rider. When I do ride, I average 10-12 mph. We are planning on averaging 40-50 per day. Is that too many? Thank you

Biker from STL on 08/17/2019 10:18 PM
Each time I ride the length of the trail I take a casual approach, which just happens to be what you suggest: 10 mph and 40-50 miles each day. At that pace, you can ride for an hour, stop for an hour, and spend only 9 hours (or less of course,as an hour break is not absolutely necessary, but possible). Even in october, that allows the potential to hit the trail at 8 a.m. and be done well before dark at 5 p.m.

Allen from Shawnee on 08/18/2019 07:12 AM
I have always found lodging was a big factor in miles per day. I always camp and it seems the campsites I like are about 35-40 miles apart. If you aren’t an experienced rider butt pain will probably be a factor after a couple of days. If you are traveling using B&B’s you can be a little more flexible because there are more of them than campsites, many are located in the same towns as campsites. If you are a pavement rider you will find miles on gravel are harder and you can do less of them. There is not much coasting on rail trails you pretty much pedal every foot of the trail.
I would err on the short side for miles per day, there is plenty to see. I approach it as a vacation rather than a training ride.
Have a good trip.


Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/19/2019 08:58 AM
If you average 10-12 mph on pavement, you're looking at ~8 mph on the gravel on the KATY. It really sucks the energy out of your tires.

We trained by riding on pavement, and had 40 mile rides under our belts, but the trail gave us a serious beatdown. We enjoyed it, and it felt like an accomplishment, but it was what we call Type 2 Fun. :)

Our first day was Clinton to Sedalia, 41 miles, 5 hours 29 minutes moving time. Whew!

Horse lovers and riders
Horse from Lees Summit on 08/16/2019 11:39 AM
FYI...Missouri is HUGE horse country!! We probably have more horse riders and owners than Texas or Oklahoma. Wake up Missouri. Who rides a bike far anyway? I'd much rather ride my horse a distance than bike. Nature, nostalgia.

Pedal Power from Pacific on 08/17/2019 06:19 AM
I've got no problem sharing the trail with horses. It appears to me that the places on the trail where you can count on finding water at trail heads are the sections open to horse riding. BTW, some people ride bikes pretty far. I rode 1,100 miles from D.C. to St. Louis earlier this year. Didn't come across any equestrians.

Marna from Boonville on 08/17/2019 12:50 PM
When KATY Trail was first 'the dream', it was billed as for; Horses, Bicycles, Hikers. There are areas, now, of the KATY where you are allowed on it with Equine.

The biggest concern I have with all this, and yes, we have ridden our horses on KATY (and our bicycles from end to end as well as 1000s more bike miles on KATY), is Trail Etiquette.

And of COURSE!, the other HUGE safety concern, Equine Spooking!

As far as Trail Etiquette, no one knows it any more. City People have no idea about horses. They do not have a clue how to act around them other than; "Can I Ride Your Horse?" and "Can I Pet Your Horse?" They CERTAINLY do not know that Horses/Equine, ALWAYS have the Right Away. ALWAYS.

Then. There are the JERKS, using the Trail, that will spook your horse just to keep you off 'their trail'.

Another concern. I know, like all Equine People know, that the Horse Poop is NOT like Dog Poop. However, is it right to leave it on the Trail and ride on? I don't think so.

I would NOT want to ride MY horses on the Katy in High Volume Use areas.....and I have to ask???? Are YOUR horses Bomb Proof/Parade Ready enough to handle the other Trail Users???

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 08/18/2019 08:54 PM
I rode horses before I rode bikes and I have always said we had plenty of horse trails in the state of MO to ride on...and I still believe that. No need to give access to horses for the whole KATY. My #1 personal reason was safety for me, my horse and others who don't understand how a horse thinks and sees things. (Jerks are in a category of their own...I am talking about people who truly don't understand)

I now ride bikes and enjoy riding long distances. I now encounter more walkers and bicycle riders than I ever have before and I am even more convinced horses don't need to be on the KATY trail.

Some of us like to ride our horse, our bike or walk long distances. Missouri gives all of us options and I am grateful for that.

Katy-Rock Junction in Windsor
KBLS from Lees Summit on 08/18/2019 07:33 PM
I camped last night at Katy-Rock Junction. I will ditto the clean grounds, restrooms and showers. The garage was very nice to secure your bike for the evening. With the recent thunderstorms, the garage gave me an option to go to if the weather got bad. Also there is an old root cellar if the storms became severe. Windsor is a nice town and a great spot to overnight.

News about the condition of the Katy Trail.
Sam and Janice from Southwest Oklahoma on 08/05/2019 09:39 PM
Katy Trail personnel - PLEASE POST THE CONDITION OF THE TRAIL AND THE EXACT LOCAIONS OF TRAIL CLOSURES!!! We just rode 150 fun miles on the trail, and the businesses were lamenting the lack of business and the reduced number of riders on the trail. After reading the comments in the forum, we headed for Missouri really unaware of the exact location of trail closures. The parts of the trail we rode were in great shape, and we were able to work around the trail closures; however, from comments of business owners, it is obvious many people are canceling their trips based on the lack of information. The trail is in great shape!!! Thank you!! AND....PLEASE POST THE EXACT LOCATIONS OF TRAILS CLOSURES.

Brian L. from Austin,Texas on 08/06/2019 07:29 AM
Please don’t freak out. First of all, this website is not run by “Katy Trail personnel“ but by the (amazing) volunteer webmaster with contributions from forum participants. Second, right on the homepage of this website, there is a big notice explaining how to learn about trail closures, including a link to the Official Missouri State Park website page that has the specific mile markers where temporary closures occur. There is also a “Rider-reported trail conditions on the Katy Trail“ page here that provides additional input from trail riders. Give all that a look-see, and maybe contribute your own observations, too.

Anonymous on 08/06/2019 10:48 AM
Do business owners post relevant information about the trail near them to make sure those that have booked with them have accurate information? Rhetorical question to a degree....I've seen first hand info here from Katy business owners.

Maybe people cancel because of the trip in it's entirety and not just because of a specific location.

How is it obvious to them that people are cancelling based on lack of information? Maybe people have cancelled because of information they've gotten here and on the DNR site.

Personally, I have not ridden the Katy yet this year. That decision has been based on information and not the lack of.

johnnyjewel from COLUMBIA MO, on 08/10/2019 10:28 AM
"the Official Missouri State Park website page that has the specific mile markers where temporary closures occur"

Right. Checking today, August 10, I see that the last update was June 27, 2019. Two weeks is long enough to wait for another update. I am planning to ride the trail in late September, and I would like to see more regular updates.

Anonymous on 08/10/2019 02:21 PM
And who better to make an updated trail report than some who lives so close as someone from Columbia?

Kathy M from Pittsburgh, PA on 08/12/2019 02:40 PM
Sam & Janice - if you could possibly say which towns were the start and end of your 150 miles of good riding, that would be really helpful.

Gamagrass from Columbia on 08/15/2019 07:29 PM
Ya this forum has a crowd sourced trail conditions section organized by location or MM. This is our best hope for more specific information. The State Park sites does post some relevant information but they must not have the staff or inclination or whatever to keep up on specific conditions.

Thanks to the webmaster here for fairly recently adding the trail conditions section to this forum

Ray P from Chicago area on 08/17/2019 05:07 PM
We just rode from Augusta to Portland over a three day period. We did it in day trips so there were a few sections we missed (Dutzow to Treloar were missed). No flooding and trail in good condition.

Sam and Janice from Southwest Oklahoma on 08/18/2019 04:36 PM
Kathy from Pittsburgh...From McKittrick we rode 17 miles west. The trail was closed (we did not contact anyone to see if there was an easy detour because we were riding out and back and not concerned about getting through). We just rode back to McKittrick and east until we had 50 miles round trip for that day. The next day we rode east of McKittrick 25 miles and back for 50 miles that day. There WAS a short detour...no problem, and most of it was on an asphalt road with no traffic. The trail was great! We then travelled to Sedalia and rode 25 miles west to Calhoun and back for another 50 mile day...again, the trail was great! We were riding bikes with 700 X 28 tires.

The Lonely Trail
Ray P from Chicago area on 08/14/2019 09:17 PM
Where are all you people? We have been riding the trail for three days now and have ridden about 65 miles. We rode near St Charles on Monday, Augusta to Dutzow on Tuesday, and McKittrick to Portland today August 14. We have not run into a single rider. The only people we ran into today were workmen cutting tree branches that left big branches on the ground thus blocking trail. We had to ride on 94 for about three miles near Bluffton. No shoulder and very dangerous. Back to my original point. I thought this trail was a biking Haven
but have not seen anyone.

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 08/15/2019 08:20 AM
Ray P, it is biking heaven, but the flooding has chased away a lot of riders or at the very least postponed them. I do end-to-end rides of the Katy each year, but I hate riding on roads -- it's just not pleasant to me. So I am riding trails up north this year and giving the Katy a chance to recover. I feel bad for the business owners along the trail (I usually spend $1,500 a year on the Katy). But I will be back next year. In the meantime, I am spending even more while riding the trails up north, and those businesses need the $$ as much as anyone, so I don't feel bad about my "disloyalty" this year. I encourage everyone to contribute to the Katy clean-up fund/effort so that hopefully the trail will be bustling late this fall or next spring.

Ray P from Chicago area on 08/16/2019 11:01 PM
Just curious to know what you mean by "trails up north". Where are these trails? I am always interested in good trails to ride and if there are others I am interested.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 08/17/2019 04:51 PM
There is an app called “TrailLink” put out by the RailsToTrails Federation that will give you all the trails you could ever want up north and a lot more. :-)

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 08/17/2019 07:42 PM
Correction: that should be the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy.

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 08/17/2019 08:03 PM
I am currently riding the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail out of Grand Rapids (93 miles), then will do the Pere Marquette (36 miles) and some others. About 240 miles in total. I enjoy doing lots of different trails, but the Katy is by far my favorite vacation.

Day ride, Hermann
K on 08/03/2019 10:36 AM
Is everything good for a day ride at Mckittrick? Didn't see any closures.

Scooter on 08/05/2019 04:27 PM
I rode west to mile marker 109 on Saturday and there were not any closures. Not sure if you rode east.

Ray P from Chicago area on 08/17/2019 05:12 PM
We rode from McKittrick to Portland and back on Aug 14 and the McKittrick to mile 90 on 15th. Good conditions.

Windsor place to stay
Anonymous from Indiana on 08/16/2019 01:58 PM
My family was very impressed with Katy-Rock Junction (660-525-2032), a place with camping and sleeping cabins in Windsor. It was literally right off the trail. The bathrooms and showers are new and air conditioned, and the whole place is well kept. The owner went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. He also let us keep our bikes in a locked shed on the property. Highly recommended!

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The Frenchtown Inn B&B, St Charles MO

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